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Design as a quest for pure simplicity. Arper produces furnishings that embody the best of Italian quality, refinement and attention to details. Technology, craftmanship and entrepreneurship are the ingredients that allow the creation of high-quality chairs and tables, that from the Veneto region, in Italy, have already taken over the world.
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ARPER Design

ARPER Design as a quest for pure simplicity. Arper produces furnishings that embody the best Italian quality, refinement and attention to details. Technology, craftmanship and entrepreneurship are the ingredients that allow the creation of high-quality chairs and tables, that from the Veneto region, in Italy, have already taken over the world.

ARPER An Introduction

Observing a simple chair and discover a wonderful world of elegance, sophistication and passion is possible now: it's a thing, and is called Arper. It might seem a childish thought, or even a mere commercial propaganda, but it's not like that. To better understand such thinking, you just have to admire the furniture pieces of the Arper collection, and their refined stylization. You will be certainly overwhelmed by the brightness of the objects and by the linearity of their amazing shapes. Arper products seem timeless. They are not created, they are discovered.

The furniture objects by Arper seem to be, and always have been, contained in the raw material: artisans just have to remove what's superfluous in order to make visible the beauty already hidden in it. This characteristic makes the whole line exclusive. Arper introduces itself Arper SPA is based in Monastier di Treviso (Veneto region), Italy. The company is immersed in one of the most vibrant and creative industrial centers of our country. With its 120 employees, it registered revenues for more than €50 million between 2012 and 2015; with an incisive presence of exports, around 95%.

Arper was born from the entrepreneurial dream of Luigi Feltrin, and then became a hotbed of Italian design. The entrepreneurial inspiration arises at the beginning of the ‘90s, and was aimed at conquering the international market by using innovative and high-quality materials, modeled with great passion and in accordance with our traditions. In a short time the company has segmented its production line in order to meet all market's needs, and now it includes house and office furniture pieces, with an almost invisible distinction of style. Arper's love for tradition did not preclude the technological innovation of processes.

In fact, the digitization of the production lines is a prerogative of the company, which can boast a collection of advanced machinery which increases its productivity without affecting the preciousness of the finishes and the artisanal know-how. This balance between tradition and modern productivity gave an important impulse to Arper's success at an international level. Arper has quickly gained the trust of thousands of international partners by opening a series of showrooms and storage facilities all over the world, in order to improve logistics and optimize market penetration, with the greatest professionalism.

The Expansion

The widespread establishment of showrooms means that the products's delivery times are actually reduced and do not exceed 48 hours. In accordance with this marketing strategy, Arper decided to open its stores in several cities: London, Cologne, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, New York, Chicago and Dubai. Luigi Feltrin's entrepreneurial choice is also aimed at increasing the collaboration with architecture and interior design studios all over the world, in order to have Arper products elected as the best solution for a stylish interior decoration. The company has, among other things, various certifications that attest the quality of both production processes and used materials, in full compliance with industry and environment regulations. Such certifications are: - Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 - Reg. Num. 9702084 - Management of Health and Safety at Work OHSAS 18001: 2007 - Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004. Arper's design The design of Arper's products is just majestic in its total simplicity.

The flowing lines and the slender shapes characterize the artistic versatility of these furniture pieces that suits multiple environments without creating any annoying contrast. A minimalist choice and an essential lines, aloongside with the modularity of the objects, makes all the Arper's furnishings adaptable to any kind of need of space, becoming a solution to all the problems related to the interior space. Arper offers several collections trying to satisfy the most varied style trends of the market. The various collections are the result of the collaboration with prestigious international designers who, with their signature, confirm the value of each idea. Among the most prestigious collaborations there are:

Lievore Altherr Molina Studio

The encounter with the Lievore Altherr Molina Studio marks an important milestone in Arper's history. This fruitful collaboration led to the creation of many objects and collections which soon became international best sellers. A rare example of successful design is represented by the Catifa collection which, with its five different versions, has reached the record of 1 million units sold. The geniuses of the interior design working at the L.A.M Studio have definitely helped to modernize Arper's products thanks to new communicative forms and thoughts. Jean-Marie Massaud, a designer Jean-Marie Massaud can be considered a design genius who signed objects and production lines for many prestigious companies.

His greatest virtue, which becomes a distinctive feature of his creativity, is the constant quest for lightness of shapes combined with the maximum comfort. Admiring his collections of sofas (Arper) is pleasant for all senses; but sitting and resting on them produces a unique feeling that once enjoyed become a necessary. Other prestigious collaborations Simon Pengelly, Ichiro Iwasaki, James Irvine, Antti Kotilainen and Rodolfo Dordoni are other examples of successful collaborations. The contribution offered by these brilliant artists can be noticed in every object of Arper's collections. The artistic talent of these designers has contributed to the success of Arper brand, turning it into a symbol of elegance and quality. Conclusions In conclusion, we can only invite all readers to admire Arper's virtual showcase to enjoy the stylistic marvel of every single object produced by this Treviso-based company. And it's also important to remember that owning even a simple object marked Arper, means owning a piece of the tradition of the Made in Italy design excellence.