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For Her

Your mum, your best friend or your little sister deserve a gift that is just like them - elegant, ironic, top quality, contemporary. For the home, but away from clichés. Get to her heart with a beautiful gift she will never forget.
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For Her

Every corner of the house reflects the taste and personality of its inhabitants, as well as every accessory adds style to your living spaces. We know that it is now possible to decorate your living areas in an original way thanks to design accessories that as well as being functional and innovative guarantee a flawless look. An active and efficient house, unlike a neglected and sad one, introduces in every space a useful object that is able to transform design and put at ease the people who live there.

From small objects in the kitchen (like the useful timer to attach to the oven, the corkscrew, pot holders or pizza cutters) essential to speed up the preparation of food, to the more functional accessories to set the table like dishes, napkin rings and cutlery: each item becomes a perfect gift idea for her! Quality products made of advanced raw materials to offer the highest performance and greater durability.

The LOVEThESIGN catalogue offers a wide range of unmissable accessories, practical and beautiful, essential for an innovative kitchen. They can become a unique gift idea for her, a useful object that will be proudly displayed at home. From the wide selection of bread baskets and trays, to the decorative objects to embellish the table: there are many new things you must not miss! Your home is about you, it tells its story through the style you choose, any every design object is the result of a careful choice, a refined and exclusive furnishing element that enriches the atmosphere.

An Idea for Every Occasion

So, why not to benefit from this wide selection of precious objects? Breadboxes, for example, are a wonderful gift idea: you can use them to preserve food but they also decorate the table in a very refined way. Impress your guests with a steel basket, skillfully hand-worked: its beautiful decorations and the precious artisanal metal inlays will stand out on the polished and brilliant surface. These baskets can combine practicality with aesthetics, also becoming an elegant centerpiece that will immediately embellish any room of the house: placed in the living room on a coffee table, it can be filled with potpurri or scented candles. Ideal for the happy hour, the sophisticated tray can be used to serve sweets and salty snacks, and it creates the right setting for the happy hour. In the entryway, it works as a chic and stylish container to keep small objects in order, such as keys and documents.

A set table is not perfect without sophisticated and chic plates: LOVEThESIGN wonderful plates are able to enchant for the artisanal manufacturing of ceramics through which they interpret in a contemporary and artistic way the old oriental plates, colourful and evocative. And so white porcelain is decorated with beautiful flowers that fade in the shades of orange and red, while green brings gently out the peonies with their pure white blooming buds. Buy a set of plates for your closest friends: they will be happy to exhibit a quality service on any occasion.

A spectacular range of materials, shapes and decorations, to enchant you in a triumph of colours. From simple, basic plates in a minimalist style to Boho Chic patterns, each set mixes traditional techniques with cutting-edge materials, resulting in a sophisticated and refined item. We know very well that every item on the table is fundamental for the general setting of an event: a simple but high-quality set of cutlery is a must-have for all kinds of food. Then match the chosen nuance with the centerpieces and candles on an ivory white tablecloth that will bring out the colours of the dishes and will help your turn every event into a unique and unforgettable moment.

Each corner of the house needs to be illuminated with strategy and accuracy in order to give your furniture the right light and importance. LOVEThESIGN has the right solution for you: it offers a wide selection of lamps that are perfect to illuminate any environment, giving new light to the living areas and embellishing them as you like. Choose a design lamp that reflects your personality and illuminates your living spaces with elegance and good taste. The table lamp is an innovative and functional furnishing solution: it is compact and acts as a piece of furniture in any room. You can easily place it in the living room, in the bedroom or on the veranda, and the effect is always guarantee! And the table lamp can be paired with a floor lamp, the design object par excellence, that embellishes any living area with great class creating a strong visual impact.

Placed next to the couch, the floor lamp is the ideal point of light to create the right atmosphere, relaxed and welcoming, soft and delicate, perfect for reading or for a relaxing break. You can play to create some contrasts between the lamp and the furniture, creating a personal and unique style in your home. Each location has a right style of furniture that combines modern and antique furniture, tables with retro features and design chairs, all illuminated by a chandelier lamp that never goes out of style: the effect is guaranteed! In the all the rooms of the house, a source of light is essential to provide comfort and a nice way to welcome your guests. Lamps will follow the special moments of your life: they will be there early in the morning when you get ready to go to work, by waking you up gently.

They will accompany you through the day, by giving you the needed light while you study or enjoy a moment of relax and cuddling you at the end of the day, creating a romantic atmosphere for your intimate dinners. Table lamps will illuminate your special events and parties creating the right atmosphere for any special occasion. And by placing lighting objects also in the garden, you will enjoy your outdoor space during summer evenings, by a soft and delicate light even by the pool.

The veranda, for example, becomes an oasis of relaxation where you can arrange coffee breaks or tea parties with your friends, to sit down at a table and enjoy a cup of tea in the sparkling light of an innovative and functional lamp. The design object becomes the right furnishing solution also for a business area of your study: what’s better than welcoming your clients in a warm and peaceful atmosphere, putting everybody at ease? It may be the right solution if you want to make a gift that will accompany someone you love during working hours. LOVEThESIGN bets on artistic tradition by introducing furnishing elements made by hand characterized by a great value and beauty.

Creating the right atmosphere

Create the right atmosphere in your home by introducing a very valuable accessory like a cushion. Made of high-quality fabrics, all cushions in LOVEThESIGN catalogue are packed with resistant materials that you can wash in the washing machine. The ethnic patterns using a vibrant colour palette are fascinating for the oriental geometries and are easily to match with any sofa. The cushion is able to provide softness and comfort to any seat and to add a further touch of beauty and colour to the living areas. And not only: there are so many design proposals for each type of location (classic, modern or high-tech) that also the most demanding clients will find something to satisfy their needs.

The classic living room rediscovers a new dimension thanks to colourful cushions, introducing a timeless bohemian style. Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and hemp perfectly match wooden furniture, creating a setting with an ethnic inspiration, warm and welcoming. Solid-colour cushions allow you to create an essential location, with a hi-tech touch. An ultra-modern and clean style with stylized and linear forms, where you can play creating contrasts with other accessories, giving a touch of colour.

If you combine a variety of cushions with the curtains in the living room, you will create a lively, colourful atmosphere and the effect is guaranteed! The designers who create these products often take their inspiration from ancient prints, as to identify the object's essence by interpreting it in our modern times: the same shabby-chic style introduces the cushion as an indispensable piece for home decor, proposing a fashionable interior design that evokes the past with great class.

So why not to choose a soft cushion as a gift? There are many decorative solutions on LOVEThESIGN: from inlaid brass decorative pots - ideal to create a setting in vintage style – to the beautiful vases in glass and crystal, to give a glittering, satin or pearlescent glare. For all lovers of a modern and high-tech style, there are the steel solutions for a minimal-chic decor. The evolution of the concept of design is expanded in the furnishing items that identify it and became iconic symbols of a creative and artistic personality.

For Her

For her, who is always in search of refined and chic objects to customize every corner of the house with refinement and harmony, LOVEThESIGN has what you are looking for! The online catalogue also offers pendant lamps with a romantic allure with the most graceful shapes, with wavy borders and a retro flavour. Each accessory is able to give character and personality to any room. From light lamps, ultra-modern and stylized, expression of a modern and minimalist style, to pendant lamps that propose a modern way of interpreting the lamps of the past. Hanging from the ceiling, the lamp enriches your home decor with elegance and sophistication, illuminating the dark corners of the room that the light of the chandelier is not able to reach.

Small lamps provide a striking illumination: placed on a table, they create a small oasis of relaxation, a corner of paradise to enjoy a good coffee while using the PC or reading a good book. The lamp holders offered by LOVEThESIGN are moisture resistant, and made of an easy-cleaning material like ceramic. Suitable accessories also for outdoor spaces such as the lamps easy to place in the garden to illuminate outdoor spaces with a charming light. These products are all designed to be energy saving: lamps become the best product able to illuminate while ensuring a low power consumption. This result is achieved thanks to advanced LED lamps, a convenient choice that can consume 70% less than incandescent light bulbs.

Furniture accessories are made with high-quality raw materials and present a contemporary and stylish design, perfect for any decor. If we need an idea to make her a unique gift for a special occasion, the best choice is a unique item: for example, you can choose a contemporary art object that will be certainly welcome and that reflects the taste of the rest of the furniture. The furnishings are produced by famous brands, designed by the best designers who use their creativity to provide sophisticated and artistic object. The materials chosen are all durable and long-lasting: they are often carefully selected, eco-friendly materials (such as recycled paper) or pure materials such as metal, blown glass or painted aluminium. Innovation and technology (resulting from an extensive testing) are introduced in the design world with the greatest class through the use of advanced raw materials, non-toxic and aesthetically pleasant.

The lamps, for example, present balancing mechanisms with hidden springs and steel ropes that allow the movement of the object, to direct the light where needed. Some of them are switched on thanks to a simple movement of the hand thanks to sensors that also allow to adjust the intensity of the light. The simplicity of the colours, combined with the exuberance of the shapes, provides a uniform and direct illumination, firm and soft at the same time. The colour palette of design accessories interprets total white with style and sophistication. It fascinates with ultramodern solutions in black licorice, and convinces even the most demanding customers by offering a wide range of cheerful and lively nuances recalling all the colours of the rainbow: bright red, orange and yellow evoke the famous ‘60s, colourful and cheerful. Or you can choose a romantic inspiration with a soft Provençal lilac, a warm burgundy, or a seductive midnight blue, easily matching colours that will fit in any style of decor.

Every purchased accessory gives colour to the rooms of the house, becoming the ideal gift for the lady of the house who is always looking for an exclusive and chic piece to exhibit with pride in her home, leaving all guests amazed. LOVEThESIGN offers many gift ideas, you just have to take a look at our rich catalogue that only includes the finest pieces, captivating and refined, ideal to become beautiful and valuable presents. Surfing the Internet, you can make use of our wide selection: here you will find detailed descriptions of all objects including measurements, materials, usage information and useful tips for the maintenance of all articles. The careful manufacturing of all furnishing accessories, combined with the high quality of raw materials and the perfect functionality of electronic mechanisms, contribute to offer you an excellent quality-price ratio. You should definitely make an investment in a more valuable object that will last longer, even for many years, rather than buying a poor quality accessory that will probably break quite soon.

Christmas Time!

And for Christmas, do not give up the choice of a LOVEThESIGN product for her: an original gift idea to place under the tree to give make her happy. For example, you can choose a candle holder that will stand out on the table for New Year's dinner. The artistic creations on LOVEThESIGN present the most diverse forms, to hold scented candles in a skillful and gentle way. Brighten your table with a candle holder: it will create magical light effects with sparkling flashes that will make the atmosphere soft and delicate, perfect for every unforgettable special event. An object that illuminates your happiest moments, the most beautiful and exciting celebrations, by surrounding you with its light that is like a warm hug: choose a LOVEThESIGN product.