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A remarkable and certified production that rethinks furniture, restudies the use of it and reexamines the social environment that was meant to fit in. Al2 rethinks the materials, the level of safety they apply, wears out their capabilities and improves their environmental viability. An artistic concern that keeps in touch with the world of creation.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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Certified quality production that rethinks the concept of furniture, re-studies its use and re-examine the social context in which it appears. Al2 reinvents the materials, re-thinks the level of security, tests their potential and improves environmental sustainability. An artistic care that maintains continuous contact with the world of creation. Al2 style evolved radically over time of globalization and al2 followed these changes with a team of talented and creative designers. They thought the furniture in style and functionality taking care of their ecological sustainability. The mutation of the social environment in which the object of design lives has been studied and used to create a unique furniture style. Since its inception, the continuous attention to quality standards is a hallmark of al2. The design is not the only aim for the company but an act of refinement work processing need to be answered about the object and its ability to make a home beautiful. The art in the service of everyday life and the environments in which we live was created not only by the creative force of the designers but by the will of an entire company that wanted to transform their own experience and their own research in a range of products that enhance the characteristics of products of the highest quality. This is the challenge of the world during the last years, and the team of designers and professionals quickly picked this up and decided to reinvent their style and their design vision.

Aspropyrgos, Greece, near Athens, there is the historic seat of AL2, a certified brand of furniture, which for years has been recognised for quality and solidity, and never lost sight of the design. AL2 is a turning point in the recent history of design, it has collected and accepted the challenge to radically rethink the concept of furniture, revolutionize it, re-study the use of the furniture and also review of the social context in which the furniture is placed. AL2 has the undoubted merit of having reinvented the materials of construction of furniture, subverting ideas that seemed now fossilized, always keeping in mind the safety standards to which the furniture must meet. Continuous monitoring of new and old materials has enabled the brand to find new greek potential, but also to undertake the path of environmental sustainability. These key concepts, such as the strength and safety, should not make us think of the furnishings containing heavy lines or outdated, in fact AL2 combines its basic principles with artistic care, and keeps open an important channel of communication with the world design and creation, through its designers. From chairs to cupboards, through tables and bookcases, the Greek company has accepted the challenge of globalization of the market: it has a team of creative designers who have the talent to spare, and with it the thought that the furniture not only have style, but also functionality, and that is the main element of originality of AL2, which is unique and original. Since its inception, the factory of Aspropyrgos has always observed the highest standards of quality, which it still maintains, therefore the furniture AL2 are items meant to last a long time without deteriorating. From the point of view of the real design, it is well to specify that for AL2 is not just a question of refinement, but rather a long process in formulating the functional needs of the item of furniture. For this, one of the company's slogan is "art in the service of everyday life": furniture for daily use, comfortable, practical, solid, but capable of giving beauty to a home. It is the will of the entire company, which wanted to transform their research in the field of design in very high quality items. This is the challenge that for the past few years the brand has gathered through a revolution of the vision of the same design. For this reason, if you want an original decor, with simple lines that give the immediate impression of strength and without sacrificing neither elegance nor functionality, AL2 is the right brand to choose.