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Intuitive design: Extroverts Vs Introverts
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Intuitive design: Extroverts Vs Introverts

Over the last few weeks, my friend Giulia has been talking of nothing but the house-warming party for her brand new home with furniture to match.

I’ve just bought my first home too, but I can’t wait to lie on my new sofa and watch my favourite TV series in total silence.

What's the difference between the two of us? Giulia is without a doubt an extrovert, while I’m more reserved.

Comparing our two homes, I realised that our personalities go with different tastes in home décor as well as with different social habits.

It’s all a question of intuitive design, a new way of decorating that doesn’t follow precise rules or moods, but is guided by your personality.

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Giulia's place - extrovert

The living room and the kitchen, in other words the rooms where you welcome and entertain your guests, are without a doubt the most important areas of an extrovert’s home.

It is not only the home owner who has to welcome her guests: the furniture too has to promote socializing. The living room isn’t complete without at least a sofa or some strategically placed ottomans – a sofa-bed is preferable, so you have somewhere to put up the friends you met when you were travelling through Greece. And, of course, a good quality bluetooth speaker for playing your favourite tunes.

There’s a large kitchen table, enough chairs for everybody and there are always some folding chairs for last minute guests. Refined dinnerware is ideal for this kind of occasion.

Extroverts love colour, lights and eccentric objects. Giulia for example, has a hammock in her study, a monkey-shaped lamp in the living room and, in the entrance, a neon sign that says

you are amazing!
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Alessandra's place - introvert

But an introvert person needs to feel at ease. It’s not a coincidence that the most important rooms are the bedroom and the bathroom, those associated with personal well-being.

The walls can be painted in neutral colours, the furniture is minimalist yet comfortable.

In my bedroom, for example, I went for a large and comfy bed piled with soft pillows. I placed a really soft carpet under the feet of the bed, to protect myself from the cold winter-morning floor. With my mind I made a reading nook in a corner of my bedroom, using

a comfy armchair, a soft blanket and a floor lamp.

But the bathroom is my true kingdom, as for any other self-respecting introvert. It could not be complete without a bathtub in which you can soak for hours on end, a well-lit mirror and a cabinet for all your creams and make-up.

Now that you've read this article from the comfort of your sofa, take a look around you. Does your interior décor speak for you? And are you more of a introvert or an extrovert?

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