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For Pets

Our four-legged friends are a part of the family in every way, and they deserve to be treated that way, too! Show your love for them with a special bowl and accessories catered just for your pets.
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Our four-legged friends

Our four-legged friends deserve all the attention and it is right that they also occasionally receive some gifts that can make them happy. But what would really please our pets? Only us who know them well we know. Observe their daily habits helps us to better understand what are their needs and what would please them. Our little furry friends have multiple needs to which we have to pay attention, so as not to miss anything in these creatures that offer us their unconditional love and in return ask only our attention and our love. Are you looking for gifts for furry friends? You do not know how to offer advice on? Note first that every pet needs some accessories that are essential for drinking, eating, sleeping, or simply to play. That is, the kind of pets that can brighten our home are so many and so different that sometimes it is not even easy to pick one.

That's because often we surround ourselves with so many different animals, each of which reserve a small corner of our apartment or a portion of the garden, if we are fortunate to have a home that is equipped. Our little friends fill our life as only they are capable of doing. Some people choose a small rodent, which can be for example a hamster, a guinea pig or a mouse. Others prefer to opt for a larger animal and at the same time also more challenging to manage.

Dogs and cats, especially the first, however, require more care and not just for food, but for all aspects related to their daily management. For all pets assumes the need to equip themselves with all necessary equipment so that we can deal with any of their needs without problems. Some species require an organization much faster and more complete by their masters, simply because not all animals behave the same way and there are some breeds that need to be treated with more care than others. In the large and comprehensive Lovethesign catalog are several accessories that can help manage our little friends and with whom we could make it really happy.

Let's see some and try to understand together what they can serve and for which animal species have been thought. Let's focus specifically on our four-legged friends, the ones who most of all have in our homes. Sometimes we take with us one, at other times, when we have a chance, even two or three, to surround ourselves of their tenderness and their affection. Without any doubt the accessory from which you can not ignore to ensure maximum comfort to our four-legged friends is what will be the home of our pet. The more it will be imaginative, the more the animal will appreciate it, will like stay inside and will have fun playing with it.

If you have a dog, for example, or if you think just to take one with you, you must obtain a kennel that is up to it, and we do not speak only of size, but the attention to the animal's needs Certainly your care of the design and the overall style of the decor of the house will take you to choose from the best products that are on the market, not only in terms of quality as well as on aesthetics.

Animal lovers canine has got to make sure that they have all the comforts possible and that they are at ease when they come in contact with a human-friendly environment and to which perhaps are not very used to, which may be the domestic one. These difficulties are especially evident when our friends come from the street and we saved them from a difficult situation, taking them with us and providing them with the care due and much love. The kennel must be comfortable for the animal and at the same time practical for us that we have to go regularly to clean it. In all of these features you will then have to add the appearance, certainly not insignificant for those, animal lover, she does not want to give up the care of the design and style in your own home.

Where to place the kennel?

But where to place the kennel for our four-legged friend? Obviously, when you have a garden, this is the best place where to place the new home of our pet. Here it will find the comfort you are looking for and all the space he needs to move freely and without too many constraints. If you do not have a garden but your apartment has a balcony or a terrace, you can try placing the kennel here. Then, if the terrace is closed, the same adapts even better to accommodate a four-legged animal, in that environment protected from the weather but at the same time outside the house. Certainly there is to distinguish between dogs and cats.

The first fact have different needs than the latter. If cats can rest easily even in a small apartment, our canine friends can have some space problem, especially if of large size. That said, let's talk about how to improve the lives of four-legged friends with unique and so original gifts that will appeal not only to them but also to all those who will be able to come and see you and find beautiful designer fittings in the house among the items used for your pets.

Even if your dog or cat has already everything that can serve, it would not be a bad idea to renew some accessories. You would do a tribute to him, but indirectly it would be a nice gift for yourself, because you are going to enrich your home with a very nice design element, modern and original. Looking in Lovethesign catalog are right stuff is right for us. This is the Magis Dog kennel for dogs, an essential accessory but perfect in its simplicity. Made entirely of polyethylene, it rests of the steel feet. Both materials are very durable and this is a valuable characteristic, for an object that is in any case could be destined to remain outdoors at any season and must therefore be able to withstand the weather and temperature changes.

The kennel is in fact adapted to take place both outdoors and indoors. The fact that it is raised is a feature that helps to make it even more original. This accessory also has a nice ladder that can be used by your four-legged friend, who will see it as a game and certainly will appreciate very much. In short, if you are looking for a truly original gift for your dog, give Him this modern kennel, an object destined to never go out of style and that has nothing to do with the classic kennels that we all have known so far.

Moreover your little friend wants nothing more than to be pampered by you and with this gift you can improve the quality of his life. The four-legged animal, in fact, often affected by vibrations in the floor, since his bed is in contact with it. Who has a dog knows how such situations can bother him. With a raised doghouse like Magis Dog, this problem is solved completely, and the animal is the peace of mind they need. And for you who are the advantages in buying a kennel like this? No doubt you will appreciate the quality of the product, which besides being stylish it is also compact.

Narrow and long, in fact, this nice dog house can easily find a place in even the smallest rooms in the house. It will never get in the way when you move from one environment to another and you've no doubt way to make room to his side to also place all the other accessories of your 4-legged friend.

What about accessories?

But what can be precisely these accessories to be attached to the kennel to go to create a suitable environment to the dog or cat? Who has a pet and now have experience in its management, he is well aware that neither a dog nor a cat can do without their begging bowl. Not everyone knows, however, that these bowls there are several models on the market and not all are simple, but many of them are made with great detail and adding decorative elements that turn them into precious accessories, to preserve with care, like real pieces of furniture. In Lovethesign catalog there are several proposals for bowls for dogs and cats, of course each with their own unique characteristics and all very accurate design and colors.

Among the various types we can distinguish in particular the open bowls, those which are closed with a lid, and finally those that are sold in combination with a container for food. Think about it, what better gift could you do with your four-legged friend, but a brand new bowl that goes to contain their food? Pets love the bowls, especially if they are colored.

Finding the right bowl

Cats, especially, are very fond of being self-employed. Find close to his kennel a bowl containing everything they need for their livelihood can only keep them happy. Think then what would be the reaction of your cat if he saw that next to that same bowl is just playing a cat? For him it's time to eat could trasformasi in a further reason for the game. But what exactly are we referring? Is there really a bowl so special? Yes, we are talking about a unique accessory of its kind, which are right in the catalog Lovethesign. It is of the double bowl for Tigrito cats, equipped for the note of two separate containers, which can be used independently for food or water. By placing this bowl next to the kennel, you will no longer need to ground various bowls and plastic dishes. The house will therefore gain on three factors, aesthetics, order and above all clean.

These bowls are in fact completely washable, as is also their structure, made of steel. Hygiene is important and when you have animals at home need to pay close attention to this aspect. That is why the practicality of these accessories is very important, since it allows to be able to clean the whole quickly and thoroughly, but without having to waste too much time. Thanks to Tigrito bowl will no longer have to go to seek the dishes scattered around the house and in addition it will add a touch of color to their apartment. In fact, different shades are available. It ranges from light blue to yellow, bright colors that attract much of our four-legged friends, to finish with gray, intended primarily for those who love the simplicity and has difficulties to adapt the other colors to your decor.

Continuing the discussion of open bowls, one of the most interesting products to be taken into account when choosing gifts for four-legged friends is the bowl Lupita dog, unmistakable for the presence of an original handle shaped bone, color White. Besides being un'attrativa for our four-legged friend, this handle greatly simplifies the handle of the bowl also for the mobility impaired and can not bend over too much to raise it off the ground and take it to another room. The bowl is available in orange, blue or black, and the inside is made of steel. The thermoplastic resin which are made these bowls is a guarantee of strength and also makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Lupita is certainly not the usual bowl, but a design object that is bound to get noticed when placed on the floor. But then, we come to the last type of design bowls contained in the catalog Lovethesign. It is of bowls with lid for dogs and cats. If you look for original gifts for furry friends, the bowls of my line have a very interesting solution also from a hygiene point of view. The cover of which have, in fact, closes inside the bowl residues of the meal, whether the dog food or water that the cat has not been drinking. Thanks to the cover, there will be no need to hide the bowl, but you can safely expose in plain view in any room of the house.

Guests fact can not help but love that cat carved on it, which looking up notes anyone who steps up front. A really nice decoration, no doubt about it, for a bowl to contain cat food. The cat wants to find always at hand food and water, and with this bowl resolves every problem, satisfying their friend and making available everything it needs.


In short, choosing the right gifts for our four-legged friends has never been easier. Thanks to the dedicated section of the catalog Lovethesign, you will not make it hard to find the best accessory for your cat or dog. This gift will be for him the most just reward for all those times you showed affection or approached you to make you purr or to jump on you when rientravate at home after a long and stressful day at work. Our little friends deserve to be pampered and to them we must choose the best. This is why it is good to focus on quality, and spare no expense. A kennel or a bowl of excellent workmanship are but precious investment for the future. If chosen well, they will last over time and you will not regret buying certain.

If all the products that we have listed are good ideas as gifts not only for the four-legged friends, but also for their masters, there is another very interesting accessory that is rather perfect for those who love dogs and cats and is usually also take them with them on holiday. It is specifically the container Lulajar food, transparent, with colored cover on which there is a dog. If you need to make a gift and that person loves furry friends, with this product you will go on the safe side and be sure not to make mistakes.

A container for food is indeed always useful to keep at home. Here you can keep the dog food, even of different types. The containers are in fact transparent and is it possible to look inside them. The covers are also of a different color, so with a single glance you can distinguish and do not run the risk of making mistakes and giving our small animal a non its food. These containers also come in useful for those who over a four-legged friend and he has at home, therefore the need to store different types of specific foods, for one and for the other. In short, ideas for gifts to our four-legged certainly not lacking in the catalog Lovethesign.

You just have to know how to choose the most suitable supplement the basis of capacity of your pet. Moreover, on this it is based coexistence with our little friends. Dogs and cats are very intelligent animals and their every action can be a signal, something they want to communicate. That's why you never get distracted and when we deal with them we must keep an eye on each message you want to hurl. Manage a relationship with a small four-legged friend is certainly not a walk. It is a serious commitment that should never be underestimated.

All this we must keep this in mind even when we choose for them the different accessories and evaluate which doghouse might like it more or what could be the most practical container for food, based on the habits of our friends. Once inside our homes, dogs and cats become an integral part of the family and expect us daily care and lots of love.