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Table Lamps

During long nights at work or while relaxing with a book at your desk, a table lamp will be your best friend. Create the perfect atmosphere and protect your eyesight by choosing among a wide selection of styles.
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Modern Table Lamps

The lighting of an environment is an essential key to good decoration and defines the quality of the time you spend in a given space. But this is not it - lighting enhances furniture and its style, and creates the perfect ambience for your home. In this ambience you will welcome your friends and guests, while being a defining element throughout your home. Lamps are a design element that can be turned into a touch of elegance, charm and personal taste as well as practicality thanks to the quality of light they provide.

Lamps and their light - be it warm or cold, as you like - play a major role in defining the quality of the time you spend at home. They become a key element of decoration itself. Do not overlook the choice of this piece of decor - it's more crucial than you think. A lamp can be the key object in any space, drawing all the eyes that happen to walk in.

A table lamp can be repeated in many rooms of a home and become a defining icon of style, or can be solo as a true diva can be. It can express creativity and style, it can be chosen together with your family, it can become a moving item from one corner of the room to the opposite, going with you wherever you need it. In long evenings at your desk, or reading your favourite book for the umpteenth time, a table lamp can be a true life saver for your eyes. When you to sleep, it will be the last thing you switch off. When over night you'll need light, you will know who to turn to. It will create the ambience you need according for each and every occasion, embodying the bright soul of the home itself.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Table Lamp

While there are a number of factors you need to consider while choosing a table lamp, you will also be able to give in to your fancy and personal taste, choosing whether to keep in line with your overall home style or to break free with an eclectic piece. Table lamps can take many shapes and express many styles. All designers, sooner or later, tackle the challenge of creating a table lamp. The reason behind this choice lies in the key role of table lamps in defining the style of home interiors. In choosing the design of your table lamp, follow your personal taste and adapt it to the kind of space you have at hand. Go for a simple design or a rich one, for an essential shape or an unusual one.

In LOVEThESIGN's catalogue you are sure to find what best suits your needs in terms of shape and functionality. As far as materials are concerned, you have plenty of choices. From eco-friendly, sustainable materials to luxurious, high-end ones, from easy-maintenance plastic to strong new generation polymers, you are spoilt for choice. Go for a syle with hints to nature or ethnic hues, pick hi-tech solutions, or stick to traditional style. The only thing that truly matters, after all, is the light a lamp provides. Use your table lamp for studying or working, at your work desk or beside the sofa, in small or large spaces. Compact table lamps work well in sleep areas, while bigger, brighter styles work wonders in larger rooms. Just follow your own taste. This is the only key to a unique home.