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Christmas Table

Nothing beats that one night a year when the entire family is together around the holiday table: turn it into a truly special moment! Small hints of style in full-on Christmas spirit, but with personality: your dinner will be a big hit.
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Christmas table

The Christmas table is a real symbol of the festivals, therefore it deserves to be set up with due care and giving the utmost care to every small detail. The Christmas table is first and foremost a symbol of conviviality and familiarity: in the days Christmas is in fact a feral tradition to reunite with relatives, friends, and people, and this is one of the main "magic" of winter festivals.

Christmas, just like in Santo Stefano and the other days that distinguish the festivals, moments of affection and sharing that very often are very rare at other times of the year: gathering together for dinner, playing cards or just chatting is one of the most beautiful and special things of the Christmas season, beyond the religious value of this party. In addition to this, the Christmas table is a worthy party icon even from a strictly aesthetic point of view: a Christmas table in fact can prove to be engaging, engaging, welcoming ... the perfect element to symbolize Christmas. When talking about of Christmas table is not referring to furniture, but to all the elements with which it is adorned, from decorations to cutlery to mise en place.

The Christmas table is therefore made up of several elements, so we find out immediately what are the ones more relevant.

Christmas tablecloths: a crucial choice

If you are talking about a Christmas table you can only mention the tablecloth: this element really has a great influence on the aesthetics of a Christmas table, so it is really very important to choose it with due attention, also in relation to the type of mise en place that is meant to recreate.

The Christmas tablecloth follows a rather strict tradition, but it does not have to be understood in a ferreous way: those who want to spin and dine a pinch of originality can therefore absolutely do it. For Christmas tablecloths is a the iconic red color, the eternal symbol of the furnishings and decorations typical of these festivals so felt: buying a reddish tablecloth, or even slightly different shades, such as bordeaux, is a must, and with a article like this will not have any difficulties to recreate the typical Christmas atmospheres in the environment of interest.

Red is by no means a "rule" as far as Christmas tablecloths are concerned: the wonderful Christmas tablecloths have very different shades, such as gray, blue, white, very well appreciated for its candida elegance and its great luminosity.Not it is also said that the Christmas tablecloths must necessarily be in the same color: many models in fact show off rather bold fantasies, at the same time proposing a sophisticated stylistic essence and a clear Christmas spirit. just a simple detail to give a tablecloth a clear Christmas spirit, whether it's a small design or simple embossed embroidery.LOVEThESIGN offers many different types of Christmas tablecloths and is able to satisfy full of the most varied tastes.

Christmas cutlery: many different types

In making a Christmas table, the cutlery has a very important "role", and from this point of view, LOVEThESIGN gives them the embarrassment of choice. Because of their nature, it is difficult for cutlery to be distinguished for a Christmas themed style, however, their aesthetic is considered to be essential for a Christmas table. There are in fact classic style cutlery, others have a more basic and modern design, so the choice must be made taking into account the characteristics of the tablecloth, the glasses and the Christmas table as a whole.

LOVEThESIGN deals with brands of utmost prestige regarding this type of article: those who prefer modern services can opt for eg the creations of the Villeroy & Boch brand, perhaps choosing cutlery that associate with ' inevitable steel of pleasant colorful elements, as is the case with the Play! model, if you prefer tradition is Alessi's choice, or those of Sambonet.

Christmas Plates: Thousands of different patterns

Even the choice of dishes is very important if you want to make a very attractive Christmas table and perfectly in line with your aesthetic preferences, and with regard to this kind of article you can absolutely find models specially designed for the typical Christmas atmospheres. the most daring propositions include Alessi's signature, stylish but elegant suites at the same time, the sophisticated Aida brand table tops, perfect for a Christmas table, and many more proposals.

If you want to bring a table absolutely unmistakable Christmas touch you can choose the great liking of the Natalino Sweet Sweets! of Alessi, a dish specially designed for desserts featuring on its central part a funny Santa Claus skiing on a small hill. The LOVEThESIGN proposals for dishes are countless, and there is no need to opt for brightly Christmas creations for recreate a magnificent Christmas table.

Christmas glasses: Classic models, but not only

Even with regard to the choice of glasses, you can absolutely plan to set up your own Christmas table, from very classic creations to more modern variations. Normally, the Christmas tables make a rhyme with elegance, consequently for the realization of this type of curtains opt for traditional glasses, the classic, completely transparent glasses made of high-quality materials such as glass or crystal. If you want to be more original, there are a thousand different ways to do this: LOVEThESIGN offers a wealth of colorful glasses, more informal and more ridiculous forms.

Additionally, glasses can be easily integrated with coasters, and for these particular articles you can mention the intriguing models of the Alessi brand. Christmas napkins: in solid or fantasy Napkins really have a remarkable "weight" as far as the aesthetics of Christmas trees are concerned, so their choice must never be the fruit of the case. As far as this kind of article is concerned, it can range in a thousand different ways: yes you can choose, for example, towels of the same coloring of the tablecloth, thus creating an elegant tone sur ton, alternatively you can choose to opt for a different color, so you can "break" the glance from the point of view Chromatic.

Just like for tablecloths you can choose both plain towels and models that propose special fantasies of color, and they do not lack any of the beautifully decorated napkins specially Christmas themed. The examples are many, and among them are the fascinating branded Dekohem towels, very refined and decorated with delicate designs that are truly perfect for a Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Decorations: Fantasy Space!

To re-create an appealing Christmas table, you do not have to worry about towels, dishes, glasses and other items mentioned so far: to make a table special you can absolutely embellish it with real decorations, and from this point of view you do not have to put any limit to your fantasy.LOVEThESIGN is a true "volcano" of ideas for Christmas decorations: Christmas tables can be embellished, for example, with pretty candles, always exceptional in recreating the typical Atmosphere atmospheres, or with garlands or crowns, authentic icons in the world of Christmas decorations.

In the heart of the table can be placed a nice Christmas basket, or you can place a candlestick; if you want to recreate some original decorations, you can also embellish the table with Christmas dolls, and a choice like this one is intended to prove to be highly appreciated especially by the little ones.

LOVEThESIGN offers so many cute and vibrant Christmas puppets, perfect for an original decoration and unconventional, and as far as these particular creations are concerned, a very interesting brand can be cited as Hoptimist.

The list of objects that can embellish a Christmas table does not end here: you can choose, for example, Christmas stockings, maybe filling them with sweets or small gifts to make a welcome surprise to children, eye-catching, eternal stars Christmas symbol, and much more. Creating a Christmas table is a bit like having a white sheet of paper that you can design at will without having to brake your creativity. One thing is for sure: the Christmas table be treated with taste and style, perhaps giving it the touch of personality that can make it unique in its genre.