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True elegance lies in glass. Surprise your friends by serving water and juice in an super stylish way. Just choose among this wide selection of drinking glasses according to your taste and mood.
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The beauty of the glass

The beauty of the glass, its colorful patterns is an undisputed fact that they are an element of attractiveness in our house. The crystalline beauty of glassware, jugs, table accessories, makes daily activities such as lunch or special moments like when we have friends to dinner, a ritual of great opportunity. Everyday products, but also design objects, precious and unique. Traditional forms that become objects that are original and unique. The colors through glass offer preciousness and joy.

The glass is a passion that is in perfect harmony in the house and in the kitchen for those who have good tastes. Browse the online catalog to choose from a selection of LOVEThESIGN glasses and carafes that suit your home and your taste. Alessi, Brandani, Littala and Koziol are the best brands from whom you can choose the best wineries in the processing market of glass objects.The preciousness of the glass makes the house original. Design objects have the added value of an art that defies time.

The sensation of drinking from a glass, its transparency, shows the essence of the beverage it contains and the reason for success of this timeless material. Simple shapes, curves with new designs of great refinement or extreme minimalism, glasses and carafes forged thus become a piece of furniture, objects of useful aesthetic function. The drinking glass made of glass represents continuity and becomes an ever-present reality. At home you can have a service of glassware design, which is important to surprise guests when pouring their drinks.

Products essential for everyday life, become furnishing, functional object, but also of fashion to be used on social occasions. Even your daily life will take a new impetus by the presence of glasses, carafes glass coasters; your kitchen will be filled with color! Choose a product design that combines the functionality of the object, the beauty of glass, even the art of skillful designers. But in the kitchen you should not miss the ceramic with its ancient tradition. Ceramics makes the table warm and welcoming.

Different Materials

Browse the online catalog to search for your ceramic furnishing of your kitchen, design objects for a refined beauty. When entertaining friends, guests, and colleagues they cannot help but contemplate glasses, carafes, ceramic coasters for a classy effect. The pottery is well suited to any style of furniture and gives a good idea of ​​home in its most traditional form. The ceramic accessories with their colors, their shapes, their decorative value to all kinds of furniture, they adapt to different styles and enhance any style.

Ceramic and kitchens are an indissoluble union. You have a modern, minimalist, basic decor? What is better than glasses and jugs and plastic coasters? But in any decor in any home it is now difficult to do without modern, cheerful, functional, flexible plastic. Design objects are then a tribute to modern art kitchen. In the catalog of the online site there are objects from the unique and original design for every type of furniture. Everyday objects practical and cheerful for a kitchen always at the top. The contemporary nature of the plastic makes the kitchen attractive and if the plastic accessories can also have branded designs. Decorate the house, decorate the kitchen with accessories from designer fairs which are functional, comfortable, have elegant shapes, natural materials or ultramodern.

Now you can do this, from the catalog of the best designer glasses, carafes, coasters and everything you need to furnish the kitchen with style and quality. Simplicity and elegance for designer furniture, contemporary and stylish to meet the tastes of those looking for quality over functionality.