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Established in 2006, Varier designs and manufactures chairs that move with your body. It has roots in the Norwegian company Stokke, famous for its Tripp Trapp high chair. Motion is a key element to allVarier seats, that include a great number of designer icons.
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The people who work all day sitting at a desk, know what physical obstacles, muscle pain, tension in the neck or back you have to bear if the chair you is not ergonomic. Founded in 2006, Varier designs and manufactures seats that move with your body.
The brand carries on the work of the Norwegian company Stokke, known as a pioneer in the sector, thanks to the invention in 1972 of the Tripp Trapp high chair/chair. The natural movement is a key point of the design of all seats by Varier, objects that in many cases have become icons of design for home and office. Over the years, the brand has developed a number of projects based on a fundamental concept known as "Active Sitting".
This expression refers to a seating system that stimulates the movement of the body in a situation that would normally be considered as static. Active Sitting encourages people to move even when seated, while they are studying, working or reading.

The human body is not designed to sit for a long time in the same position, therefore Varier has carried out the research in the field of flexible seats that work in harmony with the body's needs.
After using the Balance Chair for a few days, you will wonder how could you live without it before; a piece of furniture and an ergonomic support that you will appreciate in all its nuances.
Designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979, Variable Balans is a kind of "kneeler chair", lightweight, compact in size and designed by following a dynamic structure and postural alignment.

But how do you sit on the Balance Chair?
The first feeling you will experience once you are sitting on this ingenious piece of furniture, is undoubtedly the freedom of movement that will encourage you to swing in a carefree way; shifting the weight and the trunk, you'll notice that the chair gently follows your swinging movement. It is perfect also when you need to relax your muscles muscles.
By gently tilting the pelvis forward, Balance encourages a natural, dynamic and straight alignment of the spine. The abdominal and back muscles are those that to keep the spine erect and the body balanced; in this position you will be able to strengthen them, helping to prevent any stress on your back and shoulders.
When the body shifts from an active position to a more relaxed one, the curved runners of the chair will react with a gentle rocking movement.
These features make Variable Balans an active seat, since it stimulates body movement, supporting it in every move and allowing it to take different positions or change them with no effort.

No need to worry for the physical pain caused by long hours sitting at a desk, the Balance Chair with its dynamic motion activates the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and consequently it helps you staying focused for a longer time. Thanks to the active seat and the rocking movement, body and mind can focus on work longer.

Variable Balans is the ideal chair for sitting at a desk, whatever your activity.
The inclined seatback and the curved wooden runners allow you to hold a sitting position with an open angle, and a body posture similar to that you have when standing, with the spine in natural alignment. These peculiarities release the pressure on the vertebrae and promote a smooth breathing.
Regardless of the position you adopt on a Balance chair, your spine will always be supported properly.
Each Active Sitting model improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood, increases your energy and focus giving you a general sense of wellbeing.
The better circulation and oxygenation of the blood results in an increased sense of general wellbeing clearly perceptible after a certain time sitting on the Balans chair, favouring a best concentration on work or study.

To prove the truth of its studies, the Varier company has promoted and carried out a series of tests to show how the concentration level and cognitive performances were higher in people who used a Variable chair instead of a regular desk chair.
The Balance chair is a smart sitting and a lightweight complement, compact, characterized by fluid and pleasant lines and shapes that moves and raises with the minimum effort. It's like a game, a wonderful idea that combines simplicity, practicality and comfort.
A chair that allows you to hold a variety of positions: you can use it in the normal way (kneeling position), or you can place one foot on the floor (or even both) for a greater stability, or you can put your legs on the leg cushion and swing while reading a book or speaking on the phone.
If you are tired of keeping only one position, you can always reverse the chair and sit on the opposite side of the knee pads, and the seat will immediately become horizontal like any normal chair.

And Variable can also become an original tool to perform some fitness exercise that helps correct posture and relax the muscles, during your study or work.
When you have finished doing your things, you can hang your Balance chair to the tabletop or you can place it directly above.
Varier is a Norwegian company that bases its production philosophy on design of furnishings created with materials considered eco-friendly.
To realize its iconic chairs, this brand has always used beech wood, a material that perfectly adapts to the dynamic structure of the chairs thanks to its strength and flexibility. In recent years, they also introduced in ash wood finishes to add the characteristic multilayer effect.
Also cushions are fundamental; they must be comfortable to support and give valuable support the knees, gluteus and thighs, the points where body weight is concentrated. Varier buys the raw materials for its paddings from the famous Norwegian brand Sandella which produces materials with the Norwegian certification of environmental excellence "Eco-Lighthouse".

All the creations by Varier can be used both in private houses or offices, and you will find suitable models for adults and children.