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Bean Bags

An bean bag is forever! Dive in a sea of softness to fall in love with. A wide selection of bold colours, top quality materials and contemporary designs, to be used indoors or in the garden, by the pool, on the beach. Discover them all!
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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A beanbag for you, a beanbag that speaks about you.

Elegance, style, quality for your most relaxing times, either on your own or with others. At home, in your garden, by the pool, on your terrace, wherever you want. Exclusive materials and pleasant colours will meet your need for a break. Time is precious, especially time you devote to yourself - make it worth your while. Sinuous lines mix with geometric shaps that read modern style in a new key. A special eye to details enhances the style and care put in the making of each and every beanbag or ottoman. From concept to design, from the choice of materials to the definition of a pattern, designers strive to provide you with a furnishing piece that tells stories about you. Advanced technology meets artisanal skills - the output is a unique object meant to give you the utmost relaxation.

The research of a pleasant, comfortable design is pursued with the goal of getting closer to you and of providing you with quality, harmony and balance. Resistant and durable materials ensure that your beanbag will stay with you over many years. Each ottoman will give voice to your imagination through unique, dynamic objects here on offer in a wide variety of colours, patterns, shapes and materials. Each corner of your home requires attention and has different needs.

A beanbag is not just a beanbag.

Cushion, decoration, bed - an ever-useful item for any moment of your day. A beanbag is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee, getting engrossed in your favourite book, watching a movie, chatting away with friends, chilling out and just being free. A beanbag will bring you back to your childhood and put you in touch with nature, making your spaces richer both indoors and outdoors. An ottoman for everyone, a pouf for joyful times, for adults, teens and children. Enhance, underline, enrich and live in harmony. Design your world: work, stress, responsibility, speed - pause -as you like it, whenever you want it, wherever you like it. Live on and have a break on a beanbag!

Indestructible, this cozy ottoman is irreplaceable. Smells, tastes, emotions, people - a pouf tells a story, your story. ln it you recognise yourself, it makes you feel safe, you feel at home. Contemporary wisdom and traditional craftsmanship give you a unique object that enriches your space with a unique style and a special attention to detail. Shapes, materials and imagination, skillfully combined, create unique objects, designed with you in mind - your tastes, your expectations. Soft, rigid, multi-coloured, striped, monochromatic, round, square, ornamental, bright, simple, classic, trendy or ethnic - ottomans answer every need by wisely making the most of every space. Your idea of ​​home and ​​space, indoor or outdoor, takes shape, redesigned and highlighted by unique items that recall the world and its natural, human expressions.

Pamper yourself with a pouf, choose it of the best quality, and let it take you by the hand every day. It will be part of your life journey and you will never want to get rid of it. Use it to decorate home in an original and creative way, to astound and amaze, to be part of your daily life in the place that matters the most - home. One would think that decorating a home is all about large items, but it's the little things that shape your life and link objects, people, feelings. Small does not mean unimportant - it stands for a special care for little things, for details and shades. All this attention to details is embodied in an ottoman. Use beanbags, poufs and ottomans as daily companions on the way to a more relaxed lifestyle