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Lovi Oy

Sofisticati e affascinanti. I progetti di Lovi Oy, società di design finlandese, sono basati su un sistema di snodo brevettato e i prodotti sono realizzati in multistrato di betulla. La composizione delle ultime tre forme tridimensionali degli oggetti è fai da te per regalare la gioia della comprensione progettuale e della creazione.
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Lovi Oy
Fantastic wooden creations directly from the Finnish forests!
Lovy Oy is a Finnish family-run company founded in 2006 by Anne Paso that patents, manufactures and designs, self-assembling wooden 3D figures. All Lovi Oy products are 100% made in Finland, built from birch plywood and assembled by hand, without the interference of any mechanical tool. Sophisticated and fascinating, the projects by Anne Paso are based on a simple but ingenious three-dimensional patented system. These forms will satisfy your desire for creativity, designing and implementing yourselves these amazing designer creations.

Some of the fantastic and original products by Lovi Oy, can even by sent by regular mail. They arrive in the "pressed" version inside an envelope, just like a postcard. Those who receive this funny article, in addition to the wonder of an absolutely eccentric object, will have fun assembling the little animal that, in a few moves, will come to life with all its exuberance. A colourful and witty thought, a way to make your friends and family feel loved through a different gesture other than the usual cold text message or e-mail.

Lovi Oy has conceived these cute items especially in view of Christmas. In fact, it doesn't surprise that Christmas has a very special meaning in Finland; moreover, the Santa Claus character has his roots in this country that every year celebrates this magic moment by thoroughly cleaning the houses and decorating them with Christmas decorations mainly made from eco-friendly materials.

It is this habit that gave life to the idea behind products such as the Reindeer by Lovi Oy: an object that represents a typical Christmas symbol with a design that is everything but banal, perfect to give an original touch to our homes. Do you want to send a sweet gift card to a friend who lives far away? Put the Reindeer (or other animals) in an envelope and your beloved ones will receive it directly at home to hang it on their Christmas trees. This way you will feel closer even if you are many miles away from each other.

In its work Lovi Oy has always mixed in the best way experimentation and the effectiveness of DIY: a combination of simplicity, irony and lightheartedness that, in addition to the attention to technology and quality of materials, ensure that the projects become small masterpieces.

Of course, the box of the Reindeer by Lovi Oy includes all the necessary elements to assemble the article; pre-cut parts with all the instructions to compose them together.

The idea of the DIY assembly of the three-dimensional shapes of objects comes from the desire to guarantee the full satisfaction of the customer, sharing with them the pleasure of the understanding of the design effort behind the magnificent creations of the brand.

A small company based in northern Finland which mainly produces wooden figures designed by Anne Paso; a brand that manufactures stylish and fascinating pieces, thanks to the work of talented designers who put all their passion, skills and creativity at the service of the customers.

The products are completely manufactured in Finland with plywood of the highest quality birch and PEFC certification. Each small object is packaged in practical bags for shipping. Moreover all objects are designed to be assembled by the purchaser without needing any tools, but only with simple interlocking parts.

To explain how she invented her famous Christmas balls, Anna Paso, founder of the brand, says: "I started designing a wooden ball for Christmas trees, as an alternative to those in plastic in 2001. The first version was a stick with pieces of glued veneer. I quickly realized that it could become a 3D jigsaw, and the final user could become also the ultimate architect of the product. The products are flat and packaged so as to be easy to store and transport. The package is printed as a postcard, ready to be sent. The first samples were sent as Christmas gifts all over the world, in 2003. Inspired by this very encouraging start, and today, after more than 10 years, the design process behind the wonderful wooden fantastic world of Lovi Oy is still the same".

Absolutely in tune with the ecological philosophy of Anna Paso, is the eccentric Lovi Oy Christmas tree: a typical Christmas decoration, far from the most traditional accessories, related to this magical time of the year. The Christmas tree comes in different sizes all with a simple and graceful forms; it is a small and adorable stylized fir, complete with all elements: base, trunk and all its branches. The material used for this creation is high-quality birchwood; In addition to being ecological, this accessory is ideal for those who do not want to be the house scattered with small needles that always fall from the branches of real Christmas trees. The Christmas tree designed by Lovi Oy is elegant in form, yet simple with no excessive details. You can decide freely whether to decorate and enrich it with the typical symbols of Christmas or you could also choose to keep it that way, in its essential simplicity.

The tree's appearance refers to that typical of Christmas in Northern Europe, where wood occupies a very prominent place. You can buy this beautiful complement in different colours: light green, natural wood or red: choose the shade that best matches your personal taste, decorating style or personality! The ultimate detail of the Christmas tree by Anna Paso is that Lovi Oy has also thought about the concept of space-saving (which is a very important issue, especially in most modern homes); thanks to its small size, this decorative complement is also perfect for homes with smaller rooms, and it can be placed absolutely anywhere, to bring a little magic in all settings.

Lovi Oy is a company attentive to the needs of the environment, very sensitive to the problems of flooding or related to the issue of drought. For this reason, the brand guarantees the purchase of any of its articles, a small contribution to plant new trees. Also supporting the philosophy of DIY, this brand gives the buyers some playful moment of relaxation, and the personal satisfaction of having created a decorative element, directly with their hands.