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Round Dining Tables

There is no longer any need to hesitate and try to avoid sitting at the top of the table: just choose a round table. The round tables do not cancel the bon ton but the distances, allowing all diners to feel close and you to show, at the center of attention, in front of everyone, your last dish. The round table is an original solution for any room.
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Round table

Choosing a round table to decorate your home means choosing a valuable object characterized by a unique style. Its characteristic round form enables you to better harmonize the spaces and allows for a larger number of seats compared to a traditional square or rectangular table. Seating places are in fact not clearly defined in a round table, and this makes it easier to squeeze in extra space for unexpected guests. A round table therefore gives off a greater sense of welcome and hospitality. There are many models of round tables on the market including some so ornate they are able to decorate the dining or living room with their mere presence. For those who do not have much space available, on the other hand, there are round extendable tables that, if necessary, can double their seating capacity maintaining their round shape or becoming larger oval tables. As they have no defined corner, round tables can be placed even in the smallest environments, putting into practice several tricks to optically enlarge the available space, using it to its fullest extent. Tables of this type are manufactured with varying materials, ranging from solid or laminated wood to tables with a metal structure and tempered glass or crystal top, while modern design tables are made with resins and plastic, scratch- and wear-resistant. As for style, you will be spoiled for choice: there tables for those who like classic pieces, built in a 1950s style or with an even older look, and tables for those who, loving modernity, prefer highly innovative design pieces. Increasingly popular are also shabby-chic tables or pieces following the Arte Povera artistic movement. Companies producing home furniture are well-aware of the tastes and preferences of their customers and it is because of this that they are always looking for different lines for their round tables, in an attempt to intrigue and excite possible buyers. Before buying a round table you need to fully understand what the advantages and disadvantages of this special piece of furniture are. Round tables in fact have the advantage of conferring a welcoming atmosphere to the room they are placed in. Equality is another thing that comes to mind when we discuss round tables: no one will have the honour and the burden to sit at the head of the table during meals. Recalling King Arthur and his knight, a round table has always been synonymous with sharing, respect, and acceptance.

When you can use a round table? 

It can serve as a convivial spot in the living or dining room, and it manages to harmonize even those places in your house that have an irregular shape. The total absence of sharp edges makes these tables also very suitable for children, who can run around them without fear of getting hurt or sit at the table without any danger. When should you choose a round table rather than a rectangular one? First of all you should think about the available space and the room in which the new table will be placed. Round tables, in fact, are ideal if you need a table to placed in a spacious room already furnished with at least two armchairs or a large sofa: here a round table will become the perfect connecting point. Round tables are also perfect for outdoor areas or conservatories although the latter are increasingly rare due to the limited space available in modern houses. Round tables are also ideal for the dining room, especially if you often have many guests. If your dining room is not very large, you can always purchase an extendable table which can take up little space yet double its capacity when necessary. If your house is small your choice of a round table will be limited not only with regard to size but also to lines. In fact, simple lines can give a greater sense of space from an optical point of view while by choosing a more elaborate table you will likely make the room look smaller. This is a risk you do not run if you choose such a table for a very spacious room, and one that is flooded with natural light. Sinuous lines are synonymous with elegance and refinement, and design tables are specially made to give a touch of class to any house that could easily become anonymous without a touch of creativity. The table can be matched to the existing décor through the choice of materials, design, and overall look, all without sacrificing elegance. Many wonder whether placing a table where there is little space available is a good idea or not.

Truth is, all you need to do is choose the model carefully. Some tables are especially designed to take up a minimal amount of space and some of these also feature removable extensions placed under the surface, ready to use when you need them. You should keep in mind that both the dining room and the kitchen need to be equipped with sophisticated pieces of furniture that can carry out their function. To add a touch of vintage charm to your room you can choose an old table made in solid wood, purchased from an antique dealer. However, this type of round tables require special attention: they have lived through centuries and have reached us after many adventures so we need to take good care of them, polishing them often and checking them in every single detail. However, if you are not willing to spend a fortune to buy a table of this type but still want something old and functional, you can opt for a vintage model like those you often find in second-hand markets or in shops specialized in items from the 1950s and 1960s. Evoking a sense of sharing and inclusion, round tables are, after all, timeless pieces of furniture. Antique round tables have always been valuable pieces of furniture. The wood used to make them is usually walnut wood, known for its typical brown or chestnut colour, depending on the production area, but particularly expensive and valuable pieces are those made in root-wood: these are true handicraft masterpieces, often embellished with beautiful decorations. 

Tables for all requirements

There are also wonderful metal round tables, both old and new. Older ones were usually placed in conservatories and featured glass tops which could visually lighten their structure, while modern round tables are usually designed for the outdoor area. Particularly beautiful and decorative are those in cast iron, a very heavy but long-lasting metal which requires constant maintenance especially if it is placed outdoors and subjected to atmospheric agents. Most models of round tables do not feature four legs but rather a central support: in this way guests will have no obstacle preventing them from properly sitting in front of what is served them. Tables with a simple round base are usually characterized by lines that may be modern and minimal but also elegant, while tables with an elaborate floor support guarantee a greater visual impact. When it comes to finishes, finally, there is something for everyone, ranging from natural wood to coatings in pastel colours, from white to black, to the clear and satin finishes of crystal and glass. Extendible models are definitely the most suitable for those who often organize dinners with family and friends but who do not have enough place in the dining room for a very large round table. However, you should always take into account the size of the table once it is fully open, and consider enough space around it to ensure your guests’ comfort while seated. In general, people should have about 80 cm of space from the edge of the table to comfortably stand up and sit down. Extendable round tables are the perfect combination of functionality, style, and good use of the available space. Before making such an important purchase, however, it is necessary for you to carefully think about the material in which the table is made, taking into account the other furniture in the room so that the new addition will enrich the existing décor and not detract from it. Extendable tables are usually made in laminated wood, glass and steel, or resin, and the models available on the international market nowadays are varied and can satisfy even the needs of the most difficult clients. If you love industrial style, more and more popular in recent times, you can opt for an extendable table in dark stainless steel, easy to match to black leather sofas and lamps inspired to the style of lofts from overseas.

If you prefer the countryside’s rustic atmosphere, pieces following the Arte Povera artistic movement are perfect for you: choose a round extendable table in plain wood and your kitchen or living room will gain an extra touch of warmth and hospitality. Extendable round tables have a long history. Suffice to say that they were already in use during the Victorian Era in England, and even today these tables continue to be popular and used in many houses. The opening and closing of these tables is carried out through different systems, all functional and fast. The most simple tables have extensions hidden below the top, at the centre, extracted when necessary and fixed through special joints. However, designer recently have tried to find new and interesting extension solutions: for example, it is now possible to buy tables with additional planks that come out from the lower part of the table, fitting together at the centre thanks to a simple rotation, while others include a large number of pieces that fit with each other, significantly increasing the size of the table’s surface. Choosing one model of round table over another is something you must do not only keeping in mind the space available but also the kind of budget you have set. The round tables are an ideal solution to decorate your garden or balcony in an elegant and functional way. When choosing an outdoor table you should carefully consider the materials as there are many models that require special care to look their best for many years. A garden table is not simply a table – it can become the focal point of the whole environment and this is why it is so important that it match the rest of the décor, blending in rather than becoming a discordant. Those who plan to organize outdoor summer dinner parties with many guests will have to opt for a particularly sturdy and large model while those who wish to use the table in a less demanding way can choose smaller and less expensive models. If you plan on placing a table in the centre of the garden, without any shelter, it is better you choose a model in resin or plastic as these materials do not deteriorate quickly over time and bear atmospheric agents well. Finer tables in solid wood or other materials, on the other hand, are sensitive to the weather and must necessarily be placed under a gazebo or a porch to avoid damage to the surface and the supporting structure caused by rain, frost, and strong sun.


Of course, among all the possible choices, a wooden round table is the most valuable. Wood meant to be placed outdoors is treated with special paints to make it waterproof and resistant to harmful fungi. You can choose different woods such as solid walnut or tropical woods like teak, particularly hard and resistant, but keep in mind that tables built with lighter woods can usually be folded and put away during the winter season. However, while wood is the ideal material to enhance your outdoor area, it is important to remember that it needs to be frequently subjected to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations. Furthermore, wooden round tables for outdoors are not affordable for everyone, and those who want to save money had better turn to plastic models, which are particularly versatile, weather-resistant and available in various sizes. Quite light, they can be moved easily from one place to another but, in case of strong wind, can get overturned or travel for meters. Iron tables are a good choice for those who want to buy a product that will last for long. Usually these tables are made in wrought iron treated with special coatings that make it resistant to rust. Cast iron ones are also particularly beautiful but very heavy and they are usually small in size. Before you purchase one or more round tables for indoors and outdoors, the first thing to do is think about your available budget and not look to an object above that. Secondly, you should carefully consider the available space to avoid buying a piece of furniture that is too big or too small. Thirdly, you should take into consideration both the style and the material in which the table is made: wood is undoubtedly the finest choice but there are many alternatives to keep in mind before buying the round table you have always wanted