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Kahla is one of the most successful German porcelain brands. In 2014, it celebrated a double anniversary: 170 years since its foundation and 20 years since it's re-birth. Kahla distributes its multifunctional home accessories in 60 countries, in hotels and restaurants as well as customised porcelain items for the house.
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The KAHLA brand combines style and functionality in the porcelain industry.

Kahlàs production began in 1844 in Thuringia (Germany), when porcelain – already known and widely spread in China for more than two centuries – arrived to Europe in the early 13th century. Back then it was called "white gold" for the prices that the rulers of Europe had to pay to the merchants for this valuable material. The research, aimed at understanding the secrets of the chemical composition and manufacturing technique of porcelain, began in Meissen, Saxony, in the early 18th century. It was carried out by J. F. Ba Ittger, Ehrenfried von Tschirnhaus, F. Mining, Gottfried von Pabst and many other specialists. The research was commissioned by Augustus the Strong, Elector prince of Saxony and King of Poland. The work was a success and the first white porcelain was officially produced in 1708 and then spread throughout Europe.

The production of porcelain by Kahla, the brand based in city with the same name, in the German federal state of Thuringia, has a long tradition, and became one of the largest producers in Europe and the world. Founded by Christian Eckardt, it started producing porcelain items with 20 employees, but quickly it has become the largest porcelain manufacturer in Thuringia and one of the largest and most important in Germany.

Despite the cyclical economic crisis, Kahlàs porcelain continued to excel, especially thanks to its famous cobalt blue. After World War II, Kahla took the name "Soviet joint-stock company", and in May 1952 it became a state-owned enterprise, and in 1980 it counted almost 18,000 employees. With the demise of the GDR, the company has been privatized and restructured in 1994, beginning to establish itself as one of the companies producing the most innovative porcelain, with Gunther Raithel as main shareholder.

The production facilities have been modernized and the products divided in two lines: Kahla Elegance and Kahla Modern. The famous porcelain plate "Aronda", developed by designer Barbara Schmidt, was successfully presented at the Environment Fair in Frankfurt in 1994. In the spring of 1995 Kahla started developing its hotel sector.

Since the reopening in 1994, Kahla continued to work also increasing the investments in modern production technologies and the development of a competitive distribution system, investing almost €30 million for the facilities and services that made it one of the most modern porcelain company in Europe.

The company has received more than 80 national and international design awards, and in 2005 it patented the porcelain "touch", unique in its kind, with a surprisingly velvety surface that offers a fascinating tactile experience. The products of this collection are not just popular for the incredible variety of colours, but also for their functionality, as the special three-dimensional and soft surface is insulating from excessive heat, dampens noise and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

With the motto "design as added value", the company now produces high-quality multi-functional porcelain collections for homes, hotels and catering services. Innovation is the main motivation in terms of development to produce in the furniture world and the constant creation of sensual and sensitive combinations of materials that characterize the look of Kahla brand.

The hard high-quality porcelain produced with the use of pure and absolutely natural materials, is suitable for the kitchen or for any other housing space. The modern design and innovation are the hallmarks of the brand, appreciated throughout the world. Kahla exhibits fine collections with a classic, noble or luxurious style that are timeless and always fashionable, but also collections that are cheerfully colourful and multifunctional.

With the "Magic Grip" technology, the mark presents an innovation that increases the functionality of its porcelain items in various respects. The thin silicone layer on the bottom of the porcelain object, makes it more reassuring decreasing the risk of slipping; it protects against scratching the valuable surfaces made of glass, high-quality wood, natural stone, stainless steel or shiny materials; it also muffles the noise of plates, cups and bowls creating a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Eating and drinking are particular experiences in which a beautiful crockery plays a fundamental role, to involve not only the taste but all senses. The smell, sight, touch and hearing are an essential part of the atmosphere of a dining room and Kahla, in the design of its porcelain, always focuses the attention on all these aspects. In fact, all the collections produced by this brand are primarily aimed at emphasizing and developing the flavour of food. This philosophy is proved also by the tendency to thin the walls of plates and cups, designed for the optimal development of taste and aroma of all types of beverages. Other inspiring factors for the collections by Kahla are the sense of touch and sight, with drawings, sections and reliefs inspired by nature that also allow extraordinary tactile experiences; at the same time, the principle that "you eat first through the eyes", is constantly kept in mind. All collections by Kahla can be freely combined with each other, creating a customizable elegant mix of traditional designs with contemporary and modern ones, the typical pure white hard porcelain with a myriad of colours and decorations.

Kahla produces only hard-paste porcelain, whiter than normal and vitrified porcelain, which have a shade of ivory. The whiteness level is higher than average for all collections, and the colours reach ideal values thus demonstrating their neutrality and purity. The products have demonstrated a high capacity to resist to very high thermal stress.

The quality control is constant and carried out at every stage of the production; raw materials are also regularly checked by external institutions and the analysis by the Institute of Ceramics Technology of Meissen and other certified laboratories, regularly show that Kahla products meet the high standards of the European and global market in all sectors.