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Shelves are furnishing elements born with a precise function to which, over time, the aesthetic component has also been added. The shelves, together with shelves and bookcases, allow you to make the best use of vertical space, widening perspectives, increasing the surface area of small apartments and enriching the larger ones.
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"Shelving units are useful items of furniture, although their potential for customization was underestimated in the past. Before the arrival of some recent trends in furniture which helped bring them to the fore in the last few years, they were made almost exclusively of iron parts made to fit together, plastic parts glued without a specific criterion, and wooden sheets – materials that were often recycled. In fact, the material the shelving unit was made of was not important; indeed, sometimes the poorer the material, the greater the effect. As they looked anything but elegant, they were relegated to closets, basements, attics – in general parts of the house that were rarely visited by anyone but the owners (the housewife putting cleaning products away, the man of the house tidying up his working tools, the children putting away old clothes, toys or books). No one ever dreamed of proudly saying, ""Look how beautiful my new shelving unit is!"". It was simply there, a silent companion often full of cobwebs and dust. Ugly but very useful, it was a faithful guardian of our useful and useless objects, of our memories. Boxes of old clothes that were out of fashion, old school books, utensils, tools or products, perhaps dangerous, to keep out of the reach of children or animals, bottles, seasonal objects such as suitcases, inflatable garden and beach toys, hiking, fishing, and biking equipment ... All objects maybe unnecessary, perhaps essential – they all found space on a hidden shelving unit. Even bookcases, although placed inside the house, were treated shamefully. Except for rare cases of valuable bookcases (which in any case were very difficult to find in the children’s room!), this piece of furniture was nothing more than a nicer shelving unit (but not too pretty either), a bit cleaner, a bit more in view. Often books were kept on shelving units in the cellar, cleaned or repainted, or sometimes even in closets, hidden away. Again, bookcases were not considered something to show off with pride but rather something practical, a piece that had nothing but usefulness to recommend it. Shelving units had nothing but usefulness to their name and remained hidden in warehouses and offices, holding things, keeping them tidy, showing what they contained without showing themselves off. Lonely, sad, and desolate ‘office’ furniture, not hated but not praised either, they were kept only because they were useful. Shelving units were however rediscovered in recent years and they stopped being simply useful objects and became real pieces of furniture, able to modify and customize the style and structure of the house. With the advent of trends such as urban or shabby-chic, where old or industrial pieces became fashionable and changed colour and sometimes shape for greater value, finally shelving units were cleared and taken out from their hidden spaces, dark and dusty. The trend becomes ""everything in plain view"": objects of daily use such as detergents or clean towels are shown as decoration. The spaces expand, the furniture has more breathing space, showing what it contains, and finally books come out of closets, to be shown, even school ones. Shelving units, shelves, and bookcases come into the house, showing new potential, broadening perspectives, increasing the space in small apartments, enriching large ones, and are loaded with books, picture frames, figurines, candles, plants ... On LoveTheSign you will find a wide selection of shelving units in different designs, makes and materials. Wood, steel and wood, polymers both coloured or left natural, minimalist or processed, fixed or modular – you will find the right piece of furniture for your every need, the inspiration to use corners in your house with style, giving an impression of uniqueness to your home décor. For example... Remember that corner of the room? It’s empty but you don’t know what to do with it. Maybe a cabinet doesn’t fit, maybe you are afraid it will stand out like a sore thumb with the existing décor... ""Vocal"" by Karup is the best solution! Thanks to its small size it can be used as a towel cabinet in plain view, according to the modern trends. It may contain soaps, plants and candles, turning your bathroom into a small spa. Available in three colours (white, gray and white, natural), it is made of pine wood and thanks to its size (162 cm in height, 35 cm in width, and 45 cm in depth) it fits in most spaces but at the same time it is very large. In fact, it is made of four shelves and is equipped with an incredibly durable bottom shelf in the shape of a cube to store detergents or heavier objects. With its design it is also suitable for various areas of the home, and can be used alone or, for larger environments, in pairs to increase the bearing surface, creating a very special effect. Are you looking for shelving units that are practical and sturdy but with an innovative design? ""Conceal Small"" and ""Conceal Double"", both by Umbra, are made of powder-coated steel, particularly resistant to weight and breaking, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. How? Indoors you can place them in unused corners like wall spaces above doors or headboards, creating small original bookcases, while outdoors you can use them for flowers, perfect whether you decide to place them in the garden or on a balcony where you didn’t have enough space before. ""Conceal Small"" is 14 cm deep and 14 cm wide while ""Conceal Double"" is more than twice as large – 46 cm – and 16 cm deep. Both, thanks to their limited depth, allow a visually delicate solution which does not clash with the existing décor. Nonetheless they are both able to give a unique flavour to the environment whatever way you decide to use them as, thanks to their special shape, they can also be used as design pieces. Simply arrange them creatively along the wall, and create a unique composition and effect. Do you want a versatile piece of furniture, one that you can use in a thousand ways? ""Seaside"" by Oliver Supplies is easy to match to your other furniture thanks to its bright white colour and it blends in perfectly with any existing décor. Made of wood, it is only 76.5 cm tall but very spacious due to its length of 108 cm. It can be placed in a children’s bedroom as a bookcase, in a living room as a TV stand, or in a hall, perhaps under a mirror. The ""Seaside"" line also features the ""Seaside"" bookcase by Oliver Furniture, a good solution to finally find a perfect place for all the books scattered around your house. At the same time, thanks to its depth of only 12 cm, it can be used in particular places in the house, like behind a door, and it is therefore ideal if you have space problems at home. By placing multiple bookcases of this model in a row as if it were a modular solution, we have created a composition that is a perfect file cabinet for the office or a great place for students’ school books and notebooks. Available in black, white, and gray, we can also use this bookcase as if it were an original frame panel or a modern plate rack in the kitchen. Just like for the other ""Seaside"" model, its simple lines make it perfectly suited to every room, harmonizing with any décor. Are you maybe looking for a beautiful display case, different from the usual cabinet? ""Shell"" by Temahome has an elegant and original style as well as a swivel base which makes it different from other similar pieces of furniture. If you want to add a touch of originality to your room, then this model is perfect, and very suitable to place in a corner, for example next to the couch. Available in matt black and chocolate brown, it is made of alveolar, a type of particularly resistant polycarbonate, and it measures 156 cm in height, 40cm in width, and 40 cm in depth. Its structure makes it ideal to be used as a partition element as well as a decorative piece. Thanks to its swivel base, it can be rotated and positioned according to your taste, always creating new and interesting combinations with the rest of your furniture. Do you need a spice rack, perhaps an industrial-style one, for your kitchen? ""String Pocket"" by String is adjustable, allowing you to create the composition that best suits your taste and your needs. But why stop in the kitchen? You can also use it in the bathroom for perfume bottles and make-up, in the bedroom for photographs and books, or in the hall for small items of furniture or as key and coin tray. Made in lacquered steel and lacquered wood, it is available in a wide range of colours (green, pink, black and walnut brown, walnut brown and steel gray, black, gray, blue and white, copper and ash brown) and it measures 50 cm in height, 60 cm in width, and 15 cm in depth. Or are you looking for a lower piece? ""Lundia Classic"" by Lundia is only 80 cm high. Made entirely of wood from sustainable forestry – and thus environmentally friendly – it can be conveniently placed under a window to compensate for the absence of a window sill perhaps, or in the bathroom as an open towel cabinet. You can also use it as originally intended, i.e. as a bookcase, or place it outdoors to hold your plants (and it would look great below the shelving units from the ""Conceal"" line we mentioned above!). ""Lundia"" fears no competition and it will surely find a place in your home (and your heart). Do you want something colourful? ""Play"" by Flexa is available in four colours: pink, mint, yellow, and white. Its rounded corners and bright colours make it perfect for a child’s bedroom where it can be placed both on the ground or anchored to the wall, following your child’s growth. However, although it was created with this use in mind, it is too beautiful to be limited to the children’s room! Due to its size (75 cm tall, 60 cm long) it easily finds a place in many corners of the house such as the kitchen or bathroom. It is a great solution if you your needs would be fulfilled by a model like ""Lundia Classic"" but you want something more colourful. ""Skelet"" by Ethnicraft is available in two versions, a taller one (188 cm) and a shorter one (85 cm), both well over a meter wide. Both available in teak and oak, these shelving units feature clean lines that are simple yet elegant. They are produced in Belgium from sustainable forestry, dyed with water-based paints and oiled which makes them extremely easy to clean. Looking for something a little more special? Then the ""Mozaic"" by Ethnicraft, featuring staggered shelves, may be what you are looking for. Available in oak brown, ""Mozaic"" can be either a single piece or a modular one, beautiful no matter what. The particular arrangement of its compartments ensures a creative effect simply by filling it with your favourite objects! Two meters tall, it is an excellent bookcase to be placed in a living room, but it can also go in a dining room to hold dishes, in the bedroom or in a walk-in closets, and will bring a touch of elegance even in your garage or basement. Given its structure with no bottom, it can also be used as a partition between two rooms or to create a fake wall in an open space. A worthy companion to ""Mozaic"" can be ""Nordic"", also by Ethnicraft. Its innovative structure is composed of six panels that can be moved around to suit your taste and create a peek-a-boo effect, perfect if you like open solutions but want to maintain a minimum of privacy. Made of walnut wood, it is 92 cm tall and 90 cm wide. How to fill all these shelving units? Of course, never put limits to your imagination! For example, a shelf is not only for books – you can put frames in a peculiar shape on it, for example, and it will beautifully display itself, the frames, and your memories. In the bathroom you can use shelving units not only for undoubtedly useful things such as clean towels and soaps, but also candles, perfume bottles in whimsical shapes, and plants to create a place of utter calm and relaxation. The top shelf of one of the bookcases mentioned above can become a great base for a designer lamp or for floral or artistic compositions. Add a couple of beautiful paintings and, hey presto! You have finally decorated the bare wall of your narrow entrance where you thought you would never manage to make anything look good. A low bookcase or shelving unit can become a great TV stand or a place on which to set your computer screen, while the shelves underneath will be handy to keep everything we might need while working right next to you. You could also place it comfortably under a window to increase the width of the sill for a practical use as well as a decorative one. Wall shelving units can be used as jewellery stands in the bedroom or as display cabinets for all those dishes we never use but don’t want to throw away because they are beautiful, special, old... They will be perfect in the kitchen, don’t you think? And they will definitely be easier to clean than the classic dish holders with springs. You love plants but don’t have a garden? With the right bookcase or the perfect shelving unit you can create your own hanging garden right at home. Another possibility is to hang a shelving unit to grow herbs in the kitchen so as to have fresh ones every day. In other words, everything you love and need will find a place in these beautiful design shelving units. Just let your imagination run free and you will find you can place them literally anywhere in your home. Do you have an issue with space? Is your apartment too small or too full? The solution is to simply use those spaces one usually forgets: the wall above the doors or the one behind them, or even the wall above the headboard of your bed... The beauty of modern furniture is that it broke with the strict rules of the past. All you need therefore is a little imagination and some good pieces and you can create a special and trendy environment, and finally find a place to all those things we normally stash away in some forgotten corner. Do you have the opposite problem? Is your room too big? Almost all the bookcases we talked about can be placed next to one another so as to cover even the largest walls. Also, you could even not simply line them along the walls; a beautiful bookcase can serve as a partition between, for example, the kitchen area and the living area or to create multiple sections in a children’s room so as to give each of them more privacy without affecting the structure of the house. So why not give yourself a little something? While you're here comparing and choosing from our range of bookcases, why not surf the rest of the website? You will find not only beautiful designer lamps to put on the bookcase but also colourful pillows and a nice carpet to give a fresh touch to the living room, or house accessories like ornaments, decorative mirrors, table and kitchen accessories, coffee tables that match the beautiful bookshelf you have probably already placed in your cart... LoveTheSign features the best furniture brands and is conveniently divided into sections so as to make it easy for you to find anything you want."