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Pet Accessories

Our pet friends are truly part of the family and deserve only the best we can give them. Treat your cat or your puppy to a special bowl and have fun with lots of cool accessories designed especially for them.
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Pet Accessories

Our most special friends, the pets, are an integral part of the house, but not only of the house, they are members of the family, affectionate, loyal, playful and inseparable like dogs; unpredictable, independent and sly like cats; chubby or thin, round and graceful like fish; leaping and singing like birds; small, awake and frantic like rodents; and many other qualities that can be attributed to our animal friends, of course depending on our preferences.

For our home, for our style and also for our animal friends, there are many choices and many possible variations to determine the best combinations of kennels, cages, aquariums, food bowls, mats, etc. It is really easy, as much as it is difficult to choose between all the items available for our animal friends, who live the house with us, always at our side.

So we want to try to delve more on the possible amount of useful elements so at least we make them feel part of the home, an active and skillful dog, an agile and curious cat. Respecting our personal tastes, combining the garden with the style of our house, we can really find a lot of variations for the four-legged friends.

What Can We Do for Them?

Enriching the house with useful accessories for them, but why not also be "sensitive to the useless", dedicated to our special animal friends, surely they will feel more pampered, happier and even more integrated and part of the family. Also because they have a lot of quality and potential, and even if it does not seem able to recognise very well what we do for them, in addition to the care and all the love that we give, which of course is rewarded with their never ending affection expressed in funny and clumsy, running and jumping back and forth to home. Starting from simple bowls for food and water, received from distributors of kibble and water, fountains, canisters, luggage containers and also storage of food for our furry friends.

Pillows, cots, dog houses, fences, products for hygienic care and toiletries, combs, gloves, collars leashes (for both dogs and cats), gum products for oral hygiene, clothing, games, kennels, sand boxes for cats with so many different colors and shapes depending on personal taste, aviaries, aquariums and accessories, covers, bags to carry out when walking the your smaller dog friend and jewels (collars and leashes with rhinestones).

So when you really think about accessories that you need to meet the needs of our great animal friends you may truly want to open up a world, learning also about accessories that you did not even know existed, and others of which you do not even know how to use.

By the way, have you ever heard of dogbrella, it is an umbrella to shelter the dog from the rain, which connects to a lead so we can take our dog friend for a walk without getting wet on rainy days; GoDogGo is a fetch machine, simply an automatic pitching tool, for the most sporty dogs; the go pet thread wheel for good healthy sedentary dogs, with little room or inability to living outdoors, certainly this hamster wheel, oops sorry giant dogs wheel could be replaced by a good host who is less sluggish.

We can say that it is them who give us so much love every day, they are the ones who do not use the techniques of smart matchmaking and are never impatient, (even if they do not know how much time we missed from home), that when we return to our home they are waiting for us to give them a tennis ball (perhaps their favorite), or that we scratch them on the head, or that we spend some time with them and we are reciprocated with their exaggerated loyalty, and their legs turned towards us asking for a caress, they do not need much to reciprocate with love and infinite happiness, they will always be at your side, day and night, even when maybe we will feel a little bit down and do not want any "human" interaction, they are the only "human" relationships able to understand us and be with us always.