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Kids Room Décor

Walls too can provide inspiration and encouragement to the creativity and imagination of your little ones. Fill them with fun colourful friends that will keep your children company while they play indoors.
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Decorating the Kids' Bedroom

When decorating the kids’ bedroom, creativity and imagination are fundamental elements. It’s important to create a magical, colourful and lively setting: this is the final effect we need to get, and in order to achieve it, it is not enough to just place a bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers in a decent way. Decorating the walls with children's prints is a fun way to create a magical space and a dreamy atmosphere for the most important people in our lives.

The kids' rooms must be designed not only for their needs and safety, but also to stimulate the innate imagination and creativity that distinguishes them since the very first years of their lives. As the furnishings, also the walls of the bedroom have to inspire and encourage the creativity and imagination of the children. Fill them with colourful and funny friends who will keep company to your baby during the long hours at home. For the children, we always want the best: we want them to play, study and rest in a fun environment that they can feel like their personal secret hideaway.

Even if we do not have a very large room, finding ideas to decorate the walls of the kids’ room is really simple. Sometimes just small details like children prints or stickers are enough to create a fun and colourful place, where the kids can spend some pleasant time. In recent years, designers and illustrators have developed the need to create illustrations with bright colours and fun subjects made with clean shapes and easily understood by children, perfect to bring a bit of style even in our children's bedrooms. Leaving the rooms of the children with cold bare walls will create a flat and boring atmosphere and, even worst, it will limit the development of the children's creativity.

Colours, Animals and Games

Of course the kids are visibly attracted by bright colours, and if they are also animal lovers, then the Pit-Pop brand’s prints are perfect to decorate the walls of their rooms. You just have to choose your favourite animals among monkeys, lions, frogs, cows, fish, butterflies, octopuses, owls and horses; but there are also images of traditional games such as the abacus, tops, pinwheels, construction blocks or trains. Everyone has a different concept of how the ideal kids’ room should be, and then what prints it should have on its walls, the most suitable to decorate with joy. The thing is to follow the personality of children, choosing illustrations that represent their character and taste.

After all, the bedroom is their little shelter, the place where they will spend most of their time, and it should reflect their age and their individuality. In decorating a room intended for the young people in the house, a primary role is played by the choice of the predominant colour or colours. It is also important to adapt illustrations and tints to the different ages of the kids.

If we are to choose prints for newborn babies, it is better to opt for fairy-tale and delicate images such as the art prints The Pig and the Rooster by Iota Illustration. A piece of art made in a limited edition of 500 pieces all signed, titled and numbered. Iota Illustration prints will take you into a magical world of fantasy and humour, giving liveliness and joy to the walls. And what's better than coloured balloons to make your children’s imagination fly higher? A nice hot air balloon taking off thanks to many colourful balloons is the subject of the painting on canvas Ballons in Volo, proposed by Lilipinso to brighten up your kid's room. A nice spot of colour that emanates joy and vitality. For older children, a different style of prints is needed.

The more they grow up, the more our children delineate their character, their individuality and their preferences: this is why the prints and drawings that will hang on the walls of their rooms must change to reflect their tastes. Geometric shapes, images from their comics, cartoons, super heroes or animals, multicoloured stripes or any subject that, some way, represents their unique personality. The size of children's prints depends on the space we have available on the walls and also on how we decided to place them.

On a small wall, we could decide to hang a single medium to large print to make it the protagonist of the room; or we could choose many small prints with subjects that follow the same common thread, creating a fun collage. Take care of every single detail of the kids’ room is a great demonstration of love from their parents.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to think about the safety of every element that we will put into the room, but also the colours and illustrations with which we will create a magical atmosphere are important elements that can make a difference. Children prints are essential for this reason.

Try to picture your child playing alone on his rug: sometimes children, with a few banal elements, are able to imagine stories or creative games that amaze us. This happens because their creativity is not limited by social boundaries, those that we learn over time, while growing up. Then it's up to us to constantly stimulate this playful side, surrounding them with colours, objects and fantasy images which will stimulate their energetic creativity. Children need to experience strong emotions, they need to imagine and even give a face to things that do not exist: when we tell them a fairy tale, we accompany them on a path in which their imagination is free to ride.

The children's prints create a fascinating world in which both children and adults are glad to get lost for a moment, leaving aside the rationality that distinguishes us when we mature. Bright colours or soft nuances of the illustrations must be chosen depending on the age of the children, but also on the mood of the room.

Every Age Has a Different Sticker

There’s a huge difference between a baby and a child who’s already five or six years old. If for the nursery of a newborn it is up to the parents to choose the style of the decorations on the walls, be aware that two or three-year-old kids instead are attracted by some specific images. The ideal prints for kids of this age represent simple shapes with clear and well defined lines that children can easily associate with something they know, such as the print on canvas by Lilipinso, En Mer. An explosion of colours and geometric shapes that create a cute little dog travelling on a small boat in the sea.

Made by Italian and international brands renown for their valuable contribution to the world of design, stickers are the typical decorative accessory of modern times, and it’s a must-have in every kids’ room; it has the power to change the aspect of the wall, giving it the colour and personality of your children. Choose those made of biodegradable materials: they are the perfect green enc safe alternative to common paint.

Stickers can be funny or romantic, they are ideal as a reminder or to make people think: the stickers for the house proposed by LOVEThESIGN are exclusive furnishing elements that allow you to decorate any surface in a very short time. And not only children have the right to enjoy stickers’ creativity and liveliness. Moreover, our stickers don’t require any special tools to be placed wherever you want. They are easy to apply on any surface, be it vertical or horizontal, made of wood, cloth or metal, and they can also be removed and reattached elsewhere with a simple gesture, and whenever desired.

So not just on the walls, but also on furniture, glass, home accessories and appliances. Hilarious images that represent the world of nature are ideal for the kitchen; while rich and cute decorations with animals are perfect for the kids’ room. Let yourself be inspired by art and choose for your tiles the wall sticker Banksy Rat Chalkbox; designed by The Binary Box with a stencil which resembles the famous mouse of the magician graffiti artist holding a sign in vinyl.

Banksy Rat Chalkbox allows you to write down your thoughts every day, or to do the shopping list, and then you can erase any note to make room for the ones of the next day. Give a further touch of beauty and freshness to your home using LOVEThESIGN wall stickers: each of them is made of innovative and high-quality materials which makes them resistant to UV rays.

You can buy them in different designs and sizes, in order to create fantasy worlds to stick to mirrors and windows; witty and provocative phrases will perfectly match your bedroom and living room, or even your car’s windows. Coloured or total-black: our stickers are perfectly suited to all types of furniture and walls; they are poetic decorative solutions that give a different meaning to each room.

The stickers proposed by LOVEThESIGN are also versatile products, capable of fulfilling multiple roles. While the sticker Vinyl + Hanger created by the French brand Domestic, represents a coat hanger in a vintage style at natural height, and it comes complete with a hook to allow you saving space while giving the illusion of being a real coat hanger: stickers are the modern and youthful alternative to wallpapers .

Dress up your dishwasher with the removable stickers in PVC by Placard & Nous, or give life to a bare wall with the vinyl stickers Tea Time by Vinyluse. Our stickers are also applicable to furniture and appliances. Use the stickers as if they were photographs, posters, postcards that speak of faraway trips: the sticker is a unique and singular trick to make your home a different place, a portion of the outside world, or a fantastic place.