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Time goes by, and there is no reason why it shouldn't do so in style. Mark your hours in a lighthearted, elegant and bold way thanks to the designer clocks you will find here.
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Wall clocks

Clocks have always been essential companions for everyday life. They mark the time and furnish the walls of the house in an elegant and original way. From the wrist to the home: since the clocks have become furnishing accessories, the most important; great world designers have ventured into the creation of alternative, elegant, sophisticated and original products, real works of art that complete the furnishing of any home with taste and style.

LOVEthESIGN has selected the watches wall and table top units; particular and varied. These are different models for shapes, sizes and materials, which can find space in any living environment: designers experiment with new solutions and LOVEthESIGN rewards the most important ones; extraordinary and suitable to hit the interest of users who, in these pages, look for a wall or table clock to enrich and give a touch of personal style to the home or the work environment, using never banal solutions, perfectly in line with any furnishing trend.

Qual & egrave; the secret to the success of modern wall and table clocks?

Without a doubt, the functionality of the object combined with the possibility; to realize many products starting from the same concept & egrave; at the base of the universal appreciation of domestic clocks. These furnishing complements, in fact, lend themselves to innumerable interpretations by designers who let their imagination run for the creation of objects with a very high artistic value, to be considered in the same way as works of art. Any domestic environment can; be furnished and embellished with a wall clock, which cheers up, livens up and d & agrave; that touch of color and style in more detail; which changes the face of any room.

They are also perfect to be used as furnishing accessories in public places: each one of his wall clock could be said, given the variety; of models that can be traced in the market. From modern design models to those that break every clich & eacute; in this regard, the world design designers have known over time how to create wall clocks that are so different that, paradoxically, each could be the stylistic complement of the others.

Their presence in the environments where they are installed is made to feel decisively, it is about modern objects with a strong personality; that, alone, fill the spaces without however monopolizing the attention of the observer. Everyone chooses as best to interpret a particular clock, whether wall or table, using it in many different ways according to their taste and their sensitivity & agrave; artistic. It should not be forgotten that, the same object, has a thousand different facets of reading, all equally valid.

Designer clocks

& nbsp;

Among the great modern design artists who have given the world models of watches with a great artistic value, we can; cite Cleto Munari who with a pinch of provocation has created modern iconic models, Vinyluse that using exclusively the vinyl material, reproduces 2D shapes that recall the classic iconography. You can not, however, not mention the watches Normann Copenhagen & nbsp; from the clean and elegant lines that embody the perfect modern minimal style. Normann Copenhagen, between table and wall clocks, uses alternative solutions and traditional materials in an original way, to create products with a strong artistic value that are easily recognizable.

Among the others, among the less obvious ones, there are the Umbra watches, born with the intent to amaze in a simple way, using uncommon stylistic solutions. The use of materials such as plastic or steel for making a watch gives products Umbra & nbsp; an inimitable style, made of originality & agrave; and personalities remarkable. These are just some of the great design brands chosen by LOVEthESIGN for its selection of watches, which aims to offer exclusively the best products chosen for quality; of the project and of the materials, in a perfect combination of quality that can satisfy any particular need in terms of furnishings and furnishing accessories.