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Studio Eero Aarnio

Eero Aarnio Studio is a growing collection of Eero Aarnio's designs from the 21st century. The collection is manufactured in Finland by Melaja Ltd. It started with the Double Bubble lamps in 2003, and has since grown to include numerous lighting products and other design pieces.
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Eero Aarnio Studio
Eero Aarnio Studio is the name of a constantly expanding collection born from the creative genius and work of the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. The Eero Aarnio collections are entirely made in Finland by Melaja Ltd.
In 1962, the young artist, after completing his studies at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, opened his industrial and interior design studio. We can definitely describe his personality as versatile and innovative, and it helped to explore the use of new materials and to create eccentric designer accessories.
Eero Aarnio creates amazing seats with a pop style such as the Globe Chair, using a mix of fiberglass and soft and thick cashmere finishes that offer a comfortable and cozy seat, perfect to relax on. An extraordinary and daring piece of furniture, mostly known for several appearances on television shows or famous movies like Men in Black, Dazed and Confused and the famous hit series of the sixties The Prisoner. Perfect to protect our privacy, its classic design has a swivel function of 360 ° that makes Globe the protagonist of any room.

Another historical design icon signed by Aarnio and produced using the fiberglass is the Pastil Chair: designed in 1967, thanks to this item the designer has received the International Design Award A.I.D. (American Institute of Interior Designers). Even the "New York Times" has described these two amazing designer accessories (the Globe Chair and the Pastil Chair) calling them "The most comfortable forms to support the human body."
Aarnio has also experimented with the use of fiberglass in the creation of his tables, like the Copacabana curved model, designed to complement the Pastil Chair and its rounded lines. Thanks to the material in which it is made, Copacabana is ideal not only for the rooms of the house (like the bathroom, for example) but also in outdoor spaces (like around the pool).

The nonconformist spirit of the Finnish designer led him to create the eccentric and unusual Screw Table. Screws are normally used in every house, but generally, being tools to assemble furniture, they are hidden. Why not to give them a place of honor and make them the true stars of furnishings?
Owning an iconic piece of design like the very nice Pony chair, will add to any environment that touch of irreverent irony that characterizes the most original personalities. An unusual seat, original, different from all others: with its shape that recalls a tender pony, it immediately make us think of our favourite childhood toys. Moreover, this element perfectly meets all ergonomic rules. Made of foam rubber, this piece of furniture created in 1972 does not know any limit of time and space. An object that will surely be appreciated by both adults and children.

All the objects created by the brilliant mind of Eero Aarnio are characterized not only by the originality of the forms and materials used, but also by the use of bright colours combined with lines that stand apart from traditional design.
Those who want to have in their house some original and artistic points of light, will not resist the fascination of the lighting accessories line by Eero Arnio. Complements representing all you need to break the excessive sobriety or austerity of any house. The great thing about not taking things too seriously, is that it allows you to live each day with serenity and lightness. This must have thought the Finnish designer when he designed his extravagant lamps that are very decorative, but also functional.

The Ghost lamp, which in 2012 won the Red Dot Award for best design product, has a lively line that recalls a character of the cartoons; the light spreads evenly through the entire shape and it is available in two different sizes suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Nukkumatti lamp takes its name from an element of the Scandinavian mythology: it is a character who spreads a magic sand on the children's eyes to make them sleep peacefully. The shape of the lamp resembles a nice conical hat, the same hat Nukkumatti wears in the illustrations of Northern Europe fables. An ideal complement to be placed on the bedside table of the kids' bedroom.
Also the lamp "Bottle of the light" is inspired by an ancient fable, in which a house without windows was illuminated by enclosing all the light in a bottle. In shatterproof hard plastic, it can also be used outdoors.

The Ring lamp presents the typical forms of traditional Scandinavian lamps with lampshades; the Cake model instead is a pendant chandelier with a simple shape which resembles a multi-layered cake.
Wuff is the complement in the shape of a dog available both as a lamp or a comfortable seat; a very decorative element, thanks to the unusual shape and bold colours. The seat is made to support the weight of an adult person.
Swan is a lamp table that becomes absolutely functional when used on the desk of our office, but at the same time it could be the protagonist of your living room.

The table lamp Hello, with its ironic shape of a large greeting hand, is certainly a perfect complement to decorate the kids' bedroom. The light emitted is very powerful so it can easily illuminate a large room, but at the same time it is a delicate lighting that does not cause any distress to the eye.
Eero Aarnio designed the Double Bubble lamp in 2000. After a few prototypes in blown glass, the designer decided to make it using plastic material, in order to ensure the uniformity of light and the quality of a material that can last a long time. In 2003, the ultimate Double Bubble lamp was presented at an exhibition organized to celebrate 50 years of Eero Aarnio's career.

Eero Aarnio
A Finnish designer recognized as one of the greatest innovators of modern design. In 1960, Eero Aarnio started experimenting with the creation of objects using plastic, bright colours and effective forms, and following a philosophy of imagination that was completely different from the traditional design of the time. Many works by Aarnio are hosted in the most famous museums in the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum of London and the MoMA of New York.