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Kids Room Textiles

Cushions, pillows, sheets, blankets - only top quality bed linen for your children. Made from certified materials, these textiles will ensure comfort and freshness with an eye to style, while providing an endless source of fun for your little ones.
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The textiles for the kids

The textiles for the kids’ bedroom are among the most appreciated furnishing elements among those who love to embellish their homes following the rules of modern design and not neglecting any room, especially not the children's bedrooms. If chosen with care, these products help to juice up the decoration of the room and to make it even more suitable for the kids. In fact, the children's room must be 100% welcoming.
Therefore, it is important to rely on high-quality textiles, made with the greatest care not only for their look but also for the use of the best raw materials. Only this way you can be sure to surround your children only with excellent and hypo-allergenic products. When you choose the textiles for your home, you rely primarily on the type of material: you have to know what raw materials have been use in the production of the linen in order to understand if that product can be really suitable for your specific needs.

Different Materials

Normally, the choice is between linen and cotton: the most commonly used raw materials for textiles intended for bedrooms and therefore also for the kids’ bedrooms. But what are the characteristics of these two vegetable fibers so widespread in the production bed linen, curtains, pillowcases and rugs? Let’s start with linen, which is one of the finest vegetable fibres that you can choose for your furnishing complements.
It is mostly used in the production of curtains, also thanks to its hypo-allergenic nature that makes it particularly suitable to decorate the children's bedroom. Many textiles for the bedroom are made of cotton, another fabric made of vegetable fibres that is less expensive than linen and therefore accessible even to those who do not have so much money to invest in the purchase of decorative elements for the house.
Yet, one thing that most people do not know is that this fibre has been considered for a long time as a luxury fabric, like silk, because it was imported from abroad and its processing required the use of important resources. Today, however, we do almost everything with cotton: it has several uses in the furniture textiles industry and it is also very widely used in the production of clothing. Among the textiles mostly made of cotton, we find not only pillowcases, but also for example the single duvet covers for the bed of the children. Not everyone knows that furnishing textiles have a long history behind them.
So much so that even some museums were created to preserve the memory of how home textiles and fabrics were a few centuries ago. What is certain is that home textiles are in many cases a real artistic expression and as such they can inspire the trends of the moment. In terms of quality, both Made in Italy and Made in Europe are quality guarantees. It is interesting to notice that among the excellences in this sector there is Italy, alongside with countries such as France or England, which can also boast a long history in terms of fabrics. Historically, the production of textiles has always been concentrated in the northern part of the country, and it involved different types of raw materials, especially vegetable fibres, first of all silk.
Of course, at the beginning the production was 100% artisanal, and women used to take care of weaving. Only later, and with some centuries of delay compared to other countries such as England, Italy managed to develop a real textile industry worth this name. Then in the last century one of the most important industries (the silk industry), developed in the city of Como, while in the production of textiles for the house, it was in Prato to lead the way, the first Italian city in the production of blankets and curtains, even for exports overseas (especially toward the East).
We have already mentioned the museums that were born to celebrate the art of weaving, and all the lovers of this activity certainly know the Prato Textile Museum, which is one of the most important in Italy and hosts not only historical fabrics, but also contemporary textile works of art with prints and embroideries that make them unique and valuable. These works are a tangible evidence of the high level kids’ bedroom, LOVEThESIGN dedicates a considerable share of its catalogue to cushions with printed pillowcases.

The Best of Made in Italy

Of course we are talking about high-quality textiles that can be chosen according to the decoration style adopted in the bedroom. In fact, you can choose among several models and these are the best-selling products on LOVEThESIGN. It is no coincidence that throw pillows already existed as decorative elements in ancient times. In the houses of the ancient Romans, for example, pillows and precious drapes were widely used to decorate the rooms of the wealthiest families.

Children's Pillows

Nowadays, for the furnishing of the children’s bedrooms you will be spoiled for choice. In fact, you can opt for pillows of various shapes and colours: geometric patterns, drawings of funny characters, animals and even toys. These pillows have been designed by the greatest artists working in this field, who know very well how to enrich and embellish the house with their unique works. Still about pillows, it is also worth mentioning those truly innovative ones reproducing animals and designed just for the fun of the kids of the house? Imagine how could it be to embellish the bed of your baby by placing on it a series of pillows in the shape of whales and owls, horses or cats! It is a wonderful idea, for which we must thank the designers who have imagined and created a unique and “kid-resistant” collection.
The pillows will become real companions for your children and they will be useful for them to play but also during the night, when they will fall asleep and look for a soft companion to hug tight. These brand new pillows will be not only a piece of furniture, but also a game for children who are always looking for new ideas and appreciate when you give free rein to their creativity. It is also worth noticing the fact that the best Made in Italy pillows are accurate in every detail, especially to guarantee their durability over time.
When we talk about attention to detail, we are referring to a great attention to all aspects, from UV resistance (essential to ensure the conservation of the original colours and to avoid a loss of vividness) up to protection from possible abrasions that could accidentally damage the fabric of the pillowcase. For this reason, the children can safely play with the pillows in their bedroom, and the parents will not have to worry about possible damages over time. All of it thanks to the use of a new printing technology: the sublimation method, designed exactly to print coloured images on white fabrics. The printing happens through heat, and it is carried out through a hot press that allows to obtain an indelible image on any type of fabric. We mentioned above the cotton duvet covers, and it's really interesting how these elements can be transformed into furnishing complements thanks to the valuable prints that enrich them and give them a touch of originality. The cotton used for the realization of these duvet covers is hypoallergenic and therefore optimal for the contact with the kids.
You can choose among different patterns of course, according to the rest of the furniture in the room. Like the cotton duvet cover for the bed, in the wide catalogue of textiles for the kids’ bedroom you can also find linen for cribs with fascinating designs always able to catch the attention of children, who will be inspired by each image to give free rein to their imagination. And who knows, maybe with a duvet cover full of characters, figures and colours will become easier to convince the children to sleep alone in their crib rather than in their parents' bed! The duvet cover can be combined with coordinated bed linen to cover the bed with a further touch of elegance and to not neglect any detail.

And what about winter?

Certainly, no one will be caught unprepared. You have to get ready in advance to create a warm and cozy nest for your kids. Here in the catalogue you can find the blankets for the children’s bedroom, in cotton and acrylic, which are very useful to put on the bed when it starts getting cold. The colours among which you can choose are several, all very beautiful and even particular such as lilac and yellow. Very practical to use, also because they do not need ironing, these blankets are designed to last over time. Still about cribs and cots, in the catalogue there are also elegant coverings for bumper pillows, essential to ensure a comfortable sleep to your children. Such coverings are easily removable thanks to the hinge they are equipped with, and therefore they can be washed from dust or stains with no effort.
The bumpers are designed to cover an internal foam padding and are they are made of cotton, with simple or funny prints, to be chosen according to your taste and the type of furniture of the room, especially in relation to the colour of the bed. When it comes to textiles for the bedroom, you cannot fail to mention the indispensable rugs. Rugs are furnishing elements, for sure, but they are also useful items during the early years of a child's life, when the baby spends a lot of time on the ground and loves to play sitting on the floor. At this stage, it becomes necessary to provide him with a comfortable support that enables him to be comfortable and have fun with no worries.
Needless to say, it cannot be just a simple rug, the kind that we would use in any other room of the house. For the children’s bedroom you need a suitable product and suited to their specific needs. That is why even rugs must be chosen following the right criteria, without forgetting the fun aspect that they should have to be appreciated by the children. That is why you have to give importance to colours and shapes, and only by doing this we can be sure not to make mistakes and to meet the needs of our children. In the same way, you will also need to focus on the resistance of the rug, because you know that the kids could destroy anything in a second when playing.

The rugs

The experts’ advice is to always match the colours and materials to the pillows, in order to create a consistent style throughout the room. In fact, the rug has a very important decorative function, which must not be underestimated. It not only has to be soft enough, so that the child can use it for several hours without any discomfort, but it must also be able to keep the child warm, working as an insulator so that the cold of the floor would not reach the baby. This is especially true for those rooms with a marble floor, which tend to be particularly cold in winter and heat up with more difficulty than other materials such as ceramic or wooden parquet. In newly built homes, thanks to underfloor heating, this problem was solved, but in older buildings the isolating function of rugs is still very important.
At the same time, even if the room has underfloor heating, you must take it into account when choosing the rugs. In particular, you should check that the rug in question is heat resistant, because otherwise you will risk to ruin it in a very short time and it would be a real pity. However, as regards the size you can choose freely on the basis of the space you have available in the room, always keeping in mind that children will keep moving and the rugs on which they play will never be large enough.
Therefore, you can opt for one large rug, or you can decide to combine several rugs together, to place one next to the other or in different spots of the room, so as to create a very original decor. Some very nice rugs for the kids’ bedroom are for example cloud-shaped rugs, with their modern and innovative design, which can be ideally combined to represent the sky on the floor of the bedroom. It would be even better if you opt for different colours, so as to give the room an attractive and colourful look, in which you could even insert some nice, decorative motifs on the walls. In short, with the new modern rugs you can find in the “bedroom textiles” category, you can really give free rein to your imagination.
With the right commitment and the right attention, you can give life to a very original furnishing effect. Moreover, the bedroom is not only for the children to sleep, but it is the place where they spend most of their time at home, playing or studying. In their bedroom, the kids play and have fun every day and for several hours, and that's why everything has to be perfect for them. Every piece of furniture and furnishing element must be chosen thinking that they will be the ones to use it and of course textiles make no exception.
Creating a room that is truly fit for children is not easy but if you choose the right products, and you look for quality elements and materials, it surely will become easier. You will be able to create a comfortable space and your kids will love the result. There is nothing more beautiful for the children than to find in their bedroom a series of objects and furnishings that refer to their world, the world of games and fun.
In a colourful room full of familiar images, the children can have more inputs and grow up while having fun, with all the carefreeness that is typical of their age. The parents’ task is to create such space, choosing all the right elements.