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For four generations Authentics has been manufacturing functional and industrially made products for everyday use. Each item takes on quintessential forms with clear colours and bears the signature of its creator.
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Authentics is the brand of the Flötotto family, a German brand that has a long experience in the field, based on one only philosophy oriented towards a spirit of simplicity of the product.
The main products of the Authentics company are functional and suitable objects for everyday use, made special by the skillful combination of shapes, materials and production techniques, mixed together in a really brilliant way.

Founded in 1981, Authentics is a German family-run company that belongs to the Flötotto family, which has been dealing with the creation and distribution of furniture and home furnishings four generations, producing magnificent objects, characterized by a contemporary and innovative style.
The company is famous worldwide, and it stands out for its original and unusual products, made with new materials and sophisticated techniques.
The undeniable success of the brand is primarily due to the artistic verve of the young designers who work for the company to develop exclusive furnishing ideas. Authentics, in fact, likes to think of new projects with several independent designers, capable with their freshness and creativity of setting in motion projects and extraordinary ideas.

Authentics manufactures simple, functional accessories, all industrially produced and suitable for everyday use. This brand is specialized in intelligent product development, which occurs through the use of modern materials and new production technologies.
Working closely with a team of internationally renowned designers, this brand creates a dialogue between with its employees that is lively, real, and that authenticity is reflected on the products that are made by the Flötotto family's team.
The German company Authentics, for over 25 years has specialized in the processing of plastic. It bases its undeniable success on the simplicity of the shapes of its products, on the affordable cost and an excellent quality/price ratio; also, working with famous designers such as Konstantin Grcic, Matthew Hilton or even Sebastian Bergne, they are always in the front line when it comes to renewal.
Furniture, lighting and decoration: all the lines and collections by Authentics present a quirky and bizarre mood, ready to meet the demands of the most eccentric clients.

Not only accessories to use at home every day: in fact, alongside with hangers, chairs, rugs, containers and kitchen accessories, the designera Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien have imagined the superb collection Kali, which is a complete line of accessories for the bathroom.
Industrial design, quality and tradition: three concepts that summarize Authentics' corporate vision, summing up the feelings experienced by all who love and appreciate these qualities in extraordinary products, lasting for decades.
Elmar H. Flötotto says about his company: "In the spirit of simplicity, we produce functional products characterized by an industrial design for everyday use. In this sense, it is very important for us to combine shapes, materials and production techniques in a smart way. We want to be at the same time inspired by the world around us, but using new production technology to create everyday products, without forgetting traditional production techniques used to create new products.

In the process, we have combined our concept of development with that of independent designers who bring their projects and ideas within the company. Above all, we have always discussed together about what characterizes a particular product.
Authentics is the company of our family since four generations. It deals and has always dealt with the creation of furniture and home furnishings, which means that you can rely on the superior quality of our services and our products, for every purchase. "
The conception and design of our products are always innovative and flexible, and this is one of the top priorities for the Flötotto family.
By collaborating with a varied international team of designers, all very famous in the field, the brand is always working to stay updated on new market needs, answering questions such as: how will live, work and learn in the future? And how can our company help to define this "future" way of living our spaces?
The key aspects on which the brand bases its research projects are concepts such as ergonomics, ecology and sustainability; for this purpose the company has invested many resources in advanced production technology and product development.
Since 2012, with the creation of the PRO chairs line, created in collaboration with the designer Konstantin Grcic, Authentics resumes the successful tradition of the design and manufacture of school furniture.

Veronika Wildgruber
A unique way to interpret the simplest objects. Veronika Wildgruber is a German designer, born in Schongau, who studied Product Design at the Free University of Bolzano, Italy.
After graduation she moved to London and then Paris, where during four years she has worked with several (major) design studios, realizing at the same time also personal projects and creating items for interior decoration.
After spending four years in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, from 2011 the study Veronika Wildgruber is based in Berlin.
She is a designer specialized in the creation of common objects characterized by the use of new materials and for their high functionality.
Her works inspired by art like Softwood are exhibited all over the world, also thanks to the collaborations with some well-known art galleries in London, Chicago and São Paulo.
She is also the art director of the Jacques Durand Eyeglasses brand, for which she manages her own collection: Veronika Wildgruber Eyewear.
Veronika Wildgruber takes inspiration from the artisanal tradition and production processes, and she likes to approach design through the wise use of different materials mixed together.
Her goal is to create simple objects that are also surprising, like the wall coat hanger Wardrope, designed in collaboration with Susanne Stofer.