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Gifts under 50 GBP

There is no need to spend a month's salary to find the perfect designer gift. Browse this selection of perfectly affordable, incredibly brilliant and 100% impressive gift ideas. Little money, amazing results!
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Gifts under 50 GBP

LOVEThESIGN offers its customers many products under €50. A gift to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion for a colleague, a friend or relative, without spending too much money. Very useful items, colourful, original, inimitable, elegant and in step with the times.

The honey dispenser Help by Propaganda is available in yellow and blue. This kitchen tool is very nice and its shape represents a hand reaching out for help, while the other end is immersed in the honey jar and is used to dose the product accurately and without any mess. Entirely made of non-toxic plastic in order not to change the organoleptic properties of the honey, this cute dispenser is very small (H 3.7 cm, W 2.7 cm) and easy to use. The company that produces this article for the kitchen has always had the goal of giving life to everyday objects with an ironic and funny look, in order to make everyday routine lighter and joyful.

The original mug lid Polar Bear is designed by Propaganda to keep your drinks warm (coffee, tea, infusions) while opening the door to some guest or talking over the phone, or when you want to save part of your warm drink for later. The cup lid has a diameter of 10 cm and is made of very durable white plastic. It has concentric circles on it, and at the center the drawing of a polar bear (5.5 cm) on a piece of ice. Propaganda is a leader in the field of decorative and functional alternative objects and has won the Red Dot Award (2007) and the Good Design Award.

Games Ideas

For less than €50 you can also find several games including "Who I am?". The manufacturing company Wild & Wolf has always tried to create innovative and original games, always following some guidelines: fun, quality and innovation. Specifically, this game is designed for lovers of Trivial Pursuit. It consists of 700 pieces containing the names of the characters to guess. The same company has also created a deck of playing cards in which tradition and innovation blend together resulting in a unique product of its kind. This article is composed of 40 high-quality playing cards, professional and suitable for many games. On the back of the cards and on the packaging some geometric patterns are printed, while on each card there is the traditional symbol (queen of hearts, king of spades, etc.) designed in a modern and refined style. Each card is 10 cm wide and 14 cm long, and the corners are rounded to make them easier to use.

Kitchen Accessories

For those who like to taste herbal teas prepared in the traditional way, the infuser Help is the perfect gift. It is produced by Propaganda and it is available in black or white. At one end there is a filter to store the spices with which to prepare your herbal tea; the other hand has the shape of a hand asking for help. The product is very appealing, original and alternative compared to those you usually find on the market, and its small size (H 14 cm, W 3.7 cm, D 2.7 cm) allows you to store it safely in any drawer.

One of the best-known companies for the creation of porcelain objects is Tassen. What makes this company stand out among other companies is its ability to represent through its creations the emotions that affect our mood every day. The result is a unique object, original and attractive, like the white cup Kissing. Made of pure, anti chipping porcelain, this cup is very versatile and it can contain up to 500 ml of liquid. What makes this cup unique is the face on it: a smirk expressing joy and fun. This article is microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Mug Bow Tie belongs to the line designed by Peter Brugger for the most original people, always looking for uniqueness and diversity. Precisely these elements inspired the Mug Bow Tie (available in blue, black or red). This mug is entirely made of porcelain and it has a bow tie that can change in shape and colour for each piece. It is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Suitable as a gift for any occasion, the espresso cups Poirot and Charlie Chaplin are made by Peter Brugger Studio. Entirely made of porcelain, these espresso cups keep the drink warm preserving its aroma. The cups are 8.5 cm high and they can contain up to 125 ml of liquid, while the saucer has a diameter of about 12.5 cm. The design is unusual, distinctive and original, since on the cup and the saucer are represented respectively Poirot's and Chaplin’s mustache. All the pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The 54 playing cards deck made by the Danish company Hay presents an aesthetic reinterpreted in a modern key to the point that it can be defined as a real work of art. Made of quality paper, the cards are all red on the back, while on the front the usual symbols have been designed in a truly astonishing way. A high-quality product, indicated as gifts, small-sized (H 9.5 cm, W 6.5 cm) at a very affordable cost and suitable for all pockets.

On many tables you can find salt and pepper shakers that are really extravagant, not in tune with the style of the house and with an absolutely eccentric look. Authentics had the idea to create a stylish salt and pepper shaker set that adapts to any interior design style. These belong to the Snowman line and they look like two friendly and cheerful snowmen characterized by soft and simple lines. They are able to bring joy to your meals, they have a strong personality and are very original. Made of the highest quality porcelain, these shakers are on sale for less than €50.

The company Bloomingville has developed some bowls, saucers and cups especially for Christmas. The two bowls are made of high-quality porcelain: an antique white shade of colour is the background to the writing “Merry Christmas” and “Save “Some for Santa,” both in black. The two cups with matching saucers are decorated, respectively, with the words “Merry Christmas” and the drawing of a snowman. Also in this case the background is in antique white and the writing is in black. Both are entirely made of ceramic and have a very small size (H 7 cm, cup diameter 7 cm, saucer length 19 cm, D 12 cm).

Seletti Toiletpaper

The lovers of a grotesque and macabre style will certainly by charmed by the beauty of the objects of the Seletti Toiletpaper, conceived, designed and produced by the collaboration between the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and the artist Maurizio Cattelan. A collection that is made to provoke, entertain and at the same time catch the attention of those who love a "black" style. A new interpretation of cups, bars of soap, dishes and tablecloths decorated in the style of the artworks shown on Toilet Paper magazine (founded in 2010 by the same Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari).

The soap bar "Why me?" belongs to this collection. It is 100% natural and its style recalls the typical black humour. This and other creations inspired by advertising, fashion, photography and images, represent those impulses defined as “absurd” in which ambiguity and normality blend together, creating a sense of visual pleasure and excitement. The soap bar "Why me?" can be defined as a true work of art. It is 10 cm high, 6.9 cm wide and 2.7 cm deep, and it is on sale at an affordable price. All basic ingredients are natural and non-toxic. This soap bar is suitable as a birthday gift, but also to leave for your guests in the bathroom. Its originality will certainly be appreciated.