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Founded in 2007, Spell creates collections proudly produced in the Netherlands using the finest components and resources in combination with Dutch craftsmanship. All products are made with processes and materials that are certified to high standards, being sustainable in construction and made to last.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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Spell is a young brand of Dutch design, a cutting-edge company founded in Arnhem, in the Netherlands. All its collections are made using components and resources of the highest quality, processed in accordance with the canons of the Dutch traditional craftsmanship. All products are made of certified materials that meet the highest standards. Be enchanted, and let your home acquire a new personality and lifestyle; choosing the furnishings, decorations or lighting accessories by Spell, you will bring home an innovative flair of contemporary air. All the items by this brand are designed keeping in mind the respect for the environment and eco-sustainability; all the elements and the materials used by the Dutch brand are secured by high standards and current certifications. A sustainable production made to be enjoyed for many years. A young brand, which aims at creating revolutionary solutions, serial or customized objects, using only the best design; elements that fit and simplify our constantly evolving lifestyle.

The demonstration that Spell's creations are made to meet the needs of contemporary life is for example that one of their flagship iconic products is Nomad, a coffee table which is also a Tablet / Ipad holder. How many of you have purchased these devices in recent years? Some of you even have one of them in the office and one (or several) at home to listen to music, read, make conference calls or surf the Internet. For this reason, the designer of Spell tried to respond to the functional request to design a safe and strategic support surface, able to accommodate the tablet while being able to use it in any room of your home or office.

This support is called Nomad Table, and it has been designed by the Dutch brand Spell that wanted to provide a piece of furniture able to hold the tablet in a vertical position, so it can be used easily. The Nomad Table has been designed down to the smallest details. In fact, it is also equipped with a small contact surface, in order to accompany the tablet with various optional accessories, or to place your glasses, mobile or scratchpad.
We are living in a time of unstoppable technological innovation; our daily life is constantly invaded by new hi-tech or virtual objects, and we constantly find on the market new products and gadgets. therefore, it is inevitable for the designers to study and create new furnishings and accessories to complete the offer of these new objects , also make it easier to use them.

The arrival on the market of iPad, tablets, smartphones or Iwatches for example, led to the birth of a multitude of related accessories: cases, keyboards, bags, media and more. Spell is a pioneer in the creation of tables that are not only functional, but also aesthetically refined and with a contemporary design, made of high-quality materials that we can use in any environment.

Nomad Table is designed by Sander van der Haarod; it is a very simple table made of solid wood, rubber and steel, with a circular shelf available in different and vibrant colours, designed to be placed near sofas and armchairs so that you can use your tablet in total comfort anywhere you want. Perfect for watching movies, playing video or calling someone on Skype, to read a book or listen to your favourite music. The coffee table has become an ironic piece of furniture. Coffee tables are available in several shapes, colours, sizes and materials.

An original decor, useful and above all not too invasive. A new way to create and rethink modern furniture complements, accessories designed to be in line with the frenetic changes of our lifestyle. And since at the end of a long and tiring day there is nothing better than having all your devices collected in one place, so as to find them right away the next morning, Spell has produced the bedside version of Nomad.

The Nomad bedside has a compartment which is perfect for storing cables and chargers for your smartphone or tablet in a practical, orderly way, without forgetting that touch of style that distinguishes your home. For those who are struggling to relax after work, Spell has created a really ingenious solution: a table that exudes a genuine modern style: the Shift Table is able to combine elegance with everyday and professional life. Clean, thin lines that create a series of hidden features, like the ability to keep your devices within reach, although they are secretly connected to the charger cable.
Spell also creates wonderful light atmospheres. A collection of table, wall or floor lamps whose names evoke the inspiration that allowed to design these wonderful objects: Discover, Ariane, Odyssey and Mistral. With one sentence, the designers of this brand explain how did this sensual and innovative collection of lights: "You cannot explore new worlds, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." This is what we hope the adventurous Niel Armstrong has thought when he made his first trip to the moon on Apollo11. This futuristic vision, passion and desire to go beyond what's "normal" has greatly inspired us to create this series of lighting elements."

Dedicated to those who want to create an elegant, refined and very romantic setting, is the line of modular candle holders Highlights, which you can compose as you wish matching different sizes and colours. Spectacular at home, but also perfect for a restaurant. The interest of Spell for your outdoor spaces translates into the eccentric watering Taboo Watering Can: an object with a playful mood equipped with an additional tank so as to guarantee the right amount of water for your beloved plants.

How to add interesting perspectives to reinvent every room? Look in the Home Lens Mirror and immerse yourself in the many visual dimensions that it will give you back. The perfect combination for a break is undoubtedly a cup of good coffee while reading your favorite magazine. Spell has designed a table that combines these two elements: Amarant Coffee Table is a coffee table and at the same time a modern and elegant magazine rack. For a house with an industrial mood, the Dutch brand has created the Blush tables, where wood carvings and steel details merge into each other giving life to an object with an essential design, but also a strong visual effect.