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Christmas Tree Decorations

If you’re so over the typical red balls, you’re in the right place. Get into the Christmas spirit and have fun turning your house into a super cool winter wonderland. Romantic, ironic, colourful, minimal: how will you spend your Christmas?
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Christmas decorations

It's never too early to think about Christmas and if it's true that after Christmas, Christmas is out there, that means it's time to think about Christmas decorations! However, are we certain that December 25 is really the day of Messiah's Christmas? Obviously, no, indeed, several studies conducted in this regard have established two main points:

- Jesus was not born in the year zero, probably before about 6/7 BC

- Jesus was not born December 25th This is a conventional date that does not even have roots in the Christian world but in paganism, since it was an invention of a Roman emperor, identified in Aurelian, who in the 3rd century AD. decided to unify the worship of the Empire, effectively abolishing polytheism and de facto establishing a monotheistic religion voted at Deus Sol Invictus.

The appointed festival for this god, the Natalie Deus, was shortly after the winter solstice, even though they did not come up to us on the exact day. Christians therefore borrowed this feast, and it was Pope Julius I, a century later, to define on December 25 the date of the Lord's day celebrations.

It was 352 and Christianity was legal for less than half a century. This is the genius of the most anticipated anniversary of the year from the Christian Catholic world but also from the unbelievers, given the pagan remnants of the feast. However, why use Christmas decorations for this holiday and for other celebrations is not foreseen? In fact, the ritual of Christmas decorations has little to do with religion, as we all know well, although some decorations are inspired by the Sacred Scriptures. However, the first Christmas tree was born in a religious setting around the 7th century.

Although there are no certainties but only popular oral traditions and legends, it seems that San Bonifacio was in the first half of the seventeenth century to realize the first Christmas tree in history. In fact, this tree was not exactly a sign of celebration but it was the repair of a wrong. In fact, in his work of conversion among Germanic peoples, San Bonifacio slapped an ancient oak revered by pagan peoples but, to repair the damage, provided them with a small fir. On his branches, symbolically, the Saint laid some candles symbolizing the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Child Jesus.

Certainly an interesting story, which explains in part how the Christmas decorations were born, with obvious evolution over the centuries to adapt to the traditions and customs of society. Today, the Christmas tree is perhaps the universal symbol of this holiday, which crosses the pagan and religious boundaries to unite everyone in an atmosphere of joy and celebration. however, the tree is not the only Christmas decorator, because nowadays there is no embarrassment to choose between more or less discrete elements that are used in the Christmas period to furnish the house unconventionally, creating the magical and dreamlike atmosphere that only Christmas is able to give, giving the feeling that, at this time, everything is possible.

How to choose Christmas decorations?  

There are so many chances to choose the right Christmas decorations even if, in reality, there are no better decor than others but everything has to be chosen based on the personal taste and the aesthetic sense of each one. LoveTheSign offers a wide choice of modern and design Christmas decorations, perfect for those who do not like too much decorations but does not want to give up at home a bit of Christmas atmosphere. there are so many who choose Christmas decorations according to the style of the property, opting for minimalist solutions in the case of contemporary furnishings or something more classic and eccentric if the house has a somewhat more classic style.

In fact, if the colors that dominate the Christmas atmosphere are red and white, the new trends have partially covered this unpublished rule by offering decorative elements in unconventional colors. Then, it is not said that we must necessarily fill the house of Christmas elements, sometimes even a few Christmas decorations are enough, but chosen well, with taste and rationality, to achieve a discreet but effective result that creates that atmosphere home Christmas much loved by children and young adults. One of the symbols that usually is never missing in a home is just the Christmas tree. They are so many not to make the crib, for example, or not to adopt other home decorations, but the tree is generally present.

It can be in many forms, not just in canonical. Especially the youngest are appreciating alternative solutions for their homes, especially because the traditional Christmas tree may be too cumbersome for modern homes, not always large, so opt for other elegant and refined solutions that, above all, are in able to give home that atmosphere that little ones love during Christmas time. Returning to the color discourse, LoveTheSign offers a wealth of solutions, from white to red, for silver and gold, without neglecting something more original and alternative such as black or green, pink or orange . Moreover, it would be wrong to impose limits on fantasy and imagination, and the Christmas atmosphere should not necessarily be linked to prototypes or defined canons, because in most cases it is their personal sensibility to perceive a different atmosphere , and this does not depend solely on the color used for the furniture, indeed.

Apart from the Christmas tree, Christmas decorator par excellence, among the solutions without religious symbolism can be chosen glassfans with the iconography of Santa Claus, another of the inevitable symbols of this period, or decorations that recall the winter atmospheres, so the snow and the mountains. They are also very fond of Christmas themed plush toys that may be wearing cute Santa Claus caps, and that at the end of the party, eliminated this witty accessory, they can be recycled as non-seasonal decoration. The ideas for choosing Christmas decorations are so many, just let yourself be guided by instinct and good taste.

The Christmas tree, how to choose it and which ones to use

That the Christmas tree is one of the most typical elements of this holiday we have said and is, on the whole, clear in the eyes of all. Each year, starting in late November, the homes and the streets begin to appear delicious fir trees more or less rich in decorations, ready to conquer even the most reticent hearts. If true, as is true, that tradition would like a classic Christmas tree in the house, decorated with colored balls and intermittent lights, it is just as true that this is not always possible or not always appreciated. There are, therefore, valid alternatives as LoveTheSign proposes.
There are, for example, delicious stylized trees entirely made of rough wood, which only partially resemble the shape of a fir tree but that, thanks to small themed decorations, can become beautiful decorations of effect able to surprise in their simplicity. Obviously, in this case, the dimensions matter, so if they count! If in the movies we're used to seeing big salons with tall Christmas trees up to the ceiling, maybe real, with long, sturdy branches, it's not always possible to bring such a giant to our apartments. There are therefore some mignon alternatives, about 30cm high, sometimes even a little less. On the LoveTheSign catalog, there are delectable models of miniature Christmas trees of all colors, handmade in birch wood.
They are small, minimalist works of art, though they do not have the wealth and opulence of some bigger and more "coworkers", but they can help make the atmosphere more Christmas. They can, for example, be used as table decorations for a themed lunch, the original centerpiece that can perform their task without appearing excessive. For those who love to be even more minimalist, instead, you can find nice Christmas trees ... Stickers! Christmas decorations are specially designed to be removed at the end of the holidays so no damage is caused to the surface they are used and can be placed very simply and quickly. Just a free wall or any other sizeable surface to accommodate this alternative Christmas tree to immediately give your home a magical atmosphere and no matter if you can not stick the balls or the balls, what matters is the meaning! 

Christmas decorations for the home

Who told her that the balls or balls can only be hung on the Christmas tree? The Christmas tree purists may have their nose but there are so many solutions to decorating a tree with style and elegance without sacrificing tradition. On the LoveTheSign site, for example, you can find many alternatives between funny and funny elements, sometimes funny or elegant, made of fabric or wood. It's a way to customize a symbol element, though Christmas decorations can also be used elsewhere and not just on the tree. It is the case, for example, of Christmas glass balls: if it is true that they are born to decorate the tree, it is also true that especially in the presence of children it may be risky to hang them to the branches.
However, why give it up? They can be used to be cut on a piece of furniture or as a centerpiece, as elegant and sophisticated decorations of a fitted wall or library. Likewise, there are not only Christmas stickers, because among the decorations there are plenty of choices between Christmas decorations in various fantasies! Very much appreciated are the wall decorations, which, with their stylized shapes, recall some of the elements of this holiday. Bright reindeer or bright Santa Claus, for example, is a great classic of Christmas and if you want to decorate your home in an alternative, original and design, solutions like these are what's needed for an unconventional magic atmosphere.