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Diesel Living

In 2009 Foscarini entered the decoration project named "Diesel Home Collection", developing the Lighting range of the Diesel collection. This partnership allowed Foscarini to target a new audience and explore different ideas of decoration through a dedicated collection - "Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini".
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You're probably wondering what it has in common a fashionwear brand such as Diesel, with a famous decorative brand such as Foscarini. Both are renowned all over the world, each one for its specific products, and they have in common a universal key element: creativity.
And it is precisely in the name of this creativity that, in 2009, these two brands signed an agreement of collaboration to develop a project that will result in the realization of the lighting collection "Succesful Living by Diesel & Foscarini".

A partnership of excellence that offers the historical company Foscarini the opportunity to communicate with a new audience, exploring different ways of thinking and furnishing. The creativity that flows through the veins of both brand gives rise to a collection of lamps made with the help of different metals that later are decorated with fabrics, glass, prints creating pleasant geometric patterns inspired by fashion and music.
Succesful Living by Diesel & Foscarini is an eclectic collection of lamps able to speak a multitude of languages: from rock to pop, from industrial design to vintage style, from a classic style to graphics.

The iconic lifestyle signed by Diesel is unconventional, unique, ironic and glowing and it is thanks to these characteristics that accessories of various shapes are created with different and often unconventional materials, for domestic and public locations.
A project about furniture, but also a vision of lifestyle that wants to explore new ways to inhabit the house, dedicated especially to young couples who want to set up their first home with taste and style. A line made of different materials that comes in many forms, all ready to decorate your spaces in a fun and unconventional way.

Succesful Living by Diesel & Foscarini consists of approximately fourty models of lamps created with elements out of the ordinary that immediately become the added value of this multifaceted collection.
The Tool pendant lamp designed by Diesel creative team is inspired in the shapes to the lens of a SLR camera, enhancing the emotional charge in the motto "in the right light everything is amazing zoom 55-78". A complement that reflects the charm of a revised technology. A single rubber body that perhaps could recall an unfinished object or an element just come off the production line waiting to be assembled with other pieces, but it is not.
Breaking with the stereotypes about aesthetics and interior design is the philosophy of this collection.

Foscarini is a company with a long history, born on the Venetian island of Murano in 1981. A technological and creative workshop of lighting objects that, thanks to collaborations with designers from all over the world, does not produce simple lamps, but real furnishing emotions.
Foscarini has always promoted its identity as a free and passionate brand, a company that is not afraid of experiments and is not bound by mental barriers or technical and schematic limits.

Manufacturers of light emotions; from the small table lamp, to the great light setting, today the Venetian brand creates a wide range of popular products appreciated throughout the world. So much so that in 2008 Foscarini became the official sponsor of the Venice Biennale.
Renzo Rossi is the founder of the famous fashionwear brand Diesel, conceived to meet the needs of a young and bubbly public. It is famous all over the world also for its motto "Succesful Living". In the early 2000s, Renzo Rossi decided to bring the freshness of his creativity to a new sector, always in the scope of modern lifestyle: furnishings. He creates its first innovative collection based on the personality of contemporary young people, with a dynamic character, who try to represent their personality not only through clothing, but also through the style and mood of the furnishings in their house. The house becomes the more experienced place; new generations spend much time at home, some of them even work from home, and it is therefore necessary to propose the right accessories to satisfy their new needs.

The collection by Diesel Living takes inspiration from two different lifestyles: one sunnier and dedicated to a new type of market; and one more "rock" that reflects Diesel's nature.
An innovative collection that mixes fabrics and furnishings to make them livelier. Diesel Living has among its numerous collaborations some fixed points: the Zucchi company is the supplier of fabrics, while Moroso deals with the furnishings and the lighting section is entrusted to Foscarini.
The young and lively spirit of the brand is evident in creations such as the nice table lamp with direct and adjustable light Duii.
Duii might remember a funny cartoon character, probably also due to the base with a form that evokes the leg of a duck. It is made almost like a robotic toy, the single parts that compose the lamp are assembled with huge screws. The lampshade is decorated with eccentric ridge that will bring good mood in your home, on your desk or on the bedside table.

Lighting accessories that mix the industrial flavour with some vintage touches, like the Table Lamp Fork. Fork is a table lamp that goes back to the easy style of the world of camping and those who practice it. The lampshade is made of canvas sewn with the typical stitching of camp tents. The metal base is linked to the speaker via two metal rings reminiscent of those used to secure the tents. The lighting effect, warm and soft, is typical of the tents illuminated from the inside. However, there is an element that refers to Diesel's roots: the quality of the fabric and the type of processing. Fork is a real piece of furniture.
A partnership and a bet, the one between Diesel and Foscarini Living, which led to the creation of a whole new segment of design, which is enjoying unparalleled success worldwide.