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Christmas Tube: how to make your desk Christmassy
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Christmas Tube: how to make your desk Christmassy

Christmas is the season to be jolly and in offices too people make the most of this festivity to try and get to know their co-workers better: office Christmas parties, toasts and present giving.

The most amusing time however – at least, here at LOVEThESIGN – is when we decorate the office together: because everyone wants to contribute their original and stylish touch!

What’s our Christmas Tube

Last year at LOVEThESIGN, in an attempt to make decorating the office a fun and exciting activity, we started something called the Christmas Tube.

In fact, in our open-plan office each cluster of desks is assembled around a central tube that extends the entire height of the room and holds all the wiring for computers, internet, chargers, lamps and everything else that comes with the territory.

So, Christmas Tube is when we decorate this tube for Christmas.

What are the rules? A time limit of an hour, bits and bobs from home, a lot of creativity and several items from our online Christmas wish list. And of course, the most original decoration is crowned the winner. What’s the music playing in the background? Christmas carols, of course!

Garland L 150 cm
Christmas tree H 30 cm with red baubles
Luminous Star decoration
Bayur Mini Ladder Tree H 20 cm
LYSeKIL Table Lamp
Nordic Fir Tree 3D H 25 cm

Don’t use tangerines

The people I share a desk with and I decided to improvise and use tangerines as the focal point of our decoration. We used the brightest tangerines we could find, with lush green leaves, and then we tied them to the tube using a piece of twine.

Our Christmas decoration turned out pretty well, but perhaps it was better suited to Halloween than to Christmas. The main drawback? The tangerines began to rot four days later and by the Feast of Santa Lucia on the 13th of December the decoration on our desk was gone. Aside from the tangerines, we had some coloured lights: at least those survived.

And no, we didn’t win of course.

by Kay Bojesenby Kay Bojesen

The design team’s Polaroid tree

The most beautiful decoration — at least in my opinion? As you might have guessed, came from the design team. The focal point was a luminous reindeer placed alongside the tube, which they turned into a really unique Christmas tree.

Instead of using standard decorations, this team had taken Polaroids of all of us in the office wearing Christmas accessories and had strung them all around the tube. Without a doubt, this was a truly eye-catching display, and their Christmas Tube attracted everybody's attention.

Monkey decoration
Shoot with pine cones and berries
3D Decoration Cross
Atacama string lights
Crown Diam. 75 cm
2 palline Snowman Christmas
3 Trio wood decorations
3D Decoration Christmas
Wooden Star - Medium

You cannot manage without tradition

The other desks had a more traditional theme. They decorated their tubes with colourful lights, baubles in different materials, fairy lights and Christmas stockings. One group even found a real Christmas tree, in a streamlined style, which they first used to clad the tube and then decorate it according to tradition.

As new-fangled as our Christmas Tube sounds, the fact remains that nobody will ever forgo having a traditional Christmas.

Nativity scene
Morning dew Wreathe
X-Mas Kokeshi Dolls
Holly Christmas bauble
Heart with Flower and Angel with light 2 Hanging decorations silver plated
Red Bell decoration
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