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Square Dining Tables

The square table is the ideal solution for small spaces and couples - or to keep your friends closer. While its extremely regular shape redesigns the volumes of the room, a square table recalls the intimacy of a small outdoor restaurant and candlelight dinners, bringing back a breath of freedom in the functionality and optimal management of the spaces.
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Square Table 

Furnishing your house means looking for pieces that can adapt to your needs and, above all, to your tastes, and square tables are pieces of furniture one must think about when setting up a home or an office. They can be used in different ways, as surfaces to display items or tables on which to eat, study, or work. There is no limit to imagination. If you are looking for a small square table, the best solution is to buy it on LoveTheSign: among the wide range of items available, the website has in fact also a selection of square tables made from the highest quality materials and all very elegant and classy. But let's see in more detail which square tables can be purchased on LoveTheSign. Particularly remarkable is the square table """"Bistro"""" by Fermob. A folding table that can be used both indoors and outdoors, this piece is ideal for a garden or even a small green corner on a terrace or a balcony. At first glance, it is definitely impossible not to notice the vintage feel of this tables while its lines, while being very traditional, hide a touch of originality. Born in France in the late 800, a bistro table is a timeless piece. Back when it was first produced, the use of metal was booming and many objects were made using this material. """"Bistro"""", therefore, must be considered an heirloom from those in every way, especially as Fermob owns the patents needed to produce these original and functional tables. One thing is certain: we are not talking about simple furniture but rather about real design items that, over time, have become glamorous and timeless pieces.

The """"Bistro"""" model is the first one to come to mind when thinking about square tables, and this is proof that its success is real and it can effortlessly meet the needs of the customers. The square """"Bistro"""" table is made in steel which has first been lacquered and subsequently brushed. It is available in different colours and can therefore adapt perfectly to any kind of décor. Of course, the colours available are all trendy and able to bring a fresh touch to any kind of environment. With regard to the size, this is an item that is very versatile and does not take up too much space. For this reason it can be used both for a lunch with relatives and for a casual get-together in the garden. This model is foldable and owes its name to the fact that long ago bistro furniture had to be closed as bistros were, at least initially, kiosks that closed down at the end of the day to avoid paying taxes for the use of public ground. The """"Bistro"""" square table features very simple lines that can add a touch of elegance to any corner of the room, be it a living room, a small garden, or even the balcony. Moreover, it is a lightweight piece of furniture and, therefore, easy to carry and move. But how to close it? """"Bistro"""" has a very special structure which makes it possible to fold it onto itself into a very thin package, which can then be easily stored behind a door, or in your garage or basement. Should you decide to place the """"Bistro"""" square table in the garden, it is a good idea to take some simple precautions. The table, in fact, is made of metal and may be damaged by rain and cold so the ideal solution would be to protect it from the elements at least during the winter months. In any case, please note that """"Bistro"""" comes with a 12-month warranty. Another suggestion concerns matching: the """"Bistro"""" table perfectly matches the chairs in the same line, and placing them together ensures an elegant and classic result. The """"Bistro"""" table is not for you? No problem! Another option featured on LoveTheSign is the table """"Laren"""" by Ethimo. """"Laren"""" is a piece where metal and pickled teak perfectly mix as a contemporary touch is added to the warm and vintage feel of metal to create a very pleasant contrast. The structure of """"Laren"""" is made of galvanized steel painted with special epoxy powders, while the top surface is in recycled teak with a vintage finish. Featuring a muddy gray colour, this table perfectly matches any type of furniture and is very elegant and classic. As you can imagine, this is a minimal piece of furniture yet one that is very functional at the same time as it can be used for eating and is able to accommodate up to four people. Another option is """"Leaf Mola"""" by Arper, designed and created by Lievore Altherr Moline and featuring a steel structure resembling natural elements. The surface, for example, recalls pebbles made smooth by running water while the irregular structure brings to mind the branches of a shrub or a tree.

Materials and Structures

The structure, featuring four legs, is entirely made of painted steel while the surface is made in waterproof MDF, painted and available in gray. """"Leaf"""" can be placed both outdoors and indoors, in any room of the house: the kitchen, the dining room, the living room… Thanks to its peculiar shape, in fact, it fits perfectly into any type of space. Do you need another type of square table? Then the """"Flower"""" square table by Ethimo might be the one for you as this is a perfect model for the gardens and houses of those who want elegance without excess. Thanks to its small size it can be placed under a porch, giving a touch of class without crowding the available space – in fact, enhancing it greatly. This model is available in many colours and can therefore be matched without any problem to any type of furniture for both indoors and outdoors. In short, with """"Leaf"""" you have the possibility to go for any kind of combination without risking a mistake. By purchasing """"Leaf"""" all those who want to create a floral and very delicate environment in their homes can finally make their wish a reality. If so you wish, you can even dare a strong contrast. And what if you want to go big? Without a doubt you can place a great number of tables one next to the other and all in different colours for an effect that is fun and young but still elegant and never forced. The """"Flower"""" square tables, therefore, are able to combine creativity and functionality to create a vibrant, festive and convivial atmosphere. But gardens, balconies, terraces, verandas and green areas are not the only locations in which the """"Flower"""" table can be placed: on the contrary, it can perfectly fit into any room of the house, especially those where you want to bring a creative touch. Something not to overlook is the fact that the structure of this table is foldable, making it easy to use and to store. In short, """"Flower"""" is a piece of furniture that is functional both when you need to use it and when you need to put it away. After being folded, in fact, it is almost invisible and can be conveniently stowed in any corner of your house.

Table Selction 

Pulling it out for a meal with friends will only make it a surprise for everyone, something that will leave your guests speechless. Do you want to enjoy breakfast outdoors on a warm spring morning? Again, this handy square table can be the ideal solution. As you can see, it is a piece of furniture that is nothing short of indispensable, and in which beauty and functionality go hand in hand. By buying """"Flower"""" you will not only be satisfied – you will be excited to show it off. Finally, on LoveTheSign you will also find """"Treee"""", a folding square table made of oak wood and produced by Canon Arreda. """"Treee"""" is a low square table and, besides being very beautiful, it is functional and practical as well. It was designed and created by Luciano Bertoncini, an artist and designer who decided to play with colours and shapes to create a unique piece. He was successful: the line """"Treee"""" is very special and those who see it cannot help but be impressed. It is important to bear in mind that this piece can easily fit into any kind of environment, be it the living room, the kitchen, or even the study. And when you no longer need it? Being a folding table, it can be easily stored or, if need be, hung on a wall. What more do you want from a square table? Tables have become indispensable when furnishing one’s house and it is for this reason that there are so many shapes, colours, and materials out there. Old and traditional lines have now been replaced by modern ones that are however very elegant and never predictable. The table """"Treee"""", for example, is nothing short of perfect, even when placed in the bedrooms, where it can turn into a night table.

Alternatively, it can also be placed in the bathroom or even on the terrace or on the balcony – it is so versatile it leaves you spoiled for choice. All that remains, then, is to give free rein to your imagination and originality. The structure of the """"Treee"""" square table is made of oak, which makes it durable as well as beautiful, while the surfaces are in multi-layer wood lacquered in white, gray, and dark gray. The colour range is designed to make any kind of combination possible as both white and gray are an ideal match to any piece of furniture. It is clear that LoveTheSign is the place where you can find the square table of your dreams. The options are very many and all can meet the needs of our customers. Of course, before you choose the table for your living room, garden, or kitchen you have to think about your needs and, above all, about your the available space in your house. Although they are not particularly bulky pieces of furniture, square tables must be able to fit perfectly and not look forced or, above all, completely out of place. On more than one occasion we have said that the abovementioned tables perfectly fit in with any kind of furniture. Regardless, however, you should bear in mind that all three are quite eccentric and it would be preferable not to create too much contrast with the existing furniture. Indeed, no more than two different styles should coexist in a single apartment in order to avoid a forced look incompatible with a balanced and pleasing home décor.

Using your good taste, therefore, is something you should never forget. What matters, however, is that the square tables that can be purchased on LoveTheSign are characterized by simple and essential lines which make it very difficult for them to clash with the existing furniture. When you are struggling to choose a piece of furniture – and this is particularly true of tables – it is important to keep in mind that both beauty and functionality are important in equal measure. No piece of furniture and, therefore not even a coffee table, should be only functional or, on the contrary, only beautiful: in either case it would be incomplete. The task of every designer is therefore to be able to combine both aspects in order to give shape to pieces that are not only pleasing to the eye but practical as well. Tables in particular cannot possibly give up on practicality and functionality. They are among the most commonly used pieces of furniture and must be stable, comfortable, practical and, at the same time, perfect for any type of environment and, above all, for any occasion. Who of us has never stopped to admire a beautiful coffee table at the house of a friend or relative? By purchasing one of the tables featured on LoveTheSign you won’t need to envy anyone else: rather, you will have the possibility to show off a piece of furniture worthy of the name. At this point, there is nothing left for you to do but pick the square table that is right for your home or garden and buy it – imagination will take care of the rest. Finding a place for it, decorating it, setting it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and embellishing it will be a piece of cake, and guests will definitely notice the class and elegance of your new furniture. Square tables are special pieces and it is precisely for this reason that they must be chosen very carefully and thoroughly, taking into account all the details, variables, and, of course, your specific needs. In short, when it comes to furniture, nothing can be left to chance.""