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Eco Fireplaces

The presence of an eco fireplace is just like a traditional one with wood except that eco fireplaces are green and innovative. Add the right ambiance to your home with a bioethanol fireplace without the dangers of ash and residue. Spice up your house with a modern touch: the eco fireplace is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms. Turn up the heat at night.
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Organic Fireplaces: Design and Functionality

The beauty of the first wintry chills? Staying in and warming up to a cracking fire - with a cup of tea and a book, or chatting with girlfriends, under the blanket while enjoying a movie. The good news is that today you needn’t live in an Alpine chalet to pamper yourself to this treat - all you need is an organic fireplace. Easy isn’t it? They fit even in the smallest apartments. Warmth is synonym of vital energy.

The new generation of organic fireplaces stands for quality, stylish design, functionality and sustainability, adding a warm touch to your spaces. Installing an organic fireplace is easy and manageable in any kind of context. With an organic fireplace you will optimise your spaces, add a refined touch to your home and make sure you protect the environment. Plus, a lovely organic fireplace will highlight the beauty of your furniture.

Thanks to an indissoluble link between technology and style, organic fireplaces will provide a unique solution you will never be tired of. It seems like a dream, but it’s reality - today you really can bring the magic of a popping fireplace in any kind of home space, in a safe, elegant and discreet way. Organic fireplaces are designed to fit where there is no designed space for them - you can place them on the floor, on a table, mount them to the wall. Organic fireplaces look gorgeous, yes - but your main concern should always be the safety of your home.

The heating system used for organic fireplaces doesn't release any substances that don't naturally belong in the atmosphere. They ensure maximum safety and minimise power consumption, fully respectful of the environment.

How do Organic Fireplaces Work and What is Bioethanol

There are plenty of stories around regarding organic fireplaces - time to clear things up. First - is it true that organic fireplaces are safe and environmentally sustainable? Yes. Their flame is fuelled by burning bioethanol - a type of alcohol of organic origin that doesn’t produce any waste, smoke or smell (reason why you won’t need a vent). How do they work? All you have to do is fill up their 1.5-2 Lt tank with bioethanol, switch the thing on and let the flame build up (it lasts for 6-8 hours on average).

Another common question - do organic fireplaces actually heat up rooms? Here the answer is an overall no. These items cannot be compared to traditional, wood-burning fireplaces. The flame heats up a bit (around 2 KW when full on), not so much as to affect a room’s temperature though. An organic fireplace is more of a furnishing accessory than a functional element, don’t forget that.

The nice thing about organic fireplaces is that you can choose to place them wherever at home - living room, bedroom, kitchen, even bathroom. Just make sure there is at least 1 mt between them and your other furniture - safety first. And about designs - there is plenty, to appease the eyes of all. Minimalist or classic, essential or preciously decorated, you are sure to find your own. Installation and perks of using organic fireplaces Organic fireplaces need no chimney or vent, therefore they are suitable for installation in any room or corner of your home with no need to ask for special clearances or permissions first.

Moreover, organic fireplaces need no maintenance, are 100% safe and functional, and are durable over time. By using bioethanol - which, by the way, has no expiry date whatsoever - you won't have to stock up on wood in your basement or clean up the chimney on a daily basis, at would be the case with traditional fireplaces. Installing and operating an organic fireplace is an extremely easy procedure, but bear some details in mind - keep the organic fireplace away from furniture and recharge it only when switched off. Whenever you have to recharge your fireplace, turn it off and wait until it has cooled off.