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Bath Linens

Crisp towels and soft bathrobes of the highest quality will make every moment you spend in the bathroom truly luxurious. Pamper yourself to the finest bath linen - you will never regret it.
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Bath Linens

The simplicity of the bathroom lies in the convenience of towels chosen. The uses and the destination may be different but there are really every type for all your needs: for the face, body, intimate, for the sea, for sport activities, for guests and more. Accessories are so multifunctional that can change even from country to country in their size and shape as well as in the materials used. Identifying the main characteristics of a good towel is simple. In each fabric the label reports the details, which also defines the grams of fiber per square meter. This measurement technique shows the quality of the fabric used, which will inevitably result in the cost.

What's the Perfect Material?

The Egyptian cotton, for example, is among the more luxurious materials due to its ability to be soft to the touch. Linen is also a very good material, distinguishing itself for its freshness. Until some time ago cotton towels were fashionable, often embroidered, the classic grandmother type, who unfortunately remained rigid and never dried completely. We all remember that feeling of excessive roughness that caught us when we used towels on the face.

Over the years, more attention to the comfort and well-being of the person has become an imperative and the evolution in material selection of these elements that we use several times a day could not be missed. Sponges kicked then, since they have a greater power of absorption and therefore they are able to absorb fluid in the shortest possible time.


Special situations such as the gym, sports and the sea showed however the growing need to find a material that maintained the absorptive capacity but that would guarantee more lightness. The solution lay precisely in the use of a more manageable, suitable for carrying in bags and that it weighed less too. Obviously they had to have less than the characteristics of tenderness and softness, which remain in first place in the selection of our favorite towels. And it is here that special material like microfiber finds their place, a material that allows even faster drying than terry and linen that always guarantees freshness and high quality. The difference between micro and sponge is right in the warp and weft of the fabric. The microfibre, in fact, is composed of very fine tecnofibre while the sponge has a plot which allows it to absorb a considerable amount of water. Thanks to these characteristics the final product will be lighter than the normal sponge, allowing for easy transport and use in a small space. It’s a feature more fully taken into account by those who do sport and who need to carry in their bags various training equipment.

In many cases the towel can also serve as a purely heating element that helps athletes to improve circulation and consequently their performance in the field. Whether colorful, embroidered or plain and simple, you will easily find what suits you thanks to the online catalog of LOVEThESIGN that allows you to easily get the best there is in the market of household linen. Everything to pamper you and give you that feeling of well-being, the comfort after a bath or after a dip in the pool. You can find collections of Italian and foreign brands especially designed for you with a wide range of color shades and custom solutions. Check all of the materials used and in which direction so will rest assured of a product that is always in step with your needs. And if you want to try something different and out of usual, make sure you try the round the towel! Robes, washcloth, face towels, body towels, ... with honeycomb plots or embroidery in relief with a pleasant taste.

You'll find everything you want right in the catalog of LOVEThEDESIGN that proposes solutions for the well-being of yourself, your family and your guests. Let your imagination flow together to the pages of the catalog and dive with our towels in the sea of ​​sweetness and softness. There to welcome luxury and practical solutions for the most important moments of your relaxation.