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Katie Leamon

Katie Leamon is a luxury card & stationery brand based in the heart of London. With a family run production studio in the English countryside, Katie Leamon designs, creates and delivers beautiful, hand-finished collections of original paper products.
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Katie Leamon is a brand born in the heart of London that produces luxury paper products, stationery and several products in limited series. The brand was born thanks to the woman to whom it is named after, Katie Leamon. The production is carried out within a total family-run studio in the English countryside, where Katie personally designs and manufactures original collections of beautiful hand-made paper products. Every article is studied in detail, from the paper to the decoration, from colours to packaging, and nothing is underestimated. The frequent collaborations of Katie Leamon with other companies have enabled the design and creation of limited edition products. Some of them are included in magnificent gift packages that include several stationery items (notebooks, pencils, business cards) with very special decorations. The typical Katie Leamon's decorations range from abstract lines to representations of natural elements (leaves or fruits) or writings characterized by very attractive font and style. From the point of view of style, the products by Katie Leamon are very simple, with clean lines, original and elegant. Warm, simple colours for high-quality articles made from recycled materials. But what makes them unique in their kind is that they are all hand-made. They can be purchased online and have a great value for money, especially considering the quality of these products.

It all began in 2010, with a small collection of printed cards and notebooks. The idea came when Katie decided to design the items for herself with the idea of reproducing a part of her being through the creation of small stationery items (greeting cards, business cards and notebooks). Prior to the development of the brand and a completely new philosophy, Katie used to work on many other projects, but soon she felt the need to shift her energies toward stationery products and to focus in them style, design, good taste, refinement and a bit of her personality. At the beginning, the Katie Leamon brand did not have much success, but nonetheless its creator (also thanks to the people around her who believed in her) continued producing these original items always trying not to deviate from what was her main goal: to represent herself and at the same time to provide her customers with very valuable items full of style and good taste. Many people helped developing the brand in many different ways: Katie's brother gave her the incentive to start the production, and over time her sister and mother have decided to deal with the management of production within the studio. In addition to her closest family, also Katie Leamon's boyfriend proved to be a rock on which to hold during the ups and downs of recent years. Katie learnt quite soon a fundamental lesson: ask for help when you need it. Evolving, increasing sales but at the same time remaining true to ourselves and preserve the noble character of the materials in order to obtain products of excellent quality. Also never lose heart, follow the instinct and grow day by day developing new ideas. Keep always have in mind what you want and set the objectives to be achieved without ever losing hope. Believe in ourselves, work hard, be sure of the brand identity in order to create successful products. All these elements are evident in every article by Katie Leamon. Simple, made with high-quality materials, refined and versatile because it suitable for any event, be it a wedding, a gift or a stationery product to buy for yourself.

Today Katie Leamon thanks to her tenacity has managed to acquire a certain share of the market while preserving the key points of her brand. She runs her own company and meets the needs of all the customers of the brand. Katie, through her brand, collaborates with Links of London for which she produces some exclusive lines for Valentine's Day; her hope is to collaborate with them also with household and textile items. As for the evolution of the brand from 2010 until today, things have changed significantly. Katie started her activity with simple business cards and wrapping paper, and now she produces greeting cards (for any occasion), notebooks, pencils, cotton yarn to wrap presents, wrapping paper with different decorations, invitations to weddings and prints. The style of the brand is the same as the 2010, and then from this point of view has not undergone any radical evolution. Each product is very refined, simple, with very specific details, and made of high-quality materials; Katie usually prefers soft colours or alternating soft and very intense colours to create a very attractive and stylish contrast. To attract more and more customers Katie Leamon have created limited edition lines and sensational gift boxes. This evolution from a quantitative point of view of products offers a wider choice and the possibility to satisfy the needs of all customers. Nonetheless, every product has the same footprint of all the others: simplicity and sophistication. A combination that perhaps can be seen as one of the many strengths of the brand. It's also good to remember that, despite being a luxury brand, Katie Laemon sells her items at very competitive prices, in line with the business market.