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Home Improvement

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Home Improvement

The objects in our homes are all carefully chosen by the people who live there: usually the standards for this choice have to do with the function of the objects, mostly because it is pointless to fill the house with furnishing elements we never use. For this reason, it is good to ask ourselves what are the objects we really need in each room of the house, and to buy them.

Functional objects in the kitchen

A kitchen in which there are all the essential tools is definitely a better kitchen, where you live with more pleasure and cook better food, and you can be sure that nothing is missing. Among the tools that any fully-equipped kitchen needs there is of course a set of bowls useful for cooking and kneading. A bowl like Krenit, with a diameter of 25 cm, is ideal for storing the dough for pizza or cakes, but also to preserve fruit and put it on the table as a decoration. For this purpose, it is also very functional the porcelain bowl Hybrid-Ersilia that serves as a very practical but also very stylish container.

Other functional and necessary objects in a house are the tools to cut the food, such as cutting boards and knives, which are very important in every kitchen. A multifunction cutting board like Cut & Connect, for example, allows you to have at hand all the foods you need to cut and slice, without affecting their integrity and freshness: this is possible thanks to the top-quality wood that it is made of, but also to the use of professional knives with ceramic or stainless steel blades.

What do you need in the living room?

The living room can be a room that we do not use often, relegated to the exclusive role of receiving the guests. In order to avoid this it could be a good idea to equip it with functional furnishings to ensure that all family members can really enjoy the time they spend there. Among the most functional objects that you can find in a living room there are beanbags and futons, which are useful to sit and relax and less formal than a classic sofa. Moreover, these complements are also suitable for very young children, who can sit on them autonomously thanks to their minimum height.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms where, for physiological reasons, you spend more time when you need to relax. However, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom every morning as well, when your busy day is about to begin and you try to take a moment for yourselves before facing a new day. This is why one of the most functional objects you can have in the bathroom is a wall clock. It is very stressful to go to the toilet with the anxiety to keep an eye on the clock, but it is much more comfortable than the alternative of a bathroom lost in time without any time reference: in such a bathroom you will end up running late and then you will have to rush in order to get to work on time.

For this reason, a wall clock like Cuckoo, with a nice metal decoration like an old cuckoo clock allows you to keep be on time in the morning and at the same time it will pleasantly decorate your bathroom, especially if you have chosen a shabby chic style. As mentioned above, however, the bathroom is also a room where you can relax in the evening, and if you have the chance to enjoy a nice, refreshing bath in the tub, it will be way more relaxing than a comfortable but quick shower. I

f the edge of your bathtub is large enough to place some candles on it, enjoying a hot bath by candlelight is one of the most relaxing activities of our times. For this reason, some of the most useful objects in the bathroom are candle holders with some simple white candles to burn on them.

If you want to recreate an soft and even romantic atmosphere (if you are preparing a bath for two) a candle holder like Crumpled, made of red glass, is perfect for filling the room with a relaxing orange light, and to turn your bath into a great sensory experience.

If you use to have many guests, a very useful and functional item that cannot miss in your bathroom is a design waste basket such as Wire, made of thin, powder coated iron wire. This basket is ideal as a minimal furnishing element and it is also very elegant, but at the same time very delicate in its function.

Indispensable objects in the garden

For those who have a garden, it becomes a fundamental part of the house, especially during summer when there is the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoor. And a well-equipped garden is a very important part of a house that is set up in the best way possible. Meanwhile, to reach the garden from the inside of the house you normally use the main entrance door, or a French door on the back. Just outside these two entryways there is always a doormat that is one of the most useful and functional objects of every house.

Doormats protect the house from dirt since everyone who is coming back home after walking around outside is forced to put their feet on it, and in so doing they will get rid of all the dirt and ground under their shoes. This way, all the dirt will remain on the doormat and you won’t bring it inside the house. The doormat also says a lot about the people who live in the house, and therefore you need to find the one that reflects your personality the most.

Moreover, it must be cool and simple at the same time. Those who love classic lines can choose a monochrome black doormat for the front door, which is sophisticated and very well-conceived since it blocks a lot of dirt without seeming messy and sloppy after a few days of use.

Every well-equipped and decorated garden also needs the most useful furnishing elements to decorate and fill any flower garden: pots. The pots of the Agnes collection for immediate delivery are available in the elegant shades of softened black and white. These pots are perfect for decorating a patio or veranda with ornamental flowers of various colours. The pots of this type, in fact, should be placed where they are not exposed to bad weather that over time could damage their form and enamel.

Many people also love to decorate their gardens with hanging pots, like the model proposed by Serax that is white and in a very shabby chic style, perfect for climbing or cascade plants such as ivy.

The bedroom: the objects you cannot do without

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house: in the bedroom you can have some rest and spend many hours reading or relaxing. In the bedroom, together with the basic furniture that allows a good rest and the conservation of all the objects we love the most, we also need many other functional furnishing elements. For example, we will need a jewelry box, especially in the case of a strong female presence in the house. In fact, women usually own many items such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants that can be very small and delicate and risk to get lost in a blink of an eye.

The jewelry box, especially if placed on a shelf that is high enough, is a great symbol of utility and functionality for storing all the jewelry that every woman needs. A model like Reflexion or Stowit, with their separate compartments and small drawers, allow you to organize all the jewels you own in a rational way based on categories. This will also help you to avoid losing things you care about.

If the bedroom is likely to become too serious and gloomy, there is nothing more beautiful and more useful to cheer it up than some colourful cushions that can also be use as a further support for the back to be placed behind the pillow, especially if you are going to read in bed. The cushions with the nicest patterns, like the one that represents London skyline, will be the best companions of your relaxing time, and they can be conveniently stored in the closet when it is time to sleep.

Basic furnishing elements for a kids’ bedroom

A kids’ bedroom already decorated with all the basic furniture, can still be enhanced by adding some functional objects to improve the life of the children who live there, helping them to learn the fundamental concepts of order and cleanliness. One of the objects that cannot miss in the bedroom of the younger members of the family, is definitely a basket for storing toys or balls, or to put the dirty clothes and take them off the chair where they usually are wrapped up to form a precarious pyramid. Or worse to take them off the floor where they were launched mercilessly.

A square or round basket, very large and possibly made of a soft fabric, will help the boys fulfilling the goal of storing the above mentioned objects in the right place by themselves, and in so doing they will grow up and become more responsible from the point of view of the care of the house. Also in the kids’ bedroom some colourful cushions can be very useful and functional especially in the case of bunk beds. The lower bed, in fact, is often used as a sofa during the day to enhance the decoration of the whole room.

Here you can place very colourful cushions representing cartoon characters, or rock'n'roll cushions with the Union Jack to create a temporary soft seatback for the couch. If you have a desk that the kids use to study, you will certainly need some points of light, and among them a very powerful table lamp so as not to strain their eyes while studying.

Functional objects in the storage room

The storage room is a place where you usually keep detergents, canned food supplies or the food for your pets, and all those products that are used for the care of the people and of the house, such as detergents and soaps, or those fundamental tools you use while cleaning. In a storage room, it is particularly important to have hangers and shelves, because you might need to store objects such as brooms or scrubbing brushes by hanging them to these hooks.

Some small or medium hangers like those produced by The Dots, for example, can be installed on the wall at any height you need and they are fundamental in a storage room where you want to hang not only your cleaning tools, but also items such as jackets or special shoes such as après-ski boots, hiking shoes, boots or skates. We must not forget the importance of the shelves in a storage room, especially if you have limited space to store things such as oil or wine drums, detergents, shoe boxes and other similar things.

In very small storage rooms where the objects go all crammed in piles, the most practical solution is definitely the vertical Coupé shelf, a piece of furniture composed of 6 high and narrow shelves to hang on the wall. This shelving unit is extremely slim and elegant, it is total black and therefore suitable for any storage room and any room in general, ideal to contain food supplies and detergents. Modules and modular shelving units are very useful and extremely functional even in the garage or cellar, where we usually keep many different objects.

In garages and cellars we usually store those bulky items that we use only a few times, like the Christmas tree, the equipment for the beach (umbrellas, chairs, mattresses, beach games) or ski equipment such as skis, snowboards, boots and helmets, or even the tools to practice extreme sports like surfing. In modular shelving units, you have the advantage of being able to hang the shelf at the height you prefer, calibrating the distance between a shelf and the other according to the objects you need to store on them.

A perfect example is the shelving unit String Pocket: entirely made of ash wood, robust and high-quality, this shelving unit offers the great advantage of having the sides panel made of pegs to which you can attach the shelves. Therefore, the shelves have not a predetermined distance between them, but you can decide it once you know what object you need to store: this way, the shelving units can contain ski boots and helmets, but also the most bulky items such as sleds, strollers or wheelchairs, folding cots, tents and more.

It can be useful, especially in the garage, also to buy a screen or a separation module, because often garages are one only room with the double function of car’s shelter and place to store the less used objects. For this reason, it is good to separate the area where you park the car from that with the shelves where you store the objects of the whole family: this can be done thanks to a screen such as Facelook, or modules like P.O.P. in the shape of jigsaw pieces.

These items can also have a protective function in a way, because every time you open the garage door to go out with the car, your items will be protected from prying eyes that could see what is contained in your garage, and be tempted to perform illegal actions. If you need a separation module to divide the room that is also easy to move, you can choose a module with casters such as Southbury. Southbury is a screen carved with geometric shapes that can serve themselves as shelves: the functionality of this object is enhanced by the fact that it can be moved at will. In fact, this module is very light, but at the same time it is a great space-saving idea to store all the supplies for your home and the items that currently you do not need.