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After an afternoon of exploration and racing, there is nothing better than a comfortable kennel where you can find rest. Just as you like fresh laundry linen, so your four-legged friends will be delighted to come back in a tailor-made kennel or an upholstered and breathable couch. Comfort and hygiene are the key words that guarantee a safe rest.
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Dog beds and cuddly dogs, cats and pets

Animal friends can be considered in most cases the real members of our family. Who has no animals, in fact, can not; understand the relief you feel about returning home at night and having a faithful life partner who greets you and recognizes you as a member of your family. Furthermore, a pet will be available; always a bit special, because it represents a bit of a child or a companion for whom; left alone. In fact, it is not necessary to consider only large families, who adopt an animal to please their children; we must also keep in mind the lonely people, who want the company of an animal sometimes preferring it to those of a human being.
What is there? better than to train a small living being to recognize his master and to want him well accordingly? Many people make the mistake of considering only dogs, or at most cats, capable of this exchange of affection and mutual attention, but it is not; cos & igrave ;. In fact, many choose to adopt a little bird, such as a canary, a hummingbird & igrave; or a parakeet, or one or more; fish, to be kept in an aquarium. This does not mean that these animals are not able to love or be grateful to the man who takes care of them, and does not mean that man should not take care with the same dedication of cats and dogs, fish and birds. For this, find kennels, cots or houses suitable for them and equip themselves with all the accessories necessary to live in harmony with their animals & egrave; at least dutiful if you want to adopt them and keep them in the correct way.

The history of the relationship between man and pet has very ancient roots, since since prehistoric times Man has tried to tame various species of animals, first for their own vital or economic advantage, and then to be helped or for the simple pleasure of having a living being by your side. & nbsp;
Since the time of the Gospels and the advent of Jesus & ugrave; Christ, then, the dog & egrave; always been a symbol of poverty & agrave; and of rejection by the society: many of the sick and the rejects saved by Christ, in fact, had but a dog by their side, to lick them the wounds of incurable and pestilential diseases, which only Christ could save. & nbsp;
As for the link with cats, invee, it is certainly the most historically attested and the pi & ugrave; ancient to have been admitted to the societies & agrave; structured, since in ancient Egypt the cat was an animal considered sacred, and was admitted quietly to the court of the Pharaohs. It was often believed that queens or princesses who had died prematurely had reincarnated into cats with shiny, silky fur and a proud look, but above all they allowed the cat to accompany the people in the most; important celebrations, such as propitiatory rites for fertility, marriages and especially funerals.

In the course of history, then, cats have suffered a setback as pets, to which they they began to prefer more and more; dogs. Above all in society & agrave; dedicated to pastoralism, in central and northern Europe, the dog then, since the Middle Ages, it has become the symbolic animal of aid to Man, a perfect gregarious that allowed to keep the cattle under control and to advance the breeding industry. Even in portraiture, even in the most extreme; important and of high quality, dogs have always represented a connotative element of a familiar and intimate environment, often being portrayed alongside children or women, especially if of royal extraction. Although in the golden age of renaissance painting, dogs and cats have sometimes been replaced by more animals; refined and particular (think of Leonardo da Vinci's painting "The Lady with an Ermine"), they have never lost their position in portraits.
It is necessary, for & ograve ;, to wait for the 1700 and 1800 centuries to see a massive appearance of different animals alongside humans, especially volatiles (less frequently fish).