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Small and 2 Seater Sofas

The two-seater sofas are ideal for couple relaxation and perfect for bedrooms or hallways. The sofas that combine quality and style last over time and do not tire. A designer sofa is designed in detail: extendable, removable cover, modular... choose the ideal partner for evenings in front of a film or on Sundays.
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When you come back home in the evening, after supper, it is finally time to enjoy a good movie or a TV show that will entertain you before going to bed. So why not to enjoy your evening rest on a nice 2 seater sofa that is both pleasant to the eye and extremely comfortable? On LOVEThESIGN you will be spoilt for choice: you will fing several models of 2 seater sofas that will not only enhance the style of home once placed in your dining room, but also provide an extreme comfort, a quality that distinguishes the whole line. The sofa certainly is an important furnishing item in every home, because it has to be practical, comfortable but also beautiful. Moreover, the sofa must perfectly fit in the room where it is placed. This is why all the items presented on LOVEThESIGN leave nothing to chance and offer many excellent solutions. The 2 seater """"Swell sofa"""" The Swell sofa has been is at the same time very simple but also characterized by a great irony and lightness. The soft curves of the Swell sofa make it a very attractive product, which has already won a large market share, also because it provides the highest comfort: it is currently considered among the best sofas on the market. The back of the sofa is very robust, suitable for supporting any weight, while its soft padded seats make it very comfortable to sit on. Swell has two armrests with a curved shape that you can use to rest your arms. The line of the armrests is studied to make it a niche product suitable for an apartment with a modern and high-end style. The sofa is 167 cm wide: more than enough to accommodate two people in total comfort. In order to make sure that the appearance of the Swell sofa will always remain intact and durable, you should clean it quite often (at least once a week) using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Sofas are always necessary elements in a house, and they usually are placed in the living room or in the hall. It is important to choose colours and patterns that match the other pieces of furniture. Considering the wide selection that you can find on LOVEThESIGN, you cannot go wrong. The 2 seater “Fusion sofa"""" The 2 seater Fusion sofa was designed according to a minimalist concept, but also looking for clean lines that are not too sophisticated. This article provides hours of quiet relaxation, and the several possibilities that you will have in the choice of the right model for you will give you plenty of opportunities to find the one that better suits you and your home. The frame of the Fusion sofa is made of wood, and it is important to know that this material has the FSC Mix certification. Moreover, Fusion presents very clean and simple lines that make it easy to insert in any home, no matter what style is prevalent. Its cushions and padding give this sofa an extra touch of magic that makes it a high-end piece of furniture that will certainly make the difference in any room. In all the details of the Fusion sofa, you can immediately notice the extraordinary care of the people who have created it, making it a very nice article to look at. It is available in several colours, and also the frame that is the most important part of the sofa has a very good chrome plating that changes depending on the nuance of the pillowcases you are going to put on it. This is to give a further touch of style to the furniture in your home. Fusion is available in two different models: for those who love a natural look there is the pine model with gray, dark gray or brown pillowcases. The two shades of gray are perfect for homes decorated in accordance with modern standards and with very basic and cold colours. On the other side, the brown sofa has certainly been conceived for homes that present a less modern furnishings and prefer warm and more vivid colours. The Fusion sofa is also available in another model to meet the needs of those who prefer very contemporary lines: the white lacquered variant. To make it suitable for the setting that you have already created over time, Fusion is available with cushions in the same colour. In your house, this sofa is perfect for the living room where you will spend a lot of time enjoying some relaxation, and it is so comfortable model that if in the house live more than two people you will have to reserve your place on the sofa several days in advance! The materials Fusion is made of are curated to the smallest detail, making this item unique in its kind and also very durable. A product that combines design, comfort and the highest performance. Its design makes Fusion a piece of furniture that you can easily adapt to a modern decor but also to a less contemporary decor. It is made of 100% natural materials, which makes it suitable for every season. Maintenance is important and should be carried out on a regular basis - at least once a week - using a vacuum cleaner with soft brush, and being careful to not exaggerate with the pressure. If for your home you want an innovative product that is also able to add a further touch to your decor, on LOVEThESIGN you will be spoiled for choice. The 2 seater “Collins sofa"""" The Collins sofa has a completely different style from the other elements we have described so far, and it definitely is a high-end products for very refined homes. Collins measures 160 cm, but even if it is 7 cm shorter than its above mentioned """"colleagues"""", this sofa provides the greatest comfort and relaxation to the two people who sit on it. Its design is aimed at obtaining the maximum comfort, an original look and excellent finishes, and above all a size that makes it suitable for any space without giving up excellence in its use. For the creation of this model, some innovative techniques have been developed which allow to make a modern sofa with soft lines that do not disturb the sight but also make it a pleasant presence, and especially using materials and colours that are in line with the trends of the moment. Obviously, all of it is done so that the product does not contrast the existing furniture. In fact, on LOVEThESIGN, the various colours and options offered to the end customer show that whatever the decor of your home, there is a Collins sofa that is just perfect for it. In fact, the creators of the Collins sofa have conceived it as an element that does not impose itself in the room where it is placed, be it the living room, the waiting room or the kitchen. On the contrary, Collins is able to fit in any location with the greatest harmony. The base comes with an arc that shows how the design of this sofa is incredibly unique and very sophisticated, so as to have success anywhere. The sturdiness of the material (American walnut wood) makes this article very robust and high-quality, while the padding guarantees a high level of comfort. To be sure that the sofa could perfectly fit in many different settings, without necessarily creating a specific model for each decor, they have created a gray fabric covering that gives a tremendous and surprising effect. It is perfectly suitable for any setting. The sofa, be it small or huge, is always an essential element of the home, and it should be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. The special extra touch of the Collins sofa is the fact that you can find online other elements that can be match with it, like coffee tables, chairs and armchairs. Thanks to the wide range available, you can easily find the items that are right for you. The 2 seater “Zulu sofa"""" The sofa Zulu is perhaps one of the smallest 2 seater sofas of the line, but it does not affect in any way its ability to provide you with comfort and beauty. It is 152 cm wide, which means it can easily fit in any space, even the smallest, without disturbing the surrounding environment. It is a very refined product and it is easy to fit in the house, so much so that it is an undisputed leader on the global market. The designers who created Zulu have paid close attention to the lines that are soft and at the same time very harmonic, giving the sofa a very cosy appearance, austere and suitable for any style you choose for your home decor. Zulu’s structure is certainly innovative for this kind of sofas, since it is not the classic wood frame we are used to. In fact the Zulu sofa presents a tubular steel frame that ensures the high resistance of this product. Moreover, its padding is created using a brand new technique that made it possible to combine different kinds of density with many special technical features. The final result is undoubtedly excellent, and when browsing our site you see this product, it will surely amaze you. The grey fabric that covers this sofa makes the product easily adaptable to any surrounding furniture, although its perfect location is a modern décor with a prevalence of cool colours and more modern furniture. Anyway, Zulu is a very refined article, and if you are looking for some high-quality furniture, this sofa is the right choice for you. The sofa comes with a very flexible backrest that makes it also ergonomic. Also in this case, maintenance is important: even if it is not made of a natural material such as wood, Zulu’s fabric require an adequate, periodic care. The sofa is not only a piece of furniture to sit on while watching some TV, but it is also a fundamental item for people who are looking for a touch of originality to distinguish their home. Therefore, colours and patterns must be selected with the greatest care. There are several ways and """"grandma's remedies"""" to increase the fabric’s durability over time, but the most effective method is to clean it often (at least once/twice a week) with a vacuum cleaner with soft bristles. The result is guaranteed, so as the durability of the product. On the website you will see with your own eyes what this model looks like, and thanks to our useful tips and a very intuitive research method, you can combine your sofa with a number of additional elements that will certainly improve the overall look of the room. It is essential to be very careful and choose accurately the right products for your home, because thanks to the many possibilities we provide, you will definitely be able to find something for you. The """"Amélie Duetto sofa"""" The Amélie Duetto sofa is a very original sofa with a very refined design. It is conceived for outdoor use, since it is entirely made of polyethylene plastic. Nonetheless, its unique design makes it still a great article also for indoor use. It was designed and built to be stackable, so that you can have more sofas at the same time, which is very useful for example if you want to create a real outdoor sitting room in your garden or terrace. This way, you can accommodate several guests at the same time to enjoy some fresh air in the hottest days of the year. And when you do not need your outdoor sofas you can easily stack them and store them without wasting a lot of space. Despite being made of plastic and without padding, their well-designed line and their ergonomics make Amélie-Duetto a very comfortable item that besides being beautiful is also perfect to enjoy a few time relaxing with your friends and family. In creating the Amélie-Duetto sofa, designers have managed to unite in a unique and excellent combination, lightness, practicality and essentiality. In fact, Amélie-Duetto is a basic product, without any frills, but it is extraordinary in its simplicity. The research carried out to make it resistant although it is not made of wood has led the creators to work plastic polyethylene using a rotational molding technique. In so doing, they have created a very durable product that is incredibly solid and at the same time lightweighted, so that you can easily move from one place to another whenever you need it. A product that you cannot do without if you have a garden and you are outdoor furnishing lovers, because this sofa will make your outdoor area fashionable and pleasant beyond imagination. In conclusion, the choice of the sofa according to the setting where it will be inserted should be made following the criteria that have led the previous decor. In other words, if you have opted for a quite modern home decor, characterized by colours that are not really vivid and make the environment a bit cold (like it happens with modern and contemporary styles) you will need a sofa with static nuances. We are talking about colours such as solid gray or dark gray that, even if they can easily fit in a setting with a retro flavour, are undoubtedly more suitable for a modern location. If you prefer a less modern and contemporary style, and you like old and antique furnishing items, you will certainly choose a sofa with some particular colours, like the Swell and Fusion models. In fact, the Swell model presents four different colours of the fabric, without mentioning the two most modern ones. In addition to the two shades of gray, you can find green, blue, brown and orange, with matching pillows, of course. It is obvious that if you choose a particular colour, you need to have a decor that is able to match it, because these shades tend to brighten the environment and to emphasize the colours in it. As regards the Fusion model, the colours available on LOVEThESIGN website are White-Grey, and White-Dark Grey, both perfect to be located with great harmony in rooms with a fairly modern decor. In the same way, the Natural-Grey and Natural-Dark Grey combinations have the same adaptability of the other two. For a more dated décor, for those people who have nothing modern in their own homes, the perfect choice are the two combinations Black-Brown and Natural-Brown. """