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Mono is a medium-sized family-run enterprise based in Mettmann, Germany. It produces high-end cutlery and table accessories. The level of innovation, the quality of design and the superior manufacturing standards that characterize each and every item make Mono "a daily life enhancer".
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Mono is a German family-run company based in Mettmann, Germany. The brand has become famous for its creativity in the production of high-quality cutlery and table and kitchen accessories. Thanks to level of innovation that distinguishes the brand, the quality of the design and the strict standards of production, this brand creates fantastic items of daily use, which improve our everyday life.

The German Company Mono is based in North Rhine-Westphalia Mettmann; it is a family business which is now run by the fifth generation of the family and that is always able to produce cutting edge of design cutlery and kitchen accessories.

Many things have changed from its foundation, but what has remained absolutely unchanged are the firm belief of the owners in traditional production methods, the technical skills of the artisans and the use of quality materials only: all these elements today make a difference on the market.

A piece of cutlery signed by Mono, to be "finished" needs to undergo about thirty steps. Each processing step is closely monitored by the watchful and attentive eyes of skilled craftsmen: only when the product is considered perfect it can leave the factory to be sold.

Since 1959, the German company collaborates with many successful designers; the goal is not just to create useful elements, but each project is also meant to be decorative, without neglecting high production standards and the quality of all materials used. Extraordinarily designed cutlery and accessories; practical and original, with sinuous lines that reflect the charm of the pursuit of the perfect shape.

The production of cutlery and accessories by Mono has received many awards over the years (Reddot Design Award, DesignPlus and many others); also, its products have the honour of being exhibited in several museums around the world: from the If in Hanover to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Pioneers of a new culture of the products
Among the various collaborations that the German brand Mono has signed over the years, there are names such as Prof. Peter Raacke, who with his Mono-a cutlery project has made the history of design. When these exceptional designer accessories were launched on the market in 1959, they managed to perfectly satisfy the needs of the market, meeting the tastes of a new generation who wanted a clean design without decorative elements.

The ceremony of tea in Mono style
One of the key objects of the Mono collection is the Ellipse Teapot; If you love tea as much as you enjoy design, this teapot in translucent glass is the object of desire you will never do without. Ellipse is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and it has an embedded metal mesh filter. Ellipse is an element of high design to be kept on display in the kitchen when you are not using it to make tea and infusions: a new level of taste and elegance.

Think different, create, enjoy in a smart way everyday objects. The Ellipse Teapot embodies the concept of elegance combined with a dynamic and innovative spirit. Its asymmetric form is truly unique: round on the top, elliptical at the bottom, but studied in every single detail: even the printed silicone support surface, which has the function to protect and insulate tabletops from excessive heat.

A teapot with such refined lines cannot be matched with some banal tea cups. But Mono has thought about that and made some glass cups, in coordination with Ellipse. Modern, elegant, refined. The German company has designed two glass cups for this set. Ellipse is the answer to those who cannot help but enjoying the ritual of tea every day. Made of high-quality glass and stainless steel, these cups are part of the Mono collection dedicated to making your table unique (also available in the full version with saucers).

Innovation is Mono's distinguishing feature, and this vision is more than clear in products such as the Pico nutcracker, a brilliant and technological tool ideal to open with ease this delicious dried fruit. For those who are used to the regular nutcracker, with two handles that crack the nut between them when you clench the hand, opening the shell of the nut using Pico will be a real innovation. Forget about those old nutcrackers that you hold in the drawers of your kitchen: Pico will allow you to open your fruit in a delicate and simple way, without any efforts. Thanks to its shape, in fact, you will be able to crack the nut just turning the tool with two fingers. Made entirely of stainless steel, this object is very strong and resistant.

What about the Apple Slicer Giro? A flying saucer used in a truly original and innovative way.

Recently, the kitchen has become not only a place where you prepare your daily foods, but also a room full of strange objects used to facilitate us during the preparation of original dishes to impress our guests. The Apple Slicer Giro is a typical example of innovative and stylish kitchen accessory.

The collection of accessories by Mono includes timeless objects for every day, every occasion, every purpose. The versatility of objects such as the Suspension Shelf with Hemispheres in glass and stainless steel has its only limit in your imagination: you can use the hemisphere to serve salads, sauces, dried fruit, or to exhibit flowers, spices or other objects. The perfect designer touch to every room of the house.

Even the mise en place deserves to be prepared with the fresh, linear and unique mood that distinguishes all Mono products. This is why the German company offers the pepper mill and salt spreader Exzentrik, designed by Katja Holtermann for Mono. An accessory with a minimalist design, linear and ergonomically perfect to handle. Let pepper, salt, herbs and other spices exalt the flavour of your dishes in a professional manner. The heart of these spice-grinders is constituted by a top-quality ceramic mechanism, able to gently grind also peppercorns and coarse salt. The degree of fineness of the grind can be adjusted easily from the bottom of the spice-grinders.

What are you waiting for? Bring some "Mono-mood" on your tables now!