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First impressions are what matters most! Choose a designer door mat to make sure that no one will ever enter your home on a less-than-cheerful note. Animal or abstract shapes will cheer up even the most severe guest.
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A doormat is a hallmark that will immediately communicate something to the guest. Even more so if it's not an anonymous tool where rubbing the soles of our shoes to clean them, but a design object with its own peculiar shape and colour. Any guest or visitor will have the first impression of a house through the mat placed in front of the door and its appearance can anticipate much of the personality of those who live in a house.

Even a doormat can communicate a lot of information on the ideas, tastes and spirit of those who have chosen it. A nice doormat, either animal-shaped or essential and functional, can immediately attract attention by communicating a clear idea to the person who is going to use it.

In The Past

In the past, the traditional doormat was a shabby and poor instrument, in many cases deliberately chosen for its anonymity. Today, however, the doormat is a real furnishing accessory used to anticipate the style and spirit of the house. The choice of a doormat is one of those little and clever touches that contribute to the overall tone of the décor of a house. Be it an apartment, a house or a villa, the doormat has to express its function but at the same time it must allow you to customize the entry of the house, avoiding banalities and transmitting a sense of awaiting on the type of atmosphere inside the house.

Choosing Your Doormat

Doormats in any size and shape, for example square or rectangular, round or with shapes recalling some animals or even a mustache. We are talking about elegant designer doormats, washable and therefore always elegant and fresh. Some models, thanks to their adhesive back, are able to ensure a stable and perfect positioning. These doormats are made of materials suitable for their function that guarantee a long life of the object and are particularly effective in removing and retaining the dust accumulated under our shoes. Iron, coconut, aluminium and plasticized elements constitute the soul of these original and elegant doormats of all shapes and sizes, whose appearance is made even more pleasant and entertaining by the availability of a wide choice of colours ranging from green to red through black and lilac.

In this section of our online store, you will find a lot of tips and ideas to satisfy even the most demanding clients who imagine the entrance to their home as a truly special and unique place. Our wide selection is able to meet every need of the customer who knows that elegance lies in the details and that the harmony and combination of home furnishing begin on the door.

The harmony and elegance of the furniture begin already with the front door that prepares the guests to the atmosphere that will surround them once inside. This online store will allow everyone to unleash their imagination and to make their most daring dreams come true. If the house allows it, the external reception area can be integrated by decorating it with some carefully selected plants that match the style of the house, or also by placing some elegant and practical object, like an umbrella stand or a coat rack, to put immediately at ease an unexpected visitor or guest who can quickly free his hands from any accessory when it’s time for greetings.

The furniture of a house is made of style and ideas, and a clever use of furniture and furnishings to put together in complete harmony creating the effect desired by the inhabitants of that house. The doormat is not only a simple and useful object, but it is also a piece of furniture that can be very useful to anticipate from outside the atmosphere that permeates the house, making your guests smile and preparing them to the pleasant time they will enjoy inside the house. Choosing one of our doormats will allow you to get unexpected results as you can easily notice from the reactions of the guests when they see it placed on your doorstep.