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Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are the details that open up your house during the holiday period. Decorations are the spirit of Christmas. Whether on the wall, inside or outside the house, at the entrance or on the veranda, they give you a constant reminder that the days until Christmas are numbered. Get into the Christmas spirit.
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Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations really play a crucial role in giving the environments the magical atmosphere of this time of year: it is no doubt true that Christmas outfits usually start from some "columns", all over the tree and the crib, but on so many occasions it can suffice to give its spaces that unmistakable essence. On some occasions, Christmas decorations are conceived as merely compliments of the Christmas tree and other vivid and large elements, while in others they are the core of Inner Design, even where their size is far from impressive and where their style is essential and minimalistic.
LOVEThESIGN devotes a great deal of attention to Christmas decorations, perfectly aware that even the simplest item, even the smallest detail, can fundamentally change the personality of an Interior Design. So let's find out what the different types of Christmas decorations are, which can be chosen for your own Interior Design: there are so many opportunities to choose, so you can really distance it by taking into account both your tastes and context characteristics.

Candles and Christmas candle holders

Candles represent a Christmas decoration with eternal charm, a true symbol of this holiday.
Candles, while being small and simple, have an extraordinary ability to give the rooms a warm, relaxing and friendly atmosphere, and one of them can be enough to accentuate the Christmas style of a room. Ignition of a candle also has a very profound meaning, and it is a tradition as well as typically Christmas; In any case, it is not necessary to keep the candles lit up to enrich the environments, even if they are extinguished, they are extremely decorative.
LOVEThESIGN offers a wide variety of Christmas candles and Christmas candle holders, ranging from the most classic to the most innovative and special models. The examples are many: the Holmegaard brand offers suggestive candles whose form invokes that of classic Christmas firelight, candles elegantly positioned on a support that does not go unnoticed, while exuding great gentleness and sophistication. Those who prefer the most classic creations can instead refer to the elegant Kähler Design candle holders specially designed to celebrate Advent, or those of the Iittala brand, which are equally fascinating. Not to mention also the beauty of candlesticks, eye-catching creations, very often imprinted with the Vintage style, which are really perfect to make the atmosphere of an environment even more Christmas. By doing a generic search for candles and candle holders, however, it is quite possible to find many models that can be perfect for Christmas atmospheres, perhaps by choosing red color variations, the Christmas symbol.

Christmas wreaths and crowns

Other creations that are typical of Christmas and its unmistakable atmospheres also correspond to crowns and garlands, also an undeniably classic Christmas. Crowns and garlands are entirely covered with artificial leaves, so they can be a great complement to a Christmas tree: to get closer to the tree of creations like these can really be a wonderful idea, allowing you to recreate a refined and evocative combination. Even with regard to this kind of article, the examples are so many, and the Xone brand products are of special interest. Xone is a brand specializing in the production of Christmas trees, crowns and related items, and is known to produce surprisingly similar creations.
Looking at a Christmas tree Xone really seems to be in front of a royal tree, and the same can be said about garlands and crowns; All of Xone's articles are absolutely similar to the natural versions even at a tactile level. It is never superfluous to emphasize the fact that it is very important to prefer Christmas trees, crowns and garlands in artificial varieties rather than natural: such a choice is absolutely responsible for the respect of the environment, without neglecting the fact that articles of this type does not require any management, it does not dirty and, above all, it is impeccably preserved over the years, so an indefinite amount of times can be used. 

Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings are full of classical Christmas decorations and are simple, prety items with great visual impact. Christmas stockings are a very old tradition, so it is not surprising that they are considered a symbol, a true Christmas icon. Christmas stockings can be placed in so many different points: it's a must have to place them at a fireplace, so you can place them under the Christmas tree, hanging on the wall ... the options are really endless! It may be a suggestive idea to place it in the stocking of small gifts, perhaps to be addressed to children: this can be a really nice way of presenting gifts, in full accordance with Christmas tradition.
Another interesting alternative may be to fill the Christmas stocking with chocolates and sweets of various kinds, a bit like it is used for Epiphany: this solution can only be very welcome to the little ones! If you buy Christmas stockings, you do not have to fill them up with anything. These items are very decorative and they can enrich the environments even if they do not contain anything: a very suggestive idea is to use empty socks to hang them all 'Christmas tree, just like you used to do with balls and other decorations. LOVEThESIGN is packed with proposals for Christmas stockings and are very appealing Ferm Living models, which offers a variety of high quality textile decorations.

Christmas Tree Balls

Among Christmas decorations, the balls, the object with excellence that adorns the Christmas tree, can also be included. These decorations really have a very ancient history, and although many innovative ways to decorate the tree have been proposed over the years, they continue to be an indispensable landmark. To set up a Christmas tree, you can not do without using balls, and from this point of view the opportunities are varied: it can range from classic balls, those that have a spherical shape and a single color, up to the more modern and unusual models, which may have special color fantasies, or unusual shapes and sizes.
On LOVEThESIGN there is no embarrassment to choose if you want to buy balls to decorate your own tree: Villeroy & Boch brand models are very classic, rich in Christmas themed proposals, but if you are looking for more creations details can be made for the proposals of the Hoptimist brand. As for the latter brand, for example, they are very fond of Blitzen Christmas balls: while keeping a perfectly round shape as tradition as they want, in fact, they depict a deer with a viscous look and vivid horns.

Christmas dolls

In the vast and varied category of Christmas decorations there are also pretty dolls, articles that represent a brilliant and informal way of decorating the ambiance and giving them the typical atmospheres of the Holidays. Articles like these are always loved by children, however, they are not just toys, but real design accessories. LOVEThESIGN offers many different Christmas themed puppets, which can undoubtedly represent a great gift idea. A very rich brand of this kind of proposition is Hoptimist, who has created many colorful dolls with a great originality and a very unmistakable round look.
Not to mention the so-called "kokeshi" by Lucie Kaas, the lovely wooden dolls typical of Japanese culture that this brand has chosen to revive, revisiting them in a charming but respectful Japanese tradition. Lucie Kaas proposes many different kokeshi, and those most suitable for Christmas decoration are undoubtedly those depicting the Nativity, so the Child Jesus with St. Joseph and the Our Lady: such kokeshi as such can also represent an intriguing idea to set up a modern crib "new age".
Among the Christmas decorations there are also various types of stars: the star is in fact a symbol that recurs very frequently in the Christmas setting, and could not be otherwise, for its undisputed and objective beauty, as well as in reference to the famous Star of Bethlehem. Inside LOVEThESIGN you can find lots of Christmas items depicting the stars, so those who have a weakness for this kind of decoration have nothing to worry about choice.
For this kind of creations an iconic brand is Star Trading, a brand that proposes several very fascinating light stars which can be the perfect element to embellish a typically Christmas setting. Articles like these can prove to be beautiful design elements even in contexts where no Christmas imprint is desired. The range of Christmas decorations that can be found within LOVEThESIGN is therefore vast, and the assortment goes far beyond the categories mentioned so far.
In LOVEThESIGN there are many types of Christmas trees, ranging from bigger and bigger ones to "mini" versions, as well as neglecting the pretty cribs, such as those signed by the Alessi brand. Even those who love natural themed decorations can give their own imagination free: in addition to garlands and crowns, there are also some beautiful Christmas themed trunks.
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