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Wall Décor

Make the most of your vertical surfaces! Use some wall art and wall decoration to make them truly unique. Pick a fun eco-trophy (we do love animals!) or a handy magentic board, and explore the potential of your walls.
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Wall Décor

Vertical surfaces are booming, modern and colorful: this is the ideal solution to support or store your items while decorating your walls. You've painted all the rooms of your favorite colors, but something is still missing. A bare wall leaves a feeling of coldness and lack of care, so it becomes difficult to avoid the temptation of pleasant hanging keys, magazines, boards, or a frame alternative.

The customization of the walls with cool accessories and attractive design is becoming the trendy option now.Moreover, it is handy to have the objects we use and love the most at hand and at the right height. In some cases, making the most of the walls is a real need, for various reasons: both for small spaces of many modern homes, which make it necessary to find a few centimeters be used in more, both for greater convenience, both to avoid large furniture, dressers and so on.

If you also need a breath of novelty and you do not know how to move the furniture because you have already exhausted all the possible combinations, it is time to try to think in vertical, and to give free rein to the imagination and creativity! Sometimes it takes a lot less than you think to add character to a room and create a warm and hospitable environment.This is not only functionality and order, in fact, but also aesthetic. Not to have objects scattered around the house and at the same time fill a wall, which is too empty, find the combination that you like best in our large assortment, you just simply need to follow your instinctive taste.

How to Enrich Your Walls

You can create your enriching your walls with trophies, original photo frames, magnetic boards with colored magnets that will stop the memories of your last vacation, messages for family members and guests, business cards, shopping lists or appointments for next weekend . The final effect of the walls of every room in the house is guaranteed.

Even in the bathroom and in the kitchen, for example, there are those who do not like to be hampered by furnishing resting on shelves or on the furniture, but prefers to move freely, choosing this type of practical accessories and light that can be easily fixed to the wall .You can also intersperse these with other accessories in our catalog, use combined with each other or choose the same collection for different products. Your rooms will come to life thanks to wooden decorations, paintings, bars compartment, interactive whiteboards and magnetic panels, even more if associated skillfully at the right wallpaper or embellished with a boundary wall decals, with which you can create lettering or images theme, all removable.

An original and economical way to change the look of your wall virtually any time you want, depending on the inspiration of the moment. No matter how much time we spend at home, whether it is large or small, new or old: what matters, after all, it is ours. Return after a busy day, leap out of bed at the sound of the alarm clock, invite someone for a coffee: manages all a bit 'easier if we feel reassured and supported by the tone and the things that we have chosen. Even though the daily habits change, or simply with the passage of time they can tire out, as well as change relentlessly moods, life stages and seasons.

The nice aspect of all this is that we can master our environment and adapt it to our wishes, as changeable. Nothing is easier and more fun, than to transform the image of our walls, replacing wall decorations or combining differently accessories. Still, we can customize our favorite room in the summer or winter function, objects agree or contrast with the exterior colors, or even take advantage of a special occasion (a birthday, Christmas) to have a different wall only one day a year, or so, then return to our daily life.

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