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Leander manufactures products designed to follow and encourage the growth of children. Furnishings by Leander are made from European beech wood, worked in Scandinavian style by blending essential looks and functionality. Because beauty should always go hand in hand with usability.
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In 1998, Stig Leander founded his Scandinavian design brand dedicated to the production of high-quality items for children. And perhaps Stig Leander owes his success to the inspiration provided by his sister's pregnancy, who gave birth to two twins. When she was pregnant, Stig looked everywhere for a crib that can grow and evolve along with the child, but he couldn't find anything that reflected the idea he had in mind. So he created himself the crib he imagined, in accordance with his vision of something new, something never seen before.
Only a year later, the first models were ready to be distributed in the stores across Denmark, and in a few more years, the brand had reached the success it still enjoys today. Stig Leander's business reaches more than fourty countries around the world. The guiding principle behind each project by Leander is to create products and items that can stimulate the learning ability of children, accompanying them step by step along the most important stages of growth.
Each of the Scandinavian brand's products combines in perfect harmony function and aesthetics, and they also guarantee the total safety of the accessories, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the design of the forms.

"Inspring life" is the motto of the brand that aims at designing home accessories capable of creating joyful ways of life since the early childhood. All products by Leander have been developed to follow and stimulate the mental and motor development of the child. The furniture is made of beech wood from FSC sustainable European forests, modeled according to the typical Scandinavian design, combining the pleasant and essential aesthetics to simplicity and functionality.
Leander's universe is made of design applied to innovative and playful lines. It creates high-quality furniture that stimulate games, movement and creativity; every item is conceived, designed and looked at from the perspective of a child, because you need to look with their eyes to understand what are the basic needs to be fulfilled.

Design, craftsmanship, creativity, personality and quality of materials are the keywords of the Scandinavian company Leander.
A Nordic brand that creates exclusive furniture items dedicated to the world of childhood, with delicate pastel colours, sometimes enlivened by a few well-chosen contrasts in order to exalt them at their best in any location. A brand that every modern family should consider to set up basic but also very elegant bedrooms for their children.
Whenever a new child comes to the world, two new parents are born as well. There is something special in becoming moms or dads: it is the beginning of a new and exciting journey that will last a lifetime. So also the time of the choice of the first pieces of furniture to prepare the nursery for the newcomer, becomes a wonderful and exciting moment full of enthusiasm.
Leander is familiar with these feelings, and it is exactly thinking about these emotions that it designs and manufactures with passion its furniture elements that can also be passed down from generation to generation.

Leander is not just another company that produces home accessories: it is a philosophy of life, a way of living the house, an innovative approach to materials and their function. Leander is a soulful brand that studies the best performance to offer to the most important people in our lives: our children.
The company based in Sillkeborg (Denmark) has been successfully producing cribs, beds, chairs and high chairs for many years, always using the finest materials so to make them safe for children, but at the same time beautiful and functional.

The work of art and design that has brought success to the name Leander, is undoubtedly the famous Leander crib that Stig created for his two nephews. A Leander crib is versatile, convertible and virtually indestructible, thanks to the choice of top-quality materials and to its solid structure. The bed is extendible following the baby's growth. At first, when they are newborns, it can be used with the safety rail; then, when they grow up, you can eliminate both sides. The idea behind this crib is that it is not necessary to spend money twice, because when you purchase the crib, you also get everything you need to make it longer. The rounded corners and elegant curves give it a harmonious and sculptural appearance, in line with the Danish tradition of beauty and functionality in furniture design. Soft, rounded lines that will evoke in the baby's mind the enveloping arms of his mother, making him sleep peacefully.
The Leander Crib also boasts a number of prizes and awards that are really important, such as the Dansk Innovation in 2004 and the Best Product of the Year in the Netherlands in 2006.

The best ideas emerge from a real need; if becoming a parent is one of the most magical moments in the life of a person, also the worries about future costs have a quite important role. The best feature of the crib designed by Leander, is that you buy at once an item that will accompany you and your kid for many years to come. With the only help of a single key and an Allen key, you can transform the crib several times: lowering the mattress once the baby begins to stand up holding on to the table, removing the sides of the bed when the baby starts to go to bed alone, lengthening the bed (thanks to the included junior kit), and finally, when the kids have grown up, the bed can be easily turned into a comfortable sofa for a perfect teenage room.

Stig Leander carried out his apprenticeship as a blacksmith and craftsman; today he is the main supervisor for all the projects of the brand that he follows with great passion and an incredible eye for a pleasant mix of design and function. It is interesting to know that he does not use technologies such as Ipad or computera, but his creations are born from his dreamer mind and then, just like a real artist, he draws them on paper. No limitation to the choice of materials, as long as they are environmentally friendly; cardboard, glue, wood…there are no limits to the vast imagination of this talented designer who revolutionized the world of children furnishings.