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From mere furnishing accessories to true divas at home. Mirrors are often the only means to widen spaces in small apartments. Give in to a bit of vanity and choose a designer mirror!
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Mirrors: so much more

Mirrors have always been much more than mere home accessories. They are somehow magical elements, able to return our own image and perhaps open a passage to a parallel, mysterious world. A pretty mirror decorates with style and simplicity, while being at the same time an essential accessory when you get ready to go out. This twofold character makes mirrors a must-have item in their many shapes.

Before mirrors were invented, the only way men had to look at themselves was Narcissus's - by looking for their reflections in the waters of a lake or stream. Reflections have always been perceived as enchanted and dangerous, as real and fake at the same time, as existing and yet impossible to touch or reach. Mirrors changed our relationship with our face, the most important part of our body and yet the one we know the least since we never see it.

According to some studies, faces are the key elements that enable children to create their own conception of themselves in the first few months of life. Every morning, while looking at ourselves in a round or square mirror hanging above the bathroom sink, we observe the subtle work of time and re-learn to know ourselves. This is why we cannot think of mirrors as mere decorations, just like a chair or a table. Mirrors are counselors and confessors, and can immediately become the centre of a room or a wall by capturing the eye of all those who pass by.

Maleficent's 'mirror on the wall' - in Snow White's tale - was a magical mirror unable to lie but capable of talking riddles and enigmas. In Alice in Wonderland, a mirror leads to a world where rules are subverted and absurd. Few other decoration items can boast such a major literary background, because mirrors embody a deep symbolism.

The same concept underlies its fame as a 'dangerous' object - seven years of misfortune are guaranteed to the unlucky one who happens to break a mirror. This is partly because back in the day mirrors were expensive goods, and partly because they behold the person's image and have therefore mysterious, powerful properties. Due to their richness in meaning, mirrors have been a favourite of artists over the centuries - from Michelangelo Pistoletto's mirror paintings to the walls of your home, mirrors create landscapes and people that wander between this and another world, becoming a self-portrait of the onlooker and engaging him/her in the art composition itself.

The Role of the Mirror in our Houses

Mirrors can be windows, dreams, distortions - serious or witty, dreamy or down to earth. Just pick a bizarre shape to see your image distorted and reshaped into something truly new, able to teach you something about yourself - as if you were wandering in a fascinating maze of mirrors at the funfair. Otherwise, you can go for elegant, refined mirrors in lavish frames, and be brought back to the splendour of mirror halls in Versailles. Plays of light let you travel in time and space, adding magic even to the dullest spaces. For practical minds, mirrors play a key role in deciding the arrangement of furniture in a room. A masterful use of mirrors creates the illusion of a wider, brighter space.

Why not redouble the light coming in from a window by tactically placing a mirror beside it? Even super small spaces - like a tiny bathroom - have a lot to gain from the addition of a mirror. Which, of course, is also necessary for other practical reasons such as make up, hairstyling and so on.

These home decor accessories, though, are so versatile that it would really be a shame not to play with colours and shapes, with engravings and sizes. Enrich your walls with mirrors able to crown your beautiful face with geometric lines or make you laugh with their fun decorations. Don't set any limits to your imagination and use mirrors as paintings or hat tricks to make rooms look bigger.