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Surround yourself with nature, and your life will be happier. Taking care of your flowers is a tiny yet crucial step towards a lovely green oasis even in urban areas.
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Take care of little cute plants or of an entire garden may require commitment, energy and perseverance, but the results we can get give us some beautiful satisfactions and keep us in close contact with nature. A house full of flowers or plants, as well as being more beautiful, is also more healthy and relaxing location. To take care of the garden and your beautiful plants, it is fundamental to have the right tools.

The dream of all those people who have a green space outside the walls of their home, is to achieve a perfect and well-kept garden, but not everyone has the gift of the famous "green thumb." But with the right tools and a good pinch of patience, you will be able to take care of your flowers and your beautiful plants both indoor and outdoor.

Of course some tools are part of the "minimum and necessary equipment" in order to keep our green zone tidy and healthy, while other accessories are used by those who know a little more about gardening and have a greater familiarity with plants and flowers. Whether you are a skilled gardeners or just “beginners”, you can find the basic garden accessories in our online catalogue. In order to be sure that your plants are always green and lush, it is crucial to have a tool to procure water; so if you do not have a real irrigation system, you need at least a simple water pump to be fixed to a faucet.

Gardening Accessories

Designers have also thought about gardening accessories, so that if we expect some style even for simple items such as a water pump, the Zee Garden Hose brand offers us the Mirtoon pipe which you can use to give water to your plants and flower, to wash the tools after use, to wash your bike or muddy boots, and during summer it will be very useful to fill your pool. So far, this indispensable tool has never received much attention, but the company Zee Garden has changed the cards on the table, creating an object of design that is useful and pleasant to the eye. Trendy colours and monochromatic look will make the use of outdoor spaces even more enjoyable.

If you don’t have a garden but just a small and colourful floral greenhouse on the balcony, a simple watering can will be just perfect. "Simple" does not mean that it should be necessarily ugly or banal. In our online catalogue you will find original and stylish items, such as the Watering Can Diva, designed by Eero Aarnio for the brand A by Alessi. Diva has a comma shape representing a leap up of the spout for the water, created to express the idea of movement, even when the object is not in use.

A by Alessi also proposes Kiwi, a functional domestic utensil, but especially appealing to the eye and to the touch; an added value typical of this brand. In order to prepare the ground for sowing your favourite plants or flowers, spade and rake are indispensable tools: with the first you will prepare the ground, while the second will settle the clumps, preparing them for the sowing. The four teeth pitchfork is used to collect branches and leaves in the garden, while the scissors will be useful for the pruning of plants, or to cut small twigs.

The Orte Garden Set by Internoitaliano is the right solution for all lovers of the vegetable garden. It is a sets designed for those who want to have a flowery terrace or a small organic vegetable garden at home. It consists of three essential tools for those who want to try their hand at growing plants, vegetables and flowers: a great scoop to gather the topsoil, but also for digging small holes and plant the seeds, a small hoe that allows you to shake up the ground make the plants grow deeper roots, and finally there is the six teeth rake, useful to clean and move the soil, facilitating fertilization.

In order to keep the tools dedicated to the care of the garden even in the smallest space, this set has been equipped with a practical wooden support that allows you to store them in an vertical position, keeping them always at hand, without the risk of stumbling on them. Accessories for the care of gardens, terraces or open green spaces, are all in our catalogue: here you will find all the accessories needed for the care of your natural space.

Design Vases

Design vases are perfect to set up the balcony with a sophisticated touch of style, such as the line of cement pots realized by the Nordic brand Ferm Living, which are also ideal to decorate the interior of your homes. The same company has also created a very useful accessory to plant vines or otherwise plants that grow upwards: with a rectangular support (also available in a round version) these pots are made to be inserted inside the vases, so that your flowers will grow up lush and safely, and moreover they create a very nice visual effect.

Some “simple” vases can become the focal point of the setting on your balcony: you just have to choose original elements, with beautiful colours and contemporary forms like the collection vases of the Eve collection produced by B-Line, or those created by the laboratory of ideas 21ST DESIGN LAB.

Lovers of gardening that unfortunately do not have ample spaces at their disposal to cultivate their passion have to find ingenious alternative solutions to bring nature inside their home. The brand Authentics has thought about this need, producing the hanging Bag for plants. It’s a bag made of fabric, characterized by shades of black which Authentics used to give elegance and comfort to this item. This object is ideal for those who want to bring a piece of the garden inside their house or on a small balcony, creating angles of natural details.

Sharing your space with some plants is good for physical and mental health: if you can take care of them using gardening accessories that are unique and original like those proposed by LOVEThESIGN, you will have the greatest fun.