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Light up your Xmas

In those weeks leading up to Christmas, the sun sets just a little bit earlier each day. Winter is knocking on your door and Christmas lights shine bright to make up for it, from balconies to gardens that light up the streets. A Christmas light, a wreath that illuminates and a set of flashing bulbs. Turn up the Christmas spirit.
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Christmas lights, a way to make your home special   

When it comes to Christmas, the atmosphere is all about surprising and it is always that time of year. The first feeling that is going to the time of Christmas is just the appearance of Christmas lights. Obviously, shops and public places make use of Christmas lights far ahead of private homes: this is to attract customers and promote the sales and discounts that always accompany Christmas. The homes begin to install Christmas lights and Christmas Objects that generally recall towards the beginning of December.

The Italian tradition wants the Christmas tree to be installed on December 8, but it is usually tried to do it on the weekend immediately after or before this date, to reconcile the Christmas tree with the work demands. They can not fail, besides the tree and eventually the Nativity, not even the Christmas lights. Often they are placed around the tree to turn it off and turn on intermittently, illuminating in a thousand colors.

There are also those who like to put the Christmas lights outside the house to decorate it in a unique way and distinguish it from other homes. The lights and all the decorations are then generally disassembled on the day of the Epiphany that all parties take away'. The Christmas lights that are mounted on the outside of the house, however, are tendentially monochromatic, and can oscillate between the shades of red and those of blue. It is not uncommon to find people who like to play with typically Christmas lights.

The most common of them is the tree: for this reason, many people attack the wires of Christmas lights at a central point of the roof, then make them go down in the form of a triangle, creating a stylized tree on the façade of the house. Whether you want to choose outdoor lights for outdoor lighting, it is good to turn to decorating professionals like LOVEThESIGN, which offer quality products designed to withstand weather conditions and stay outdoors for many days.

From where the tradition of Christmas lights comes from

Christmas lights in countries like Italy have not always been a tradition. In the countries of southern Europe, Christmas has always been more intimately lived in the homes of individuals. Certainly there were trees and Cribs, although the second was present more frequently than the first one. The North European countries and the United States, on the other hand, have always had a tradition that points much more to the Christmas tree and to the installation of Christmas lights.

The concept of Christmas as an event in which the streets are lit up for celebration is surely beyond the ocean. In the last thirty years, however, it has been exported all over the world, becoming common in Italy as well. Not only in private homes, therefore, the lights shine throughout the Christmas period. The shops, streets and squares are fully decorated to celebrate and include the use of many Christmas lights. In the case of streets and squares, however, the wire lights are not preferred: rather, the silouettes already made up or the forms to be hung are preferred. Traditional are the lights to hang on the street lamps, which are usually in the form of snowflake, bellflower or holly.

When it falls in the evening and the lanterns light up, the lights are lit and gladden the city streets. In the gardens and in the squares are purchased silouhette animals such as reindeer or Santa Claus personally, to rejuvenate the children and to keep the enlightened environment. Inside, from the north and over the ocean, the tradition of Christmas lights has also come in Italy, becoming an inevitable must of Christmas for young and old.

LOVEThESIGN Christmas Lights, so many ideas for your Christmas   

When you need to buy Christmas lights, you think about where to buy them: in stores or on the internet? And above all they will come in time to install them? Who decides to buy in stores must be careful about quality. Many lights sold in low-priced stores, such as large discounts, may have factory defects or be dangerous. To avoid mistakes, you can turn to industry professionals such as LOVEThESIGN, for years leading in the sale of furniture and lights, even the Christmas ones.

On the LOVEThESIGN portal you can find both lights that represent silouhette or light garlands or wall decorations. You can, for example, buy the reindeer shape to be installed in the garden. The bluish-blue neon lights shine around creating a magical effect, especially if the ground is covered with snow. The reindeer has a high brightness and is seen from the outside as well. Reindeer lovers can also buy wall decoration that is just one of them. 

How to properly install Christmas lights   

Christmas lights, as well as purchased, should also be installed. All LOVEThESIGN products are made with the highest quality and are designed to be intuitive so there should be no installation problems. However, it is necessary to follow some guidelines for installing the Christmas lights correctly. If you are talking about outdoor lights, first the ground must be clean and water-free as much as possible. No rain or snow, it is always unthinkable to install Christmas lights near ponds or water mirrors. It is best not to install them even under the trees: if there is a burst of wind or a storm, a falling branch might drop down the entire installation.

You should also place the lights near a socket so that they can be connected and disconnected as needed. As far as home lights are concerned, you must have other types of attention. Decorations such as wreaths hang outside the door, for example, should be avoided if there are any cats that might jump and hang on the garland. The same is true for wall decorations such as light series or silouhette: animals like cats might be scared and jump to capture those strange bright objects.

Once you decide how to install this kind of decoration, you also have to take into account the proximity to the socket. The thread is not too long, and extending it with an extension can cause some discomfort to those walking around the house. As far as Christmas lights are concerned, it is always essential to control the overheating of the light circuits. However it may be good to keep the lights on, this can lead to a number of discomforts. First of all, from the point of view of consumption, it can lead to unimportant bill increases.

In addition, leaving the lights lit and unattended, such as when leaving the house or at night, can cause very dangerous short circuits. That's why it is good to install Christmas lights to keep on in daylight, but to turn off during the night. If the grip to which they are attached is simple, just disconnect the plug. If they are connected to a switch with a switch, just turn off the switch.

Store and store Christmas lights: all you need to know

Unfortunately, every year the Christmas period ends, so you have to disassemble all Christmas decorations and store them for the following year. This fate also touches on Christmas lights, which usually come in boxes trying to wrap them carefully, but they always end up forming knots that will be hard to crack. Where and how to store the Christmas lights correctly? First of all, it is always advisable to reserve a cardboard box for this purpose. Compared to an envelope, though durable, the cardboard box has the advantage of better isolating the lights from the outside, and being more resistant to any damage. The envelope, on the contrary, might pierce or tear. Secondly, the cardboard box is rigid and always keeps the same shape as an envelope can be crushed by the weight of other decorations that lie above.

It is advisable to wrap a freezer bag around the socket and secure it with an elastic . In the unfortunate hypothesis that the lights are reached by the water, in fact, at least the electric part would be saved. If you have an attic where to put these lights or a loft of the closet, these places are ideal because they are safe from moisture and animals they could gnaw the cables, such as mice. If, on the other hand, Christmas lights are placed in the cellar, you must be careful about water infiltration, especially if the cellar is below the road level. For those who live in open country, then, it is absolutely advisable not to store Christmas lights in farmhouses or farm annexes separated from their own home. Humidity and intrusion of animals may compromise the functioning of all decorations.