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Storage Containers

There is nothing parents can do about it - children can't help leaving a mess behind everywhere they go. With these boxes and containers, though, we bet even they will feel like tidying up!
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What does a home need more than anything else?

Storage furniture. Capacious furnishing items able to store and contain the thousand and one things you keep in your home. If you want your home to look orderly, you need plenty of space for your objects. On LOVEThESIGN you can find a wide selection of storage furniture that will provide a practical and original designer solution to your needs.

In addition to the useful function of furnishing your house, storage furnishing items also manage to multiply space in your rooms by finding a place for each object. Sideboards, cabinets, TV stands - here you can find everything you need in order to make your house functional and suitable for comfortable living. You can choose a wall TV stand or a capacious freestanding cabinet for storing your books and other belongings. Storage furniture can be low or high depending on your needs. A classic in kitchen decor, a wooden cupboard will be vintage and modern at the same time, an absolute evergreen. A beautiful glass console table will give the right touch of elegance to any room in the house.

Designer storage furniture is ideal to make the most of every space at home. They will stylishly occupy the vertical space for a more livable environment. You can also take advantage of the capacity and modularity of storage units to create new ways of living the house. Corner solutions are interesting for decorating with style and ease. A sophisticated style and premium materials add to the quality and value of these designer items. Pick from the catalogue your favourite designer cabinets. These decor elements boast a great attention to details, while being at the same time practical and functional, so that you can live your home at its fullest.

Storage units will free your everyday life from a wealth of small things that just get in the way. Tidying up is easy when storage units come discretely in your help, with their roomy interiors ready to welcome any thing of yours. They will give style and personality to your house, making it trendy. Choosing a designer cabinet means choosing quality and attention to finishings. A designer cabinet makes it possible to give color to your home by making the most of every shade.

Choosing the best

Do not settle for low quality storage furniture - treat yourself to the best. Choosing the best for your home means choosing the best for your life. A refined style, although linear, is what you should look for in storage units. A beautifully decorated home is your business card when you have guests over - it tells them who you are through the attention you put in choosing every single piece of furniture. One of the most important elements is provided by storage units, whose presence in every room and in every corner is practical and stylish.

In the living room, the bedroom, the hall and in every room of the house there is a cabinet with the twofold function of furnishing and storing. Going for a designer cabinet, able to combine aesthetic appeal and the great advantage of very high quality, is certainly a wise way to go. A cabinet in the living room enhances it and makes it suitable to be used at any time. The living room therefore becomes the place of relaxation but also of everyday life thanks to the capacity of its storage units to hide the thousands useful items you need in everyday life. In your bedroom a cabinet will be the place to store everything - and we really mean everything. In short, a cabinet makes life easier and more pleasant in any home.