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Christmas Trees

Whether wood or plastic, your Christmas tree goes designer! Elegant and eco-friendly, it’s a fun and original alternative to the usual options. High-end with a real wow-factor, you’ll love decorating it!
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Christmas trees

Christmas trees are articles that really need little presentations: to make the classic Christmas tree at festivals is a well-respected religious tradition, but beyond this meaning it is still an extremely rooted and widespread custom, a real ritual that is respected every year and is always very appreciated even by those who are not believers. Christmas tree is in fact the true symbol of typical Christmas atmospheres, it is the heart of the "hearth" that recreates those unmistakable atmospheres of brio and conviviality, affection and relaxation, hospitality and community.

Christmas atmospheres make you feel right at home, and indeed the tree can not be missed at home during Christmas time, at the same time the tradition of Christmas tree can also embrace other places, including offices, shops, restaurants, bars, just to make some examples. To make sure that in a room you breathe the true and unmistakable Christmas air, then the Christmas tree is really the starting point: once set up it will be possible choose to refine the room embellishments with so many other elements, from decorations to textile items, but there is really no doubt that the tree is the "focus" in a Christmas Design Interior Design.

LOVEThESIGN pays special attention to these articles, perfectly aware that the Christmas tree is not just a symbol, but it is a real item of furniture, an object designed to have a significant impact on the aesthetic impression In addition, the Christmas tree should be chosen with the required amount of personality, as well as taking into account the characteristics of the context in which it will be placed, without neglecting the fact that the tree can subsequently be embellished and personalized by balls, lights and decorations of all kinds.

Artificial Christmas Trees: a Responsible Choice

Before discovering in greater detail what are the main opportunities for those who want to buy a Christmas tree, it is worth pointing out an aspect: opting for an artificial Christmas tree is no doubt an excellent choice. Since the tradition of preparing the tree of Christmas is extremely felt throughout the world, every year there is a lot of really immense Christmas trees, and a non-irrelevant percentage of these is of a natural nature. Trees in nature for a purpose like this can not be positive for l environment, even where the abatement takes place within the so-called controlled forests, so choosing artificial trees is a very responsible solution in terms of eco-sustainability.

Parallel to this very important aspect, there are also others to be considered, of a purely practical nature: an artificial Christmas tree is perfectly preserved and can be used for an indefinite number of years is an absolutely rational choice also on the economic level. Not to mention the fact that the artificial Christmas tree does not require any kind of care and is far more practical also from the point of view of cleanliness: natural trees in fact disperse their leaves on the floor and therefore require cleaning interventions For many different reasons, therefore, if you want to buy a Christmas tree it is good to immediately shake the idea of ​​getting it a natural one.

Christmas trees of many different types

Christmas trees can be picked up in so many different variations, and just take a leisurely look at LOVEThESIGN to make it into account right away. The variety of choice is very rich and it is unlikely that you will not be able to locate a Christmas tree consistent with your expectations, even in the case of unconventional tastes. For dimensions, shapes, colors, materials of realization and many other aspects, the possibilities are almost endless. The Christmas trees of LOVEThESIGN could be divided into infinite different categories, however it is however, it is possible to mention the main typologies.

Realistic Christmas Trees

Make sure the charm of a natural Christmas tree without sacrificing the comfort of artificial models and, above all, without causing damage to the environment, today is absolutely possible.There are many Christmas trees in LOVEThESIGN's proposals they are surprisingly similar to natural ones, even with regard to feelings they know to give to the touch. From this point of view, the Xone brand models are exceptional: this brand has succeeded in propelling Christmas trees almost identical to natural ones, and guessing that these are artificial models is very complicated even when they are closely watched, perhaps brushing the leaves.
LOVEThESIGN has chosen to reserve large spaces at Christmas Xone Trees, as models that are considered internationally authentic luxury creations. These realistic Christmas trees surprise you for the careful attention of every detail, for its natural and harmonious shapes , and also because they are really very dense and lush: each of these trees boasts a very large number of branches, and some models even exceed 2,000 units.
The realistic choices of realistic Christmas trees are really great at LOVEThESIGN, and some of them, such as the Luxury by Xone models, touch the floor with their branches giving an even more natural look. Slim Christmas Trees Christmas trees, especially those with a remarkable height, tend to be somewhat bulky, and not everyone can afford to embellish their environments with elements of the same size. Moreover, modern dwellings present very often the contained dimensions, hence 'The need to optimize the spaces is increasingly felt.
Who can not afford big size but does not want to give up the beauty of a Christmas tree from the relevant height can choose the so-called Christmas Slim trees, namely trees from the rather slim tree which can be placed easily even in the most narrow spaces. Even with regard to this type of model the possibilities of choice are varied, and there are also variants that are extraordinarily similar to natural trees.

Miniature Christmas Trees

Precisely because, as was said before, in modern homes the available spaces tend to be limited, it is more and more frequent that small trees are chosen. Small Christmas trees are a very tempting idea from this point of view , an idea without a doubt the daughter of modernity, but at the same time respects the traditional Christmas style.
LOVEThESIGN offers a large number of Christmas trees with a height of less than one meter, with trees that can be easily placed on a table , on a shelf or on any shelf. In the large and evocative category of Christmas mini-trees, there are also Christmas wallcuts, very decorative and original patterns that cancels any kind of clutter.

White Christmas trees

The most commonly used color of Christmas trees is obviously green, but the trees are still very white. White trees of this type obviously think of the classic tree covered with snow, a picture of no doubt very Christmas but with Here, we must point out that white is a very special color, a shade that knows how to influence the style of an interior.
Choosing a white Christmas tree can be an evocative idea of ​​great personality, which is not accidentally pursued punctually by many consumers: a Christmas tree like this can be ideal if you want to accentuate the elegance of an environment; or if you want to emphasize the color of the balls and decorations that are chosen to enhance the tree.
LOVEThESIGN offers many options for those who have a weakness towards the white Christmas trees, and among these models deserve no doubt a mention of those of Fabulous Goose. Unconventional Christmas trees If you want to choose a Christmas tree you absolutely have the chance to be very original, especially if you trust LOVEThESIGN! LOVEThESIGN proposes various types of Christmas trees decisively "sui generis", and examples of such items are very numerous brands.
The brand Handle With Care proposes fascinating Christmas trees made of recycled cardboard, simple, minimalist creations but of great visual impact as well as totally respectful of the environment. The materials used by the Filigrantre brand are as original as it proposes very special wood Christmas trees