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Kids Tableware

What exactly makes a kids’ table? From original dishes and placemats, durable glasses and flatware, all the accessories that could make or break a birthday party at home. Kids tableware has its own set of rules, its own design and purpose: make them all happy, big or small, for a one-of-a-kind table experience.
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Tableware for Your Kids

Entertaining the kids at the table is the mission of all parents. But how to turn meals into playful and funny moments? Without any doubt, in most cases accessories make a difference. A table that is too serious, for example, cannot be acceptable for most children who will prefer to play rather than eating. In short, being able to keep the children at the table is a real challenge.

For this reason, it is necessary to take into account some simple tricks in order to live every occasion in complete serenity. First of all, it is advisable to consider the fact that children want to imitate everything they see adults doing. For this reason, it is most appropriate to set a good example. Being kind and polite, for example, is the best way to teach children to behave. In addition, it is crucial to teach the children to chew strictly with their mouth closed and to avoid speaking while they are chewing.

Good manners at the table also include posture. Both adults and children, therefore, must sit in a proper way to avoid disturbing other diners. It is also advisable to avoid being too loud when speaking to other people. With patience and time, children will learn the rules of etiquette and will there will no longer be any kind of problem at the table.

And what about cutlery?

Also in this case it is better to play in advance and to start teaching your children when they are very young. Of course, at the beginning you will have to accept the idea of a good number of stains on clothing and on the tablecloth, but this effort will be rewarded when the children will be finally able to use fork and knife in complete autonomy. The basic rules concern the use of the different pieces of cutlery, how to handle them and how to put them on the plate when the meal is over.

Children should also keep in mind that you may start eating only when all the guests have sit down, and that you can leave the table only when everyone else has finished eating. In case they want to leave the table earlier, they need to ask for permission. Another aspect to consider is the fact that when you are at the table it is not polite to let the children get up and to allow them to play among the tables. On the contrary, it is good practice to involve them in various conversations. I

f the children are too small to talk, you can try whatever you want to entertain as long as you do not disturb other diners and not isolate yourself. Videogames are absolutely banned. An advice? Opt for a colouring book: it may be the best way to keep the kids at the table without boring them. In any case, it is necessary to make the children understand the importance of keeping their voice down. When talking with the kids or scolding them, it is advisable to control the tone of your voice.

Among other things, it is appropriate to take account of the fact that a calm and determined tone can be much more effective than confusing screams that could annoy the young diner even more. One thing is certain: children cannot always eat all the food adults eat. For this reason, especially in case of long lunches or dinners, you should make sure that there is a menu suitable for children. For them, for example, the waiting time must be reduced. While it is true that children need to comply with certain rules, you cannot ask them to sit at a table with nothing to eat.

The alternative is to create tables only for children, with a specific menu suitable for them. This way, even the kids will have a chance to have fun and play without any problem. In any case, you should always trust your common sense. In fact, children must understand that it is essential to respect other people.

How to turn every meal into a moment of happiness

Parents struggling with their children's education can find here some very entertaining articles that can transform an ordinary lunch in a moment of joy and happiness. Here are some examples.

The baby food set Princess produced by Doiy

As you might guess from the name, this is a baby food set designed for girls who do not want to give up their dream of being the princess of the table. The set in question is manufactured in melamine and, therefore, it is very durable. They set is composed of cutlery, a tray, a dish and a glass. It is, therefore, a complete set that can be used at any occasion and it can also become an educational item.

Ideal for girls over 1 year, this set is not only entertaining for your princesses, but it also offers the opportunity for parents to teach their daughters how to use cutlery without boring them.

As previously mentioned, children should be educated as soon as possible to eat in a polite way, to sit correctly and to use cutlery. Watching grownups is the best way to learn how to eat properly, but with the Bonito cutlery set it will be a lot easier. Children, in fact, will have the chance to play with this cutlery and having fun, while their parents have the occasion to educate them without giving up anything. The cutlery included in this set is made of stainless steel and, therefore, in addition to being particularly resistant, it is very practical and easy to clean.

Kids Cutlery

Among other things, it is important to remember that stainless steel does not in any way alter the flavor of foods and is completely non-toxic. Moreover, this cutlery is guaranteed over time, it is not deformable and it is shock resistant. All cutlery has been conceived and designed in a way that it is suitable for children. In fact, all pieces are only 17 cm long. This funny set can also be a very appreciated gift by both children and parents. A very original idea is represented by the so-called American placemat. The Melina brand, for example, offers you the opportunity to purchase the placemat Melina apricot.

The placemat Melina is a fundamental article on any table worth this name. Children, in fact, can have fun and eat on an original and very colourful placemat. Entirely made of cotton, the placemat Melina apricot can even turn into a nice doll. The inspiration goes back to the days when mothers and grandmothers did not have any money to buy toys and therefore used to entertain the children with everyday objects. In some cases, they created simple dolls using rags or towels. The placemat Melina is entirely made in Italy and you can buy it in orange. The colour is resistant to high temperatures but it is also possible to dry clean it.

So far, it is clear that to entertain the kids at the table you have many possibilities. What matters, though, is to remember that all children, when sitting at the table, must be educated and put together. Meals are not just another moment to play. On the other hand, it is also true that children must also have fun while eating, but they must do it in the full respect of other diners and, above all, always keeping in mind a few simple rules established by their parents.

The idea of making a separated table only for the children is particularly good but it must be constantly monitored by parents. Before they can eat alone, the children have to be educated to use cutlery in a proper way. Otherwise, they risk to stain their clothes and to transform meal time in a real adventure. Children are real sponges and, for this reason, you need to follow them since they are very young to make them understand the importance of a correct use of cutlery.

And what is the best way to do it?

Of course it is a set of cutlery especially made for them. The important thing is to make children understand the importance of food and the need to take it very seriously. A very important aspect concerns the fact that not everything must revolve around children. In other words, even if it is true that children need to be the center of their parents’ attention and that they must do everything possible to educate them, it is also true that on the occasion of a lunch or dinner with friends and relatives children cannot be the absolute protagonists. Basically, you should make them understand that, even if they have their special menu, they are not the guests of honor and therefore they must comply with certain rules like anyone else.

It has happened to all of us to have to deal with kids running around the table or, maybe, kids who are not able to properly use the cutlery. Such things, besides embarrassing the parents, put at risk the success of your lunch or dinner, especially if they are very formal. Precisely for this reason, when there are many guests invited, a table only for children is usually set up. During wedding lunches or dinners, for example, it is not uncommon to see mini-tables for younger guests. Be careful, though: even in this case education is fundamental. If a child is not able to use the cutlery or to drink autonomously, it is absolutely recommended to avoid placing him at the children table.

In fact, in that case the parents would have to keep controlling their kid and to help him if needed. Then, it seems clear that you need a little effort to allow children to be completely autonomous at home.

One suggestion?

Education should be taught at home, where you do not have to worry about disturbing other diners. Moreover, at home children feel much more at ease and have the chance to learn in complete tranquility in the company of mom and dad. Buying tableware for children can be a valuable aid to enable parents to teach the basic rules of education while entertaining their children and making them at ease. The perfect way to educate children to eat properly is no longer a mystery, then. The secret lies in educating without forcing and in explaining to the children the importance of having appropriate table manners.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that everything we learn when we are children stays with us for life, and therefore it is very important for parents to help their children understand what are the rules to follow at the table for any kind of meal.