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Kids Furniture

A harmony of colors and shapes, transformable and space-saving solutions that inspire them to play and learn: the design kids bedroom adapts to the changing needs of your children and is the perfect environment to develop their creativity.
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Kids Furniture

Furnishing a house takes a lot of time and care. Every detail, every piece of furniture must be studied and chosen with the greatest accuracy; in fact, every detail should reflect and complete the style of our house and moreover, everything must be functional and practical. And all of it becomes even more complicated when it comes to choosing the accessories and furnishings for our kids’ bedrooms.

Choosing becomes much more difficult and it is important to do it following more responsible guidelines. Our children have to live in a healthy environment, clean and above all safe. Cabinets and bookcases are fundamental elements in any bedroom of teenagers or children.

In their rooms they grow, play and study. In order to avoid a complete chaos, it is necessary that everything is in order and have a place to be stored easily. A large closet is therefore essential to contain clothing and maybe even toys. The bookcase allows you to arrange the room properly, finding a place for all the books and any kind of knick-knacks. Cabinets and libraries, however, must not only be functional and practical but also beautiful, with a pleasant design, like the many models presented here.

Furniture of the Highest Quality

The catalogue includes various pieces of furniture of the highest quality and all very durable over time. All models are produced by brands that are renowned for the quality of the raw materials they use and for their exclusive style. You can choose among original and innovative cabinets and bookcases suitable for every teenager. The furnishing solutions proposed are able to meet all your needs for functionality and beauty.

The pieces of furniture in the catalogue fit the modern lifestyle of your children who will certainly appreciate these products and will feel at ease while spending time in their room. These cabinets, bookcases, shelves and toy boxes are the best you can buy for the room of your children. Clothes, toys, books…everything will be perfectly fine once stored in this designer furniture with modern and fresh colours. One of the most comfortable and simple solution is to choose a cabinet with wooden shelves.

The objects of your child will be stored in a way that he will find very pleasant because they are colourful. They can be placed on the floor or fixed to the wall. Or you can also consider to buy a toy box. They are very functional and provide plenty of space to store the toys of the children without seeing them scattered all over the room. Many models have tilting containers. Kids furniture in general is absolutely safe, and you can relax and enjoy it because it does not hide any risk.

Sleeping is essential

Every kids’ bedroom worth its name must also include the cradles for the newborns or the cots for the older ones. Sleeping is essential for the healthy growth of your children, therefore it must not be underestimated. Every child should sleep peacefully, and the choice of the cradle or cot is essential to make it possible. Don’t worry! You won’t need to visit dozens of stores and organize trips to the malls that will take the whole day. You can comfortably choose the cot or cradle that are right for you. Do not forget that their room is the place where your children will rest, dream and grow up.

The extensive catalogue of cots and cradles presented in the kids section includes a large amount of items, all made using the best-quality materials in order to guarantee to the children the sweetest sleep possible, night after night. Once assured the quality of the product, you just need to choose the colour and model of the cot or cradle. If you prefer a neutral colour, you can opt for white or brown hues. Otherwise, if you like bright colours you can find any shades of green, yellow or orange.

Do not miss the classic colours: pink or blue, depending on the sex of the child. If you do not have much space available, you can take a look at the bunk beds or at the “bridge bedrooms”: very funny solutions for those who will sleep in them. But then, how do you decide who sleeps where? To help this decision, you can decide to opt for a classic room with two beds. A classic but not banal solution; you can find beds with the most extravagant shapes that will be appreciated by the kids but also by the most demanding parents.

There are many news in the catalogue; in fact, you will be amazed by the wide choice available, which includes the latest models on the market. You will notice that all the objects for sale are designed and guaranteed by the most famous Italian and international brands, such as Flexa, Oef Be Good, and Leander: some of the leaders in the production of cradles and cots. In addition to kids products, these brands will offer safe and certified products with a quality design that follows the latest trends.

Rely on the careful selection of LOVEThESIGN to allow your child making the sweetest dreams. In their bedrooms, kids love to read, draw, learn to write, colour, build things and much more.

Children Tables and Desks

For all these reasons it is essential that, since their earliest childhood, children have at their disposal desks or tables to be used also as desk. Useful tabletops to release their imagination and learn the basics of creative arts. Inclined desks to allow the children to become true artists, or horizontal tables to do their first homework. Alone or with our help, they will move their first steps to discover the world in stimulating environments like these. All items must be appreciated by both adults and children, from the play table for younger children to the first desks for those starting to go to school and grow up.

Each item proposed perfectly matches the rest of the décor, providing a sense of continuity and making some room for the choice of matching accessories designed to improve even more your children’s spaces. We are talking about table lamps or pencil holders and toys. The choice of raw materials is especially careful because of the end users of these products.

The protagonists are our children, but the wise choice of style and details is on us, and we have to make smart decisions. So, tables can become comfortable desks around which spending some time with their buddies. Thanks to the catalogue of LOVEThESIGN you can have a complete picture of all that you can give to your children, making their room (which is the most important space for them) extremely comfortable and practical. Everything at your child fit, thanks to specifically designed models that reproduce a regular study but in miniature. Just like a grownup’s study! A great way to give more attention to the intellectual growth of our children.

The Kids Bedroom

However, the kids’ bedroom is also the realm of their mother, especially right after the kids are born. During that phase you will need practical and large supports to have everything at hand. Diaper changes, for example, must be done in serenity and everything has to be easily reachable by you, to avoid difficulties. To make sure you have all these guarantees, it is necessary to choose the right furniture for the child's room, high-quality and extremely functional.

The products sponsored by LOVEThESIGN are perfect for you. The changing tables you find in the on-line catalogue offer several models and options. Looking at the details included in the product description, you can choose the option that best suits your needs, depending on the size of the child's bedroom. All changing tables are made of beech wood or lacquered MDF and some models have a shelf with a layer of cotton, to lay your baby during diaper changes. The changing table can have three or four drawers, in which to store the dresses of the baby, creams and diapers.

Some changing tables have a small compartment, next to the mattress, in which to put all you need for the change. Alternatively, some models come with a sort of lateral drying rack on which to place all you need for the change. Ergonomic changing tables are extremely functional: equipped with steering wheels (two of them with brakes) that allow you to move the baby from room to room depending on your needs. Some models are extremely comfortable because they allow you to cradle your baby in two directions, laterally and frontally.

When the changing table is no longer needed, you will have a very comfortable chest of drawers that is elegant, functional and designed to ensure practicality and beauty. If you decide to turn the changing table into a beautiful chest of drawers, you can also combine it with coloured side tables, perfect for a child's bedroom. Side tables are made following the model of bedside tables or container benches, with or without wheels, and they are the best choice for storing the toys of your children.

In the “bedside tables and changing tables” category you can choose even the most simple furniture, such as cabinets with a tabletop, chests of drawers without changing table and the traditional bedside table with colored knobs and two large drawers. The chests of drawers are made of pine wood or MDF lacquered wood, they are equipped with large and capacious drawers where you can keep all the objects of your child: linens, sheets, towels and daily-care items. All furnishings are in conformity with European legislation on the limitation of carcinogens and tested to prevent the evaporation of toxic substances from lacquered or painted surfaces. On LOVEThESIGN you will find only fine and durable products that will stay with you for many years.

If you are looking for quality products that are beautiful and at the same time practical and comfortable, on LOVEThESIGN you will find exactly what you need. Each piece of furniture is studied in detail to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction of the customer. Online, on, you will find all the top brands of the kids category and select the changing table or bedside table that best suits your tastes. Best price guaranteed, free delivery and easy return.

LOVEThESIGN is an e-commerce website famous for being reliable and safe. In the virtual showroom you will find all the most fun and stylish furniture solutions for your baby's room. Making purchases on LOVEThESIGN is really easy: just select the category you are interested in and proceed with the purchase. Pay attention to the Lovepromo section that includes products and furnishings in exclusive promotion for LOVEThESIGN’s customers.