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Nothing is more sacred than rest. Sleeping every night in a bed that tells a story of excellence and passion is a dream come true: but a bedroom is a lot more. Nightstands, light spots and, of course, textiles: everything helps create the perfect atmosphere for your well-being.
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Bedroom & nbsp;

There are two rooms of which a house can not; really do without it to be defined as such, that is; the kitchen and the bedroom. Exactly, just these two: at the bottom, the bathroom inside the house is perfect. a really recent addition! For this it is It is essential to devote attention and care to the choice not only of the furnishings, but also of the color of the walls, the chandelier and the wardrobe to have the perfect modern bedroom. & nbsp;

& nbsp;

With the evolution of the home and the taste of those who live in it, in addition to the birth of the interior design, the bedroom is a perfect match for the home. transformed from a simple functional place in which to go to sleep in the evening in a real temple of relaxation. The bedroom is the place where we undress, physically and metaphorically, of the clothes we wear during the day and return to being authentically ourselves, therefore; & egrave ;, pi & ugrave; of every other room in the house, the place that really expresses the personality; of those who live in the house. For these reasons, furnishing the bedroom according to its own modern, minimal or shabby chic style; important to really feel at home. & nbsp;

How to furnish a bedroom on LOVEThESIGN

Of the whole house, the bedroom is no doubt the room in which it is natural to take refuge after a long day outside the home, spent at work or at school. Historically, the bedroom was born as a place to sleep, so its decor is a must. always been minimal and not pretentious. A double bed and a wardrobe can be enough for a minimal bedroom, but with the passage of time, the bedroom is perfect. transformed and began to buy other functions as well as values. & nbsp;

& nbsp;

The bedroom is nowadays; also the place where you can devote yourself to relaxation in all its nuances, from beauty routine to reading, from watching movies to easy exercises to get back into shape. This is why the furniture in the bedroom is perfect for this. changed with the new features that acquired this room in the house. Today, choosing bedroom furniture is a must. a process to which the right attention must be given, because it is it is necessary to mediate between functionality, space available, quality & agrave; of materials and style. Not only that, it is It is important to choose the right lighting, such as a pendant light, a wall lamp or a reading light, but also a bedroom chandelier. his figure. & nbsp;

& nbsp;

Whatever the style of the bedroom you have always dreamed of, on LOVEThESIGN you can find the best proposals for a modern bedroom and design, where you can rest and dedicate yourself to yourself day after day. & Nbsp;

Design bedroom ideas

That you have chosen to live in a studio, a two-room apartment or an apartment with more; rooms, & egrave; good to identify the sleeping area choosing it from all the available rooms and dedicate it to the bedroom function. Do not be afraid to change the configuration and layout of your home environments, but take action on one side of your needs and on the other conditions of the house. & Nbsp;

& nbsp;

If you are a morning person, it makes no sense to choose the least lit room of the house as a bedroom, which will be; perfect if, on the contrary, you have difficulty & agrave; to sleep. Remember also that it is; well avoid the southern exposure to the bedroom, because during the beautiful season tender & agrave; to overheat and render & agrave; pi & ugrave; nighttime rest is difficult. If you share the bedroom with your partner, it may be convenient to choose the most suitable room; great of the house, so it is; you can both have a wardrobe and all the space to store linen, textiles and clothes. If you live alone, you may prefer a small bedroom and use a more room; great as living and studying. & nbsp;

Modern bedroom furniture

In a modern bedroom, you can not miss the minimal and modern design furniture that will give a unique touch to this room. special. But it's not; just a matter of furniture for bedroom: a modern environment must also be studied from the point of view of colors, the combination of different materials and combinations of textures. Discover all the modern furniture on LOVEThESIGN, where you can find all the modern-style design furniture to furnish the perfect bedroom. & Nbsp;