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Colè Italia

Colè Italian design label was founded by Matteo De Ponti and Laura Macagno. It was first presented during 2011 Milan Design Week, and it suggests a new way of making design objects. Its collection rethinks the furniture of our past and mixes materials and cultures, reinterpreting traditional shapes in a lighthearted, playful way.
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Colè Italian design label was founded by Matteo De Ponti and Laura Macagno. It was first presented during Milan Design Week 2011, and it suggests a new way of making design. Its collection rethinks the furniture of our past and mixes materials and cultures, reinterpreting traditional shapes in a lighthearted, playful way.

It's a well-known fact the furniture industry has a fundamental role in our daily lives. In fact it's difficult, if not impossible, to imagine a house which is not furnished or whose decor is left to chance. It's exactly through this very important element that you can free you imagination and decorate your home at its best, with the same care you use when choosing a dress for an important occasion.
Colè (or better Colè Italian Design Label) is a 100% Italian and very young business. It was only born in 2011, the year of its official debut, which took place at the Milan Furniture Fair. The work of this brand is based on the awareness that furniture industry is a crucial and increasingly important sector constantly evolving.
The name chosen for the company immediately inspires cheerfulness. It seems that it comes from Argentina, recalling a part of the term "colour" in that country's language. On the other hand, if you think about it, isn't colour the main element that distinguishes every decor? Expressivity is taken to the highest levels and, not surprisingly, it's one of the basic ingredients of the entire production by Colè. The design of the items signed by this company is always ground-breaking, and its purpose is to impress the customer, in order to increase the curiosity of the public day after day, collection after collection. Is there a typical Colè customer? The answer is a firm no, since everyone can find what they need among Colè's products.

The shapes of Colè furnishings imitate those of the architectural tradition, which are reinterpreted in a lighte and sometimes ironic key. Furniture, in general, is brought back from the past travelling through memory and through a careful manufacturing process. This is clearly visible in the first collection of the brand that is what it is today also thanks to the collaboration with important designers such as Lorenz/Kaz and Aksu/Suardi.

The company's official website is This consists of several sections but in general it is characterized by a great simplicity. This choice was made to make also those people who are not used to surfing the internet able to move quite easily from one page to the other. And this goal is achieved with flying colours! All sections of the website are really interesting. For example, in the Retail section you can become a retailer of Colè products: you can find a list of Italian and foreign retailers (at the moment they are in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria and the United Kingdom). By clicking on the name of the retailer you can contact them by sending an email in which you explain your motivation. In the Press section there are some of the magazines that have recently devoted some of their pages to Colè or its products. These are important names in publishing dedicated to the sector, such as Case, Domus, Casa da abitare and Casa Viva. Reading the articles in question can certainly be an opportunity to learn something more about the brand and, why not, also to find the product that is more suitable for your needs and expectations

If you click on "Catalogue", you can see the catalogue of the complete collection in a convenient PDF format. This means that the file can be downloaded to your computer and you can have a look at it in offline mode at any time. In the catalogue you will find descriptions of various decorative objects that, on closer inspection, are absolutely indispensable. There are chairs, armchairs, tables, blinds, mirrors, screens, dressers, bookcases, sofas and so on.

Regardless of the choice you make for your purchase, from every product comes an important message: Colè's love for objects with deep roots. Also, it's clear that for Colè each product must be above all a good service for those who choose it. Therefore, functionality must always be the main feature of an object. The bond that exists between producers, designers, retailers and users is unbreakable.

Each item by Colè has its own identity, its soul, through which you can read the different nuances that characterize it as a whole.
Sushi Kart, for example, is one of the most unique items of the whole Colè collection. It is a cart for the positioning and transport of Japanese products (such as the sushi from which the truck itself takes the name) from and to the table. It is part of the 2014 collection and it is characterized by soft and sensual shapes and even in the choice of colours it recalls the Japanese tradition. In the end, there's also the possibility to customize your cart thanks to the wide range of shelves available. There are some more resistant shelves made of oak wood or more delicate ones made of glass (which certainly more impressive and elegant).

The desk shelf is another main element of the Colè collection. This is a particular shelf that you can install in any corner of the house to create your personal desk area (with a compartment for books) even in a the smallest room where maybe a classic desk just doesn't fit. It is a smart way to optimize the available space. The supports are made of coloured wood fiber and the shelves are of solid oak wood. You can customize the desk shelf as well, especially the colours.

Finally there are several seats available, all with an original design, especially the ones recalling the past, like the ‘50s-style seat made of solid wood and straw.

Colè is an Italian company based in Cernusco sul Naviglio, in the province of Milan. All customers can get in touch with the company by calling the + 39 02 22228454 or sending an email to "". Our operators will be always glad to answer the phone and provide any required information.