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Wall Bookcases

Versatile, dynamic, compact and modular, wallcoverings are the perfect complement to furnishing in a home or in an office. The materials with which they are made make them functional and aesthetically beautiful. In wood, plastic or steel, many models are made by the best designers and design brands.
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Versatile, dynamic, compact and modular

wall bookcases are essential interior design items in houses and offices. Thanks to the materials used, these are functional and aesthetically pleasing. In wood, plastic or steel, the numerous models are created by the best artists working in the sector. Used to store books, CDs, DVDs and other objects, these bookcases are ideal not only for living rooms, but also for bedrooms and kitchens where style and taste play the main role. From modern to futuristic styles, designers keep on creating ideal solutions for every type of room and need. The evolution of bookcases is strictly linked to the love for reading. When the first pieces of wall décor were introduced, bookcases usually consisted of large shelves that stored collections of heavy books. In the past libraries were born in places of worship such as churches and monasteries, where erudite men went to dark and silent corners to read and consult important religious documents and to dedicate themselves to academic literature. The main features of bookshelves did not therefore include aesthetic appearance as the presence in libraries of big, dusty and dark furniture was, for centuries, a given. The first bookcases in solid wood were then introduced in aristocratic houses to store precious and vast collections of books inherited from the previous generations. From that moment on, the presence of bookcases became quite common and the owners used them to collect books on travel, philosophy, history and Latin. Among the middle classes, many book owners had several bookcases in their possession, often located in different rooms to store their collections. Spaces today however are organized in relation to the continuous evolution of contemporary society. Needs and times have changed, and so has spaces. In fact, living rooms were for a long time through of only as a space to welcome guests while nowadays customs have changed: one can enjoy a rest on sofas and armchairs in the living room, play with children on the rug near the sofa, or study on the large table in the middle of the room. Watching TV is a common activity which usually takes place in the living room after lunch or dinner, and modern living rooms are equipped with functional and dynamic furniture. For example, wall bookcases can be used to create multifunctional spaces according to whether they are sectional units, modular, or fixed, three types popular in modern furnishing. Uniqueness and originality go hand in hand as people can furnish their houses with pieces featuring different styles and characteristics, able to suit any need and practice. Wall bookcases are among the most purchased and common pieces of furniture, often used to complete the décor of a room. Nowadays there are several different ideas and options to use space at its fullest, and walls are one of the things in a house where creativity and imagination can be freely expressed. Take a living room for example. One of the walls can be the best location for a modern bookcase characterised by an original and polished style; you can then fill the space with a small cupboard or cabinet on the opposite side of the room. In the middle of the room you can then place comfortable sofas or armchairs, thus creating a relaxing environment. Modern design focuses more and more on projects that include ways and methods to best use all the walls of a room. Light and customisation are features that are included in this initial phase by adding glass doors to the design while an integrated lighting system best completes a space where different activities can take place. Finally, creativity is an essential element that can enhance the furniture and décor you have chosen for your house. The living area is the part of the house where everyday living takes place, and this means that the furniture there must be functional and practical as well as decorative. Modern wall units, for example, tend to include pieces with clean and minimal lines, mixing elegance and refinement with simplicity. Those who love a young and contemporary look will, on the other hand, choose shiny wall bookcases with rows of LED light, popular with those who love to customise their spaces and go beyond classic décor, they offer a different atmosphere to an open spaces. The charm of wood is timeless, and those who prefer a classical style can turn to wooden bookcases, ideal for elegant spaces where every detail is taken care of. Created with fine materials and quality finishes, these are the result of years of experience in artisanal work. Experts craftsmen in fact skilfully create custom-made that you can use even in small spaces while modern techniques allow carpenters to quickly create elegant bookcases tailored to your needs, for both small and large spaces. Using spaces to their full potential is another factor modern design takes into account, and functionality in a piece of furniture is a feature that contributes to the fulfilment of this goal. Wall bookcases are in fact quite functional and an alternative to classical models which are usually cumbersome and clash with a minimalistic style. If your flat is small, it goes without saying that the style of décor must adapt to its size. Space-saving furniture is therefore a great option to enhance small spaces. This includes tailor-made wooden bookcases that customise walls and spaces, created not only to store large book collections but also as decorative elements. An empty wall can therefore be filled with simple and essential décor, and experts advise essential lines and styles as they are more versatile and dynamic. In law firms this trend answers the professional needs of those who work there and creates value and reliability in the spaces where clients and professionals operate. Nowadays white wooden lacquered pieces are becoming more and more common as they confer elegance and refinement to any space. Modern wooden bookcases are created following the customers’ needs and are an improvement on previous models thanks to the new tools and materials used. The choice of quality wood allows craftsmen to create sturdy models which are at the same time unique pieces. Among the different models available we would like to focus on modular bookcases, bookcases in solid wood, white lacquered wooden bookcases, and tailor-made wall bookcases. The walls of your living room or of your study can be used to their full extent thanks to a custom-made bookcase and decorations suited to your needs and home décor. Personality and creativity are essential characteristics to find the best furniture for your house. Wall bookcases are practical, functional and modern; they can be small, large, colourful, and shaped in an original way. In its online shop, LoveTheSign offers models born from new ideas and pieces which are difficult to find elsewhere. If you are looking for originality, the model ""Randomito"" is for you. Comprising of different modules, this bookcase is functional, exclusive, and unique. Suitable to store books, CDs, and DVDs, it creates the ideal space to display our precious items, and it is suitable both for a modern and a contemporary style, taking up the place of honour in the room in a way that will not go unnoticed. Its lines are clean, mixing beauty and elegance. Moreover, a bookcase should be a mix of the best furnishing characteristics, and this is carried out through the choice of the materials and the careful planning on the part of the designer. Built in medium-density fibreboard and melamine, the ""Randomito"" bookcase can be placed in a living room, in the children’s bedroom, or in a study. Its simplicity is the feature that makes it a winner and which attracts those customers who like linear and essential shapes. If you are looking for an interior design item for your children who need a spacious and versatile bookcase, this is the model we suggest you choose. Essential furnishing includes small items as well, and mini bookcases are great options for small flats. On the LoveTheSign website this style is represented by the ""Mini Talia"" model. Comprising of shelves that recall rigorous and geometrical shapes, it is a unique model, and it is quite functional despite its small size. It can be paired with another piece of furniture which, placed near it, can be used to store other important objects besides books. Pure white, its colour is one of the things that make it popular as it makes the surrounding environment look more luminous and spacious. If you have a free corner in your house we suggest you purchase a model with these characteristics especially as, being a practical piece of furniture, it can fill up a space yet leave the way clear. Finally, the choice of material – steel – makes it a cutting-edge piece, much sought after. The LoveTheSign website is young, full of ideas and open to all who love unique pieces. Whatever it is you are looking for that you cannot find in all the usual places, you can find here. Among the most original bookcases we feature you can see pieces born from different ideas and designs, based on modernity and on a new way to think of reading. Today, many people prefer essential furniture yet want creativity and the bookcase ""Bretell"", belonging to the minimalist collection, is an answer to this need. Made of steel and elastic, this model is strong, durable and sturdy, and it belongs to the kind of furniture that LoveTheSign proposes to highlight change and dynamism. All your books and magazines will be in plain view and arranged extravagantly to symbolize how modern lifestyles are constantly changing. This bookcase can be also placed in the kitchen, to hold the many recipe books women take inspiration from to prepare new dishes for friends and relatives. ""Bretell"" is, in the true sense of the word, a piece of furniture that keeps you company, and constantly changes with you – the layout of your books in this original bookcase is an example of it! Ideal as a gift to a young couple, it is among the most aesthetically beautiful pieces of furniture on the LoveTheSign website. If magic is what you want, then we cannot help but discuss furniture featuring whimsical shapes. The wall bookcase ""Mini Talia Duck"", for example, is one of the ones that come to mind, and originality is the element that sets it apart. Your house will becomes richer thanks to a model featuring a unique shape, in which technology and artisanship meet, and this is it. Born from an innovative design and some exceptional ideas, ""Mini Talia Duck"" is a cute and fun piece that fits perfectly in a living room or a study as it looks light yet very functional. It can also be used in beauty salons, where you flip through a magazine and relax as you wait for your turn to change hairstyle. Shelves are also very good options to fill a wall and store books, and on the LoveTheSign website you can see the data sheet of the shelf model ""Ghost"". Equipped with a steel wall system, it can be hung alone or together with other, more coloured ones both vertically or horizontally, creating unique and highly original spaces. Its aesthetic impact is, without a doubt, a great one thanks to its lines and functionality. Built with a an innovative system, different from classic wall bookcases, this shelf can be anchored to the wall through a hiding the screws and showing off only its structure and originality. The products and finishes that characterize the LoveTheSign furnishings reflect the philosophy of the companies, merging two effective elements: technology and high style. The search for the best materials and the discovery of the most innovative systems are the two factors that affect the production of pieces of furniture that go hand in hand like wall bookcases and innovative shelves. The art of decorating a home depends on outstanding products and design. It often happens that we cannot find the right furniture because everywhere we look we see the same models – possibly even our friends’ homes. Home décor is a way in which we can be original and customize our house according to our tastes, impressing the people near us with unique pieces, yet this requires knowing the right channels and having some time to devote to the choice of our furniture. LoveTheSign offers furniture created especially for you, with unusual shapes and colours that reflect dynamism and pleasure. Each model is selected to decorate a space with style and creativity. Think of an empty wall in a living room: in this case, a wall bookcase in an original shape, versatile, and made with the best wood is perfect. Those who see it every day will appreciate it forever and will struggle to replace it once it is time or, if they move to another house, they will not abandon it. Design, when it is based on space in relation to people and their lifestyle, allows you to create highly functional and innovative furniture. A good investment is useful to buy furniture built in new materials and original shapes. You can choose from the many furnishings featured on the website, such as bookcases made from recycled materials and others made in indestructible ones. An eco-friendly style meets the needs of those who want to respect the planet and furnish their homes accordingly. From a minimalist style to a futuristic one, bookcases remain true companions for life even when there is little space available, as in the case of a flat. Among the many models able to suit these needs, mini-bookcases are the a solution as you can use modular models in different rooms to have your books and your belongings always close at hand