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Books, photos and knick-knacks need somewhere special to fully shine. Here you can find modern, minimalist bookcases. Stylish, unpredictable shapes that will add that extra touch to your home.
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The timeless appeal of bookcases

A bookcase is the undisputed king element when decorating any space. It contains, decorates, surprises, just like a real diva of design. Home to books and culture, it has grown over time into a multi-purpose element offering many options and possible uses. On LOVEThESIGN you can find unforgettable design solutions for your bookcase - modern and minimalist, stylish in every detail.

By selecting the right bookcase you choose in fact even your own style, what is best for yourself and your spaces, in a creative act that transforms the walls of your rooms. Just like a blank canvas, you can now express your creative personality on your walls. Unusual shape ioes, unexpected geometric interplays, original visual effects and decorative compositions flow naturally from these designer pieces, ever present in each finely furnished home. Storage space grows thanks to shelves or cubes. These solutions are developed in height, length or depth depending on your personal desires. Colours and multi-functionality: the keys to the perfect bookcase

Now for some time the bookcase has been stripped of the simple role of book holder, while becoming an all-round storage element for many a purpose. A bookcase today welcomes photographs, souvenirs, models, plants and much more. Not least, though, it continues to welcome your beloved books, stored in plain sight and within reach, ready to be opened and read at any time.

Thanks to the skills of the designers featured on LOVEThESIGN, your bookcase becomes a real conceptual design object. Through it you can express your personal relationship with tidiness, rational spaces and geometry. Parts of you find their place in a new act of interpretation, becoming expressive paintings of your inner world, a business card of your innermost being. You can opt for the a staged messy style or for extreme minimalism in storaging few well organized folders, or you can opt for a playful bookcase filled with unusual objects, or follow the latest trends in terms of green solutions, with flowers and plants climbing up a frame to your books.

A thousand possibilities

What matters is that the storage capacity of a bookcase by LOVEThESIGN never runs out, offering a thousand possibilities through an endless game of full and empty. The bookcase as a companion for life Choosing the most appropriate style is therefore extremely important, because thanks to the high quality of crafting and materials LOVEThESIGN's bookcases will be durable enough to be your life companions.

The choices are presented in a wide range of models that satisfy different needs and different types of search. They range from retro items to contemporary, minimalist solutions, either backless or equipped with dynamic elements that suggest motion. Perfect also as room dividers, they are well suited for different areas of the home and the workplace, making creative activities easier and ensuring focus and mental well-being.

Thanks to the most innovative designs on LOVEThESIGN you can decorate your own private space with products that offer the security of the highest quality materials, ranging from durable, strong wood to versatile, lightweight polypropylene foam or honeycomb. Placed on the floor or by the wall, made from wood, acrylic or steel, these bookcases are sure to meet any needs you may have at home.

LOVEThESIGN's bookcases will keep amazing you over the years as small works of art that can enhance and give light to the corners of your home, enriching it with originality. Unusual plays of color and form, indestructible materials, expressed in conceptual creative thinking, are the elements that will make your bookcase a real life companion - a refined and stylish one, like an imaginary frame for your best memories and qualities for everyone to see.