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Jugs & Carafes

The best brands and most renowned designers have a ball while working on jugs and carafes with out-of-the-ordinary shapes, using glass, pottery and new-age material to preserve the beverage’s flavour and taste. Designer jugs and carafes add a spark to your kitchen style and steal the show at the table.
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Jugs & Carafes

There are those who collect them in whatever shape, size and colour, and there are those who adore just one of them and use it everyday. What’s sure is that pitchers and jugs are the must have of every well-set table. Actually, even the simplest of the models, on condition that it has an excellent finishing, represents a detail of style and a special attention given to guests. In addition to the touch of refinement these containers give lunches and dinners of all kinds, they are also capable to keep drinks cold for a long time.

When You Set the Table..

When you set the table and want to make a good impression on your guests, you show the best of your flatware. First and foremost, the tablecloth. It doesn’t matter if it is high quality with excellent fabric, with a current or old style, as long as it’s the best one you own! Then, the plates: in ceramic or porcelain, trendy or sophisticated, with uncommon colours or with the classic gold and silver borders… And also the glasses, the bread basket, the place card, the centrepiece: everything must be perfect! Would you like to set a table in which the shimmering colours of the nectar of the gods can stand out from a refined pitcher, be it in plastic or glass?

Differently from general bottles, which may seriously demean even the most refined and alegant mise en place, pitchers and jugs complete every set-up with taste and simplicity, highlighting tables set in a minimalist or bon-ton style, according to a luxurious and classic taste, or to a current and essential one. Moreover, not only are they perfect for special occasions, but they’re also ideal whenever a higyenic, practical and aesthetically pleasing jug is needed. They can be used for happy hours, on the buffet of a party, during a gallant dinner or for a tea with friends, but also for breakfast or business lunches.

But what’s their surplus value? Why should the customer choose to use them in place of common bottles? Maybe the most immediate answer to these questions comes, as usual, from experience. Is it just a coincidence that the ancient Romans already used jugs with finishes similar to the contemporary ones to take water from fountains? Or that our Greek predecessors pured wine from earthenware pitchers enriched by paintings of heroes and gods and realised with a capacious body and a narrow neck, similar to a funnel?

Of course, there’s more than just a decorative function: an other indisputable advantage offered by this kind of containers is represented by their capacity to keep unchanged water, drinks and wine temperatures for a long time. In particular, for what concerns wine, this characteristic is fundamental to preserve and highlight its taste and aroma. The verb “to decant” identifies exactly that specific technique according to which wine must first be poured into a pitcher before being served, so as to allow its perfect oxygenation, useful to improve its taste, colour and aromatic quality. Both containers shape and material are fundamental to reach such a result. Porcelain, glass and ceramic are materials belonging to tradition, the most used to realise containers for drinks in the past.

Different Materials

Today, these materials continue to be the undoubted protagonists in the making of pitchers and jugs, even if they also leave space to new ones, used either to make the whole container or just to complete part of its structure. For example, nowadays there are pitchers in polycarbonate, with rubber, metal, sylicon or wood details, covered with luxurious silver-plated. The study of these new solutions allows to increase functions and uses of pitchers: the same container can be used for lunches and dinners, during a party, as company in the long nights spent studying on books, but also for relaxing breaks in the afternoon, with friends or, why not, with your neighbour.

Several models are thought to work as thermos, too, to keep warm tea or coffee, from breakfast to after dinner. Alone or together with coordinated glasses sets, in terms of type, material and colour, not only pitchers do present drinks with class, but they also decorate your home, in particular kitchens and living rooms. They can fulfil this task only if characterised by a well-finished design, a quality making and the use of excellent materials.

Be them with a retrò, classic or modern taste, it doesn’t matter: they are the perfect accessories for everyday practical use and to create welcoming and familiar atmospheres, which let all the guests feel comfortable, like if they were at their home. Protagonist of the famous fairy tale by Aesop, in which a crow proves that with diligence and patience everything is possible, the pitcher immediately calls to mind reassuring fairy-tale images and warm habits of other times: those of granparents and great granparents, when world wasn’t invaded by disposable plastic and industrially produced bottles, yet.

Times when, even on the most simple and humble tables, there was always a faithful pitcher, modest and precious at the same time, that perfectly matched each meal both at home and in the most lively and simple inns. In this section, dedicated in particular to these table decorations, it is possible to find the right variant for each person and occasion. Every item is selected according to the beauty of the design and the prestige of the brand. Pitchers and jugs here represented, signed by talentuous designers and realised by brands specialised in the field, are all in compliance with the rigid standards of technical qualities and aesthetic, even if there is a wealth of choices for what concerns the available formats, in terms of models, size and making.

For example, those who follow tradition won’t resist to classic shapes and models with handles, that vaguely recall the ancient and misterious amphoras of the past. Wine lovers will exhalt its scents and colours thanks to the classic transparent pitchers, with the long funnel-like neck and the spacious base like a proper decanter, with which even the most exigent sommeliers will be amazed. Alternatively, it is possible to choose simpler models with handy caps, so as to be able to put them in the fridge while still full.

Craftsmanship lovers will be able to recognise, among the proposed models, the several variants in which an evergreen classic of the Made in Italy is reinterpreted: the earthenware or blown glass venetian pitcher, rigorously handmade. Inspired by Palladio’s brilliant insights, a famous architect of the Renaissance, this classical venetian making dates back to the 18th century and has come to our days thanks to the perfect balance between pleasant aesthetic and practical use. Beauty and versatility perfectly integrate and create a product subject to different interpretations, giving birth to new finishings and current shapes and decorations. In this section there are not only the most typical and traditional models, but also a wide range of containers with uncommon and original shapes. Sharp-cornered geometries in place of the most familiar round edges, creative handles that substitute typical ones, irregular shapes that replace the most usual ones, realising functional items that stand out for their renewed aspect, sometimes focused on simplicity, sometimes on the beauty of works of art.

Modern Solutions

Among the modern solutions there are models without handles, with ethnical lines and futurist shapes, but also small and compact volumes, enlivened by long and eccentric beaks. Unlimited colours availability: the perfect transparence of glass is covered by lively colours, such as violet, yellow, orange or green, capable to suit every furnishing and feeling. Moreover, the pure white of ceramics is enriched by graphic lines, modern drawings, small images with elfs and fairies or more classic floral fantasies. Always polished, to provide the best brightness and hygiene, ceramics and porcelains aren’t proposed only in classic white: pastel colours or intense black and cobalt blue finishings highlight the creativity and experience of the most successful designers, who continuously renew one among the most classic and used accessories in the world, giving it new life and without forgoing functionality and practicality.

The only difficulty they present to the customer is choosing among so many different shades and variants. What do you like most between the white pureness of porcelain and the lively and surprisingly colours of the models in transparent glass? But also, what’s the best choice between a pitcher with an elegant plain colour and one with delicate drawings that pay homage to the Murano artistic makings? The choice is demanding, but it will be possible to find the ideal items by listening to personal tastes and wishes, with the certainty of choosing it only among precious proposals. From the point of view of materials, too, the range of pitchers and jugs here proposed is definitely wide.

From excellent porcelains, such as Bone China and Feldspatica, to classic, blown or borosilicate glass, to plastic polymers, like San or Abs. About this, if it is true that size, shape and colour can be chosen according to personal tastes, for what concerns materials it is necessary to take into account the different properties of each of them, that contribute to define the use and the value of the item. The refined feldspar porcelain, for example, is mainly characterised by its strenght: it appears as refined and fragile, but it is, rather, a hard porcelain, resistant like a rock to hits, scratches and temperatures, so that it can be used with no fear in the microwave oven. Then there is the Bon China porcelain, characterised by ancient origins, great value and an ultra-light consistency: the oriental origins give the container surfaces suggestive opalescent shades and a delicate avory-coloured effect, which highlights its elegance.

Cheaper, but long-lasting and resistant to spots and boredom, it is the classic ceramic: strong and refined, it is worked with extreme ease, reason why it is the protagonist of several models, both from the point of view of shapes and colour shades. The choice of the borosilicate glass allows to withstand temperature leap: it is the classy choice, the perfect transparence, which brings brightness, even after infinite washings. The less expensive version is the one in the evergreen natural glass: resistant, hygienic, symbol of freshness, it is the perfect protagonist among pitchers for everyday use, with their breezy shapes and shades, which use their transparency to exhalt the zest of bubbles in mineral water and sparkling wines.


The glasses used may also present opaline finishes, capable to donate a definitely glamour, but never excessive effect. For those who prefer innovative materials, pitchers in frosted plastic are ideal, capable to reflect light, creating a scenic effect that is as good as the one of the most splendid crystal. But there are also containers created using the lightness and strenght of metals and last generation polymers. Pitchers with special functions are a separate matter. Winter is coming and you would prefer a warm coffee rather than cold water: the pitcher puà may prove to be your best ally. Actually, in this section, several models equipped with a thermal system are available, all characterised by a precious design.

Termal Pitchers

The thermal pitchers are studied specifically to keep liquids temperature constant. An other category with a particular use is the one related to small size items: in this way not only will you bring beverages on your table, but also condiments. Small pitchers are perfect both for reduced portions of wine and to be used with liquid condiments. First and foremost, oil gets many benefits from being kept in small flagons with perfectly polished internal walls, inasmuch the sediment of oil is avoided, and it can aerate better, allowing it to be served to banqueters with its natural and genuine taste. In this case, the ½ and ¼ litres sizes are perfect: if chosen in glass, these small flagons show to everyone oil limpidity and colour, highlighting its quality. Far from being an outdated accessory, pitchers and jugs challenge the march of time and current trends, offering different and variegated solutions.

There’s more. They are the innovative choice of the interior design: in the same way as vases with a long neck and a spacious body, pitchers without handles are often used as ironic and refined decorations themselves, many times filled with pebbles, natural stones, dried flowers, shells and perfumed petals. These pitchers give practicity and good vibes, and enrich every moment with elegance: big and transparents to host the cheerful sangria during summer evenings, hermetically closed to share hot coffee with friends in a rainy afternoon, small and discrete to bring little quantities of wine on the everyday table. Little care is needed for their mainteinance: the great majority of the items listed rarely gets dirty, thanks to the smooth and pores-free surface, and are dishwasher safe, without losing their peculiar finishing. "