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Big design is an Italian producer of handcrafted lamps with a strong penchant for recycling and sustainability. Original, simple, green - these are the keywords to Big design. Its lamps boast a clean, minimal design that follows Mies Van der Rohe's principle that less is more. This is Big design's philosophy.
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Big design is an Italian producer of handcrafted lamps with a strong penchant for recycling and sustainability. Original, simple, green - these are the keywords to Big design. Its lamps boast a clean, minimalist design that follows Mies Van der Rohe's principle that less is more. This is Big design's philosophy.

In the field of home furnishings it's necessary to pay a close attention to some details in order to create a cozier environment. Lighting is a very important element any home not only because it exerts a utility function by illuminating the areas that need a greater visibility, but also because it constitutes a valuable element of decoration. As it was in the past, when candles and candle holders had a decorative function, so it is today: lamps are not only for lighting, but they become especially important if you want to make a room more elegant and refined. The risk of monotony, when it comes to lighting, is always around the corner because it's essential to choose simple but effective elements. A guideline to follow is definitely the one about the uniformity of styles, meaning the respect of a common element as it could be a colour, or, in break with tradition, the use of contrasting elements, such as classic and modern lines put next to each other.

Big design
Big design is the Italian brand that creates home lamps always with a special attention to recycling. Big design was born in 2013 from the creative idea of some craftsmen from Emilia region. Thanks to the intelligent use of the Internet and the social networks, the brand managed to reach some success. Big design's style is typically minimalist, meaning light and modern, and it's characterized by the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials. The light is filtered with elegance, maximizing the quality of the furnishing elements and creating objects of different sizes, suitable for any room, from the classic to the most modern. The motto of the brand is "less is more", that is "a little is more interesting", which is why Big design's lamps are spartan and without any ornament; they are made of basic materials and painted in natural colours. The processing techniques are also those of the handicraft and follow the famous Emilian manufacturing tradition.

Big design products
The products by Big design can be divided into two main categories: lamps and decorative accessories.
The lamps can be divided into other categories: table furnishings - such as the lamps to be placed in the living room or on the desks of professional studies - and floor lamps – like those models used as chandeliers with a support platform on the floor. In any case, such accessories come from a handicraft work that includes the use of many different materials combined together. The purpose is to recover wastes or unused objects to give them a new life. Moreover, the shapes of Big designs lamps make daily cleaning activities easier, to the benefit of end users. On LOVEThESIGN, each model is presented through pictures and written descriptions; it can be viewed before the selection and finally purchased.

Drink sets
Big design's drink sets, available in black or white, represent a touch of originality compared to the products normally offered by the brand. In fact, they deviate from the concept of bright decoration and embrace the concept of decorative items, especially for the kitchen and table. These sets consist of minimalistic pieces obtained from hot working iron and reproducing the shape of a bottle of Lambrusco (the typical wine from Emilia region), a stem glass and a jug. It's possible to buy the complete drink set or the single pieces. Big design's drink sets are purely decorative: they are conceived to be exhibited for example on the dining table. The black or white painting is done using natural colours, obtained from plants that are rich in pigments.

The term "Pulse" indicates the Big design's collection of table lamps. These lamps are available in various colours and sizes, that make them suitable for any kind of home or office. Big design's table lamps are characterized by a glass support structure - made of old wine or milk bottles - in which a very long electric wire is inserted, rolled up on itself and with the slot on which the bulb installed on the top. These lamps are usually painted in fluo colours which contrast with the simplicity of the lamp's structure, that is undecorated or sometimes have a few stickers on it. The switch is located outside, and it's activated through a button. Thanks to its characteristics, Pulse is a very versatile lamp, easy to adapt to any room. It's perfect in bedrooms - used as a bedside lamp - but also in living rooms - where it can decorate a beautiful table - or even in a professional studio. The typical "urban" style obtained thanks to a specific recycling technique, makes these lamps suitable for every home environment, no matter the style of the surrounding furniture pieces.

Platonic is Big design's modern interpretation of the chandelier and it's available in two versions: the one made to be installed on the ceiling, and the one with a platform for the floor. Platonic consists of a wrought-iron structure that supports a light bulb. The geometric shapes that form Platonic (cubic, triangular, and spherical) make this chandelier a design object which is also a tribute to abstract and futuristic art. Each chandelier has a specific name.